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  1. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    Bad buy, no other thoughts.
  2. 2017 Indian sovereign availability?

    Unfortunately not going to happen - I contacted them to express my disappointment at not being offered one of the new batch at the same premium as I originally paid and was offerd a £10 discount on the new price - no thanks.
  3. 2017 Indian sovereign availability?

    I'm particularly sore about this one, as I ordered one of the last batch, paid for it and was then informed that they were damaged and wouldn't be sent. In fairness, they offered to fulfill the order if they ever got a new batch, but as this would involve them keeping my money with no guarantee of a coin, I asked for a refund. They now email me to tell me they have stock, but at the increased price.
  4. I agree entirely. The large increase in the number of series being issued over the last 3-4 years makes it almost impossible. The only release in the last 2 years that I was confident would appreciate quickly was the Perth Mint Swan and typically I was skint when that came out.
  5. If it's a limited mintage product with a fairly low premium on release, it's usually best to buy immediately, as the premiums tend to drift upwards over the first few weeks.
  6. what do you make to this

    The theory in the video is nonsense, as with most other youtube videos on the subject. The amount of silver used in most commecial products (e.g. technology, biocidal uses - an area with which I'm familiar) is tiny. A significant increase in the price of silver would have virtually no effect. Do we think that somebody buying a brand new iphone is going to think twice because it cots an extra £10 due to the price of silver. I don't think so.
  7. Yes, we do appear to be tight! However, this forum is just one of the real markets. eBay is another real market, where people appear willing to pay slightly more than most of us on this forum. As long as the eBay market remains as it is, it's worth the occasional gamble on slightly higher premium stuff. Grading run of the mill stuff for resale doesn't appear worth it to me, at least not yet, this may change. This is not the reason I've begun to grade some of my coins - with one or two exceptions.
  8. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Lol, I think your OCD tendencies must be worse than mine - I've thought about this too, but have decided that as I now like the idea of grading coins, I'm going to have to get over myself. Mind you, my mental torment would be reduced greatly if the grading companies could standardise their slabs - no such luck.
  9. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    2017 Gold Proof Libertads available at silbertresor - I can't bring myself to pay the premiums.. https://www.silbertresor.de/shop_content.php?coID=50
  10. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    £160 profit doesn't sound too shabby to me.
  11. Today I received.....

    Yes, one and the same person!
  12. completed Silver for sale

    Coloured maples please.
  13. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Good stuff, thanks. The NCS fee was worth it. 😃