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  1. Today I received.....

    Nice research. Good gain/time ratio?
  2. Which silver series...

    Correct. Please ignore me, I'm a grumpy old man. Steve, I felt it was my duty. I have nothing else to do with my time now that old Duke has finally gone.
  3. Which silver series...

    It is. Top right hand corner, marked 'search'
  4. Which silver series...

    Phew! Since reading your post, I've spent the last 9 hours reading all the previous threads to find you a comprehensive answer. Which is...don't bother. My extensive research shows me that people who ask questions like you soon drift away from the forum. They put their silver purchases up for sale within a few weeks and almost always at a loss. They purchase a tube of coins in order to 'flip' a few to lessen the cost of their stack only to realize that Uncle Tom Cobley is doing it too and the profits are minimal. They purchase coins with their only source of income. Bills come, coins go. They discover that coins can be purchased 'VAT free' but can't compute the heavy premiums. They watch too much YouTube and think they are clever. They do not understand the distinction between insurance and investment. My advice would be to buy cryptos instead. They're brilliant. Please ask lots of questions on their forums.
  5. 100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

    French provenance I believe young man You know the Americans have a problem with the English language edit: super word though, thanks for reminding me of it. I must use it soon! Well, maybe I will. Perhaps.
  6. Another hello

    Completist? You'll need this! Do not be afraid to use it
  7. I don't think it's a set up. I believe it happened. But something is not right, I have a feeling that I'm being fooled. No conspiracy theory here, just confusion.
  8. for sale Wooden Boxes for Queen's Beast Series

    Because it's in German?
  9. Yes, look at this poor young thing. Not only a burns victim but she appears to have hurt her eyes too. It's shocking. Here, a first response paramedic, or E.M.T to our American friends, demonstrates how to apply the 'innocent victim of terrorism' bandage or 'INVICTER' to our American friends. Look at that poor young lady's face. Traumatised, obviously. Seriously, terrorism is not a laughing matter, but this event, or rather the reporting of it, is a little bit curious. Fantastic even.
  10. Has anybody bought from or know....

    If it's the same one, great service. (doesn't he use the 'angel of the north' in his presentation?)
  11. for sale Gold fractionals

    There was only one
  12. for sale Gold fractionals

  13. for sale Gold fractionals

    It seems people are more patient than I thought. IF you can wait until the 28th Sept.... Perth Lunar 2 1/10 Tiger £130 (shawy2510) Perth Lunar 2 1/10 Horse £115 (shawy2510) RM Lunar Sheep Carded £110 (ali187) 2005 1/10 Philharmoniker £110 (ali187) Plus post (will combine)