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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
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  1. Today I Received

    Home brew?! You're a gentleman and a scholar What are the coppers for though?
  2. Shhh!! Not so loud! Let's keep this a secret. I've been trying to acquire these before anybody notices 😉
  3. Very rare opportunity to get your hands on this limited edition, special issue proof double sovereign. This extremely low mintage proof coin was released exclusively by the Royal Mint in 2004 and will surely be the shining star in any collection. In 1804, Richard Trevithick built a steam engine that managed to move ten tons of iron, for a total distance of nine miles. He completed the journey in 4 hours and 5 minutes! The Coin itself celebrates the 200th anniversary of this monumental achievement that changed the world forever. Only 1,500 proof gold £2 coin sets were issued this year. It is struck to proof standard and is twice the weight of a sovereign. Weight (grams): 15.98 Pure gold content (grams): 14.63 Fineness: 916.7 Dimensions: 28.4mm diameter x 2mm thickness Will exchange for: 2017 Proof Sovereign 2017 SOTD Sovereign 2012 Proof Sovereign 1989 Proof Sovereign Fantastic chance to offload that high mintage standard weight sov that you've been trying to shift for yonks. # I've just checked. There are none graded PF70 with NGC OR PCGS!!! What a fantastic opportunity, you could be the first My apologies for the camera reflection: This is common with proof quality coins. (there's no harm in trying )
  4. Where Do you buy your Bullion?

    I think I agree with you. It has changed, perhaps for the worse. It was once a case where either chaps were turning products around with small margins on a 'little and often' basis or the undecided collector who would change his mind and sell silver for gold or sovs for brits etc. where profit was secondary.
  5. What translation app are you using foxy? I ain't got a scooby doo what you're on about!
  6. It sure will. Probably when you're out.
  7. @JunkBond do you see my dilemma?
  8. Today I Received

    Will you ever get a 400oz bar @mr-dead? I've only ever seen a pictures of them.
  9. Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company.

    Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company. A personal message @10.30pm on a Friday night?
  10. Inspired by the success of Mr Bentley's efforts, I've decided to let go a small part of my collection. Lot 1: An early George V half sovereign from the year of our Lord 1912. Teddy Roosevelt, the Titanic and Tarzan were in the news. Spink: NFG Marsh rated: VFkd Lot 2: An Edwardian fancy from 1909. If this coin could talk, what tales it could tell! Handled with care. Spink: ROFL Marsh: EFkd Will probably grade well after some NCS magic Both coins are honest halves in weight and diameter. Selling for current spot price + postage. Cannot deliver until May 4th. Payment via bank transfer only.
  11. Hmm...you had to edit that, didn't you It's our secret, foxy
  12. completed 1/10 gold krugerrands

    spot adjusted price
  13. (I try and average £13-£15 for the whole stack , as an ultimate goal I try for spot plus sellers postage the main thing for me is postage so I always bring postage into the price I'm prepared to pay per oz ((£13 per oz is my goal) I offer spot price plus a bit whatever the move so spot £11.60 id give £12-£12.50 spot £14 id give £14.50 ish) Will you accept £13/oz inc. postage mate?