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  1. In the United States, there is no GST, VAT, national tax or the like. The only tax that you might pay is state sales tax, depending on which state you live in. In states with sales tax that covers bullion, purchases over a certain amount are normally exempt (just check with your local dealer to find out). $500 for Florida I believe. Google is your friend
  2. Orlando? Your luck is in! I have a mate there who can offer silver @ 10% VAT only! Word! He also has a gold bar that was once owned by Prince. It's 1999 pure gold.
  3. A good idea Kman, but I'd actually prefer people to help themselves for a change.
  4. One each I hope? I hate to drink alone
  5. @watchdog76 sorry mate, you were wrong time/place. @Madstacks is a great guy. I hope you have a deal.
  6. That's a dangerous mix! I'm too old for another So, who wants these Crowns?
  7. But it's only .925 now
  8. Yeh, it's all banter, Needs sorting though....If I lose a deal I'll be cross.
  9. No, I'm a loser. I paid for Premium Membership.
  10. Come back in 3 days mate
  11. Sure. Are you paying at least 7.5% under spot for your coins?
  12. Gotta question....not taking the p. If you refine a kilo of 925 silver to 999 silver, what weight do you end up with? A kilo minus 7.5%?
  13. oops...just realised the topic of this thread! I needed a loupe a while back so I walked into a high st. jeweller to ask where to purchase one. The kind lady on the the counter reached down and fetched this loupe from below. Gratis. Free, as in no money Perhaps they are gifted them by suppliers? Worth a go?