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  1. That's a new one! Hot water? Hairdryer?
  2. Yes, you are right I guess @Pampfan would know best?
  3. I'll play devil's advocate Did you enjoy buying the 5 oz bar? Did you enjoy collecting the 1/4 ozs? Which would you rather do again?
  4. completed Silver bars for sale

    Update: Bars received in less than 24 hours. They were weighed, they were measured, tickled by a magnet and deemed authentic. They feel right. Selling cherry popped. Good feedback from me
  5. 2017 Indian sovereign availability?

    Dunno But it's a PAMP/India release so look there. Tbh, I don't feel any connection to India with these coins?
  6. When Siver goes through the roof!

    Unless you were a slave
  7. When Siver goes through the roof!

    Let's hope history repeats itself
  8. chard

  9. Replacing a damaged original mint capsule on a coin

    Guaranteed milk spots if that happens
  10. When Siver goes through the roof!

    Sounds like a night out in Roscommon...? Have we met?
  11. When Siver goes through the roof!

    Just for fun, and because I don't know the answer.... What would an ounce of silver have bought in Roman times compared to now? (toga analogy)
  12. completed Silver bars for sale

    With tracking too A good start, I'd say.
  13. completed Silver bars for sale

    All of them. Let's go PM to negotiate
  14. completed Silver bars for sale

    Morning SSR, I'm interested. It's standard practice on here that in order to build feedback a newbie should send the goods before payment. Obviously to a trusted buyer and I believe I am. How do you feel about that? Roy
  15. chard

    Literally or metaphorically?
  16. for sale Scrap Silver

    @ilovesilverireallydo were you looking?
  17. chard

    This is also how I understand it. We're not talking about potatoes or Amazon tat but gold, which has a floating price. The buyer and seller agree on a price and a contract is formed. One hopes the price will rise and the other that it will fall. Relevant to this thread, and the forum as a whole, this is perhaps more common than you may think and I'd like to offer examples. On a number of occasions, I've sold coins on this forum to fine gentlemen who understand that I am working abroad and cannot deliver until my return to the UK. They pay upfront for the coins and lock in the price even though it may be weeks or a month until they take delivery. One hopes the price will rise and the other that it will fall. It's trust. They trust me and I'm just Roy from the Silver Forum, not a company with 50 years of experience, million pound stock and a showroom with windows to look through. The issue here, as others have clearly expressed, is a lack of communication between parties and a failure to understand both the business methods of Chard and, indeed, gold itself. N.B. 4 pages of discussion and the OP only appeared twice
  18. Turkey

    Have a good 'un Mick! Watch out for dodgy sovs
  19. @Lowlow Thanks for reminding me why I do not live in the USA 😆
  20. chard

    Fair enough.
  21. What did you expect would happen when you have a generation of Poles funding a retirement for some old English guys? Or worse, vice-versa
  22. chard

    I'm amazed that people are unable to understand the terms and conditions that are expressed in plain English that the coins will be sourced. The price is fixed! Just like any other investment. Is the problem that you can't hold them in your hand? I assure you that you will take delivery. The fact that secondary sovs are hard to source should provide comfort that your investment was wise. @WealdenWoodsman, you seem to have a particular grudge against this company. Please explain?
  23. This is so true, we are probably of similar age. But with no manufacturing industry, what can the youth do now? Some were paid to use their head and some paid to use their hands...and we all lived together on the same street.