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  1. I just can't get into silver. I tried but with our American cousins paying 20% less than us, I felt as if I were on a road to nowhere. I can understand the numi/semi numi angle, but pure bullion? And is silver cheap now? It wasn't so long ago that spot was £9 and bullion was £12 oz inc ++
  2. i'd still like to buy some
  3. Ask the kids! It's been traded for sweets and juice. And Peppa's freedom. I found it in the sandpit. There's a couple of Maples and an Eagle out there too
  4. Possibly the most unloved coin of the year?
  5. It's nine o'clock on a Saturday , the regular crowd shuffles in There's an old man sitting next to me makin' love to his tonic and gin ..
  6. Sorry Jacko, i wasn't being facetious This is the Silver Forum, not 'Basingstoke Buy n Sell, Genuine sells only, no messing, Facebook page'! Without a description, condition, presentation, storage history, authenticity or provenance, not to mention hi-res photos....I have no idea. But I can guarantee that you will not need to sell this coin for less than £13.79 Good luck. Roy
  7. Brilliant. It ticks all the boxes! Perhaps you could buy some land then build a house? That would spread the cost if you weren't in a rush to finish? Particularly some fertile land.... Can you get budget flights to that destination?
  8. 'We are also currently costing up buying a property in Eastern Europe to diversify.' Fantastic idea. Your wife's country? Makes perfect sense. I guess there are still family there, you'll have access to local banking and no language barriers. I'd certainly take advantage of that Dan! For rental purposes, a holiday home or future retirement? Or too far in the future for that yet! advantage is not the right word but you know what I mean
  9. Maybe but if they do, you should sue them for plagiarizing your username
  10. Why don't you advertise your coins on there?
  11. Have you tried http://www.limitedsilverstrikes.com/?
  12. I'm glad there's still enthusiasm! All sizes are in old money but easy to convert. Dominoes are available in various sizes, including the following: Mini Dominoes - About 1-3/16" long by 9/16" wide by 3/16" thick Standard Dominoes - About 1-7/8" long by 15/16" wide by 1/4" thick (47.625mm x 23.8125mm x 6.35mm) Professional Dominoes - About 2" long by 1" wide by 3/8" thick Jumbo Dominoes - About 2" long by 1" wide by 1/2" thick Tournament Dominoes - 2-3/16" long by 1-3/32" wide by 1/2" thick http://www.domino-games.com/faq/Domino-Sizes.html I agree with Danny here, the size is important, the weight is just what it will be. An ounce sounds nice, that's all.
  13. Hi Ben, Thanks for joining in. I thought .925 because I want to use them! My family would love it. I'm not thinking of an ornament more of something useful, like a spoon! lol
  14. Yup, black enamel.