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  1. This is an excellent demonstration of the minuscule impact that retail bullion sales have on price.
  2. silver Britannia 2018 ornate border

    Goldsilver.be and STG both have these now (on pre-sale).
  3. Auctions

    No advantage, other than getting in first.
  4. Auctions

    I’ve had some great bargains bidding online, days in advance of physical auctions. If you account for the premium in your maximum bid, no nasty surprises.
  5. Auctions

    Licking paint is a step too far!
  6. Today I Received

    Some wins from an auction just before Xmas.
  7. Hello From West Cumbira

    The big city! I’m originally from Millom, but left in my early 20’s, around 25 years ago.
  8. Hello From West Cumbira

    Whitehaven or Workington?
  9. Today I Received

    I’m 2 behind you again now, as my George Rogers Clark is lost in the post (among many other items UK Mail).
  10. 20% off eBay today

    I think this is the first offer this year. They have come along previously, but not very often. Typically, today was the first day in recent memory that I didn’t look at my phone before 6 pm!
  11. DHL / UK Mail Issue

    @silversky I like that you've given it some thought! At the moment I'm struggling to see how anybody could be worse than UK Mail. They don't know where the parcel is and have no idea if or when it will be delivered (a quick look at trustpilot will demonstrate that many are in the same boat in the last few days alone). The tracking system works only every now and then, and when it does work, the information is blatantly untrue. To finish it off nicely, there is no hope of being able to speak to anybody to sort it out. Basically the parcel might turn up, it might not, who knows....
  12. DHL / UK Mail Issue

    I just had to share this response from UK Mail on Trustpilot today - this is a measure of the Company. I should add this is a response to somebody else, not myself. ’Good afternoon,If something you’ve ordered hasn't arrived, you should contact the seller to find out where it is.It’s the seller’s legal responsibility to make sure the item is delivered to you. We are only able to advise you so far as your delivery agreement is held with the sender directly as our agreement is also held with them.Thanks, Jon’
  13. DHL / UK Mail Issue

    Update - the sender contacted DHL Germany who provided a UK Mail tracking number, but the UK Mail tracking number didn't work on the UK Mail website. I left a daming review of UK Mail on Trustpilot and consequently got in to an on-line discussion with a UK Mail customer service person who agreed to call me. The outcome demonstrated the unreliable nature of the Company. Essentially my parcel was out for delivery on the 13th and 14th but the driver ran out of time (I live in the sticks, probably an hour away from the depot in Leeds) and it was returned to the depot. Since then no further atttempts at delivery have been made. I was asked to describe the package, so that the people in the depot would have a better chance of finding it. They can offer no guarantee that my parcel will be delivered within 14 days, at which point it will be returned to the sender as undeliverable (due to UK Mail not having the capacity to do the job they've been paid for). Why DHL is inolved with a Company such as this is a mystery.
  14. DHL / UK Mail Issue

    Indeed - ordinarily I wouldn’t place an international order at this time of year. Unfortunately, this was paid for in October and date of despatch was out of my control.
  15. DHL / UK Mail Issue

    An order from a reputable bullion dealer was despatched to me from Germany 10 days ago using DHL and the company provided a tracking number. I tracked the item on the DHL website until last Wednesday when it said ‘item could not be delivered, a new attempt will be made the next working day’. I knew this was not accurate, as somebody was at home all day and no card was left. The same message then appeared for Thursday, again somebody home all day and no card left, since then nothing. This morning I contacted DHL (eventually got through to human) to be told that they cannot track within the UK, as the item was handed over to UK Mail on arrival in the UK. This is especially inept, as UK Mail is apparently a DHL company. I contact UK Mail via website (no human available here) and am told that the tracking number is not recognised and they have no record of my package As instructed by UK Mail, I am currently attempting to obtain the consignment number from the vendor, but my instinct tells me something has gone awry. Never had an issue with an overseas purchase before, but this has opened my eyes to truly terrible levels of customer service from the courier companies involved.