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  1. Phew! So it is worthwhile. Cheers Dan. Am I too late or are there still millions to be made?
  2. By Morezone's figures, he's lost the potential of 3 ozs of gold in less than a month.
  3. Easy. We're British.
  4. Question: Some big gains here, but has anyone cashed in their profits and bought something tangible with it, i.e Gold?
  5. Good. I never wanted people to lose. Is it like PMs....when prices fall, back up the truck?
  6. Will anyone say how much they've lost?
  7. You'll find the answer in the Premium Members' Lounge
  8. http://www.royalmint.com/aboutus/jobs/job-notifications
  9. True I bet the Mint's website got a few visits in the past 30 minutes!
  10. Do we have Royalty on the forum? I'll doth thy cap
  11. Something I've always aspired to
  12. excellent
  13. First thought....BONE! (Byb's fault 😄)
  14. Reminds me of an ex girlfriend 😉
  15. Interesting position to be in...! Send it back and ask for replacement/refund or investigate further and perhaps have something unusual in hand. Win win either way I guess 😀 Can't comment on the technical side but the cracks on the rim look ominous 😮 P.s (They only show up 'cos it's a plain rim lol that'll learn ya 😉😋)