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  1. Tunes to stack too

    Goldfinger Hi-ho Silver Lining Hi-ho Silver Golden touch Golden slumbers Golden brown Heart of gold Band of gold Gold digger Going for gold
  2. @KDave, I'll be blunt. 10% is 10% just as 36 + 24 = 60. Simple maths, simple concepts. Just simple.
  3. Ok, fair enough. I prefer to listen to Steve Wright on Radio 2. Specifically on Friday, 'Serious Jockin'........no G!'
  4. For only selected people, and against the concrete 'rules' you set out on the group order? I'll say no more. Yeah I saw that, I thought it was a disclaimer for exceptional circumstances though - I never imagined it would be 'if you're in my gang I'll make an exception'. You either have basic 'rules' (your choice of word not mine) or you don't, which is it? lol
  5. Why do you care about the manipulators in the shadows who are destroying America? Why do you listen to Patrick Timpone's One Radio Network Live talk radio from the Texas Hill Country? Is this relevant to you?
  6. Why were you influenced by him?
  7. 9.30pm. Lots of reflection from the moon.
  8. There are staff there, just that they are all STACKING SHELVES in trading hours, getting in my way and hindering my bargain hunting and sell by date searches, instead of SERVING THE CUSTOMER and packing my bags. There is no customer service in the UK just rules and restrictions. In Poland, it's quite acceptable to pick up a can of coke, for example, drink it while you shop and leave the empty in your basket to swipe at checkout.
  9. 50th anniversary gold 1/4 krugerrand

    I see...forgiven It was the privy mark that confused me. Different location unc/proof.
  10. I thought I'd remembered this coin being discussed before, but my searching is fruitless. Could anyone link me to a topic or any other webpage/literature please? Ta
  11. 50th anniversary gold 1/4 krugerrand

    You've got too much money!
  12. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    1/4 krugs @ 267?? Still broken methinks?
  13. For your perusal: https://glintpay.com/ Using gold for electronic payments.
  14. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    It must be a glitch. Lots there under spot
  15. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Crazy prices at HGM! I see sovereigns @ £217
  16. Today I Received

    Is EF a considerably higher value than aEF? In which case, I would agree with your former grade
  17. for exchange Swap silver for gold?

    I heard there was a lot of that going on in Wales
  18. Today I Received

    Changing faces part 1 C
  19. Today I Received

    First impressions?
  20. I've got some Adidas Cheezys I could do for a monkey if any interest Don't do eBay 'cos I is banned like
  21. I'm back in the UK tomorrow . How much is a gallon of petrol now? Pint of Guinness? A good curry? I may need to up my budget a little?
  22. Zombiedog

    I prefer 'put to sleep'
  23. Folks, All coins are sold as bullion and this should be understood before buying.
  24. Gold Price jump

    It's days like this when you can have number fun with such a large stack. If gold jumps $20+ an ounce and you hold 400ozs that's an $8000 shift! You must have balls of steel mr-d