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  1. It was an eBay find for about £7 I think. I like all the Mexican silver too, used to have lots, but sold them. Now regret it and am building the collection back up. I do this with everything in my stack...
  2. I use a home made spreadsheet - a page for gold, a page for 999 silver, a page for junk silver, a page to track sales and a page to summarise everything. It's got much simpler over the years.
  3. M m m m m m my corona.
  4. Me too. I contacted them last week and they said the order would be fulfilled after 20th July, on receipt of their allocation - we'll see.
  5. Used my £60 nectar voucher and £50 from TopCashback to buy a 2009 5 oz Libertad for £8. Also got 1000 nectar points with the purchase. Happy days.
  6. Love these RCM 10 oz bars.
  7. I got a bonus of 12000 points (£60) and a message of 'Congrats on completing the Bank Holiday challenge! Enjoy your bonus' An unexpected bonus!
  8. There's a first time for everything!
  9. £532 all in at the time of purchase. That price didn't last long!
  10. Me too, but from the British NumismaticTreasury - still have some it appears. They have the Piedfort too.
  11. Group buy? Mintage of 50, maybe snap them all up... https://www.emk.com/en-us/current-issues/krugerrand-50-oz-iksud117155?returnurl=%2fen-us%2fcurrent-issues%2f%23iksud117155
  12. A good eBay day: 2002 carded Kangaroo, 2002 Kookaburra, 2000 Somalia Monkey - around £20 each.
  13. No. 14 arrived today, lovely thanks.
  14. Apologies for my lack of intellect. I find the endless discussion of whether or not somebody is willing to use a nuclear weapon in a first or second strike to be the most futile thing imaginable. Use it first and you'll be vaporised within 5 minutes. Use it second and you'll be vapourised within 4 minutes. I'll spend my time worrying about other things.
  15. As a resident of North Yorkshire I was planning on a trip to York tomorrow, but may now give it a miss following this evening's Question Time, for fear of being vaporised in a nuclear holocaust. Bloodthirsty bunch in that audience.