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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
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  1. Hi from NH

    Haha yep! Ah, welcome! I grew up in Old Hampshire....in Old England
  2. Hi from NH

    I'll show my ignorance NH- New Hampshire?
  3. My bits and bobs arrived today The order has been handled superbly. Thanks BYB and Lady BYB for doing this and a nod to European Mint for the way they do business. First group order: enjoyed it! 😆
  4. Precious Metal Themed Songs

    Silver Dream Machine: David Essex Live at the London Palladium: Frank Sinatra Golden Touch: Razorlight Bump: Rhodium Heart of Gold: Neil Young
  5. 'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    Crossed lines Rich, the 100g bars are stamped. The bigger ones are cast. edit: it's the fault of the terminology. The 100g bars are stamped out of sheet, the lettering/numbering on the bigger cast bars is stamped . whoops, photo only thread. Sorry mods, kindly remove
  6. 'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    It's a shame the 100g is stamped rather than cast.
  7. Breaking for spares Mick if you're interested
  8. I guess this won't have to be kept in the original packaging then in order to have it graded because it is a unique item?
  9. Same design as the proof version only in BU...and with a plain edge? And more expensive than the proof? Wait...what? Ah....mintage of 650
  10. That's a new one! Hot water? Hairdryer?
  11. Yes, you are right I guess @Pampfan would know best?
  12. I'll play devil's advocate Did you enjoy buying the 5 oz bar? Did you enjoy collecting the 1/4 ozs? Which would you rather do again?
  13. completed Silver bars for sale

    Update: Bars received in less than 24 hours. They were weighed, they were measured, tickled by a magnet and deemed authentic. They feel right. Selling cherry popped. Good feedback from me