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  1. Today I Removed

    Sounds like a good technique, but requires owning a soldering iron, which I'm unlikely to ever consider!
  2. Today I Removed

    Storage issue - a full set of ATB's in slabs would need its own wardrobe.
  3. Today I Removed

    A 2012 Denali ATB from its NGC slab - significantly easier than removing them from PCGS slabs.
  4. Silver has not been good to me

    I think you'd average closer to £20/oz, than £13/oz for that lot.
  5. How you keep your BU sovereigns

    11 lighthouse capsules fit nicely into the Perth Mint 1/2 oz Shark tubes.
  6. As I said, I've come to own view based on my life experiences - grandmother, mother, aunts, wife, daughter - plenty to go on.
  7. Yes, my experiences tell me that women are more oppressed than men.
  8. Ask your wife/girlfriend if she thinks white males are oppressed and under attack, then stand back.
  9. These tactics have been applied to other social groups, consistently, for decades.
  10. You're free to believe whatever you like - I'll continue to believe that all people are equal.
  11. The number of females and non-whites currently gaining positions that they don't merit is a minuscule percentage of the number of perfectly able females and non-whites historically kept out of the workforce for discriminatory reasons. I understand you don't like positive discrimination and I'd rather it didn't have to happen myself, but history shows equality won't be achieved any other way.
  12. I wouldn't have liked it either, but I can't help feeling that it would have been easier for me than for any other demographic.
  13. I've no doubt that all of your examples are where they are on merit. I can't take the suggestion of white representation seriously.
  14. Absolutely fine by me. Had it been this way for the last 100 years, we wouldn't have had the imbalance which has led to the need for positive discrimination.
  15. How can things be made fair and equal without positive discrimination? We've apparently been trying without for a long time - doesn't seem to have worked.