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  1. The SilverForum is a good place to buy sovs/fractional gold, but you need patience. At the current high spot price, that is prudent. You could start a wanted ad? Become a premium member?
  2. completed

    I'm amazed it hasn't sold. As Mr. Vand points out, it's all going t*ts up soon. Some protection is desirable I'm strictly sovs atm, but good luck with sale.
  3. Good attitude! All sovereigns are worth keeping
  4. Got the year Steve?
  5. great idea, looks fab! ...thou shall not covet thy fellow forumite's collection
  6. @barney Let's start a register! @Silverhunter Like Steve says, it 'weighs in' as a sovereign, it even looks like a sovereign... it must be a sovereign! As long as it's in tolerance, it's worth its weight. As Coincollector attests.
  7. @barney exactly. Thanks @Coincollector yes, it was. That's good to know, thanks. I'd still rather keep it though...it's a (hi)story
  8. It's fascinating. Having been caught with my pants down before (ebay not HGM), I took an interest in fakes/counterfeits. The reasoning behind their manufacture is interesting. Believe it or not, at one time, a bullion sovereign was worth more than its weight in gold! I have an interesting article that I'll post in full in the Premium Lounge. 'The Italian coins, probably mainly from Beraha’s organisation, were found to usually contain between 91.2 to 91.7% gold whereas the Syrian/Lebanese coins, attributed to Chatile and others, varied between 88.0 to 91.5% gold.'
  9. It's gold. Something of that weight and that size has to be. Assuming thickness of course. But is it 22K? It's a can of worms. HGM must check everything, surely?
  10. It doesn't look right sg....we need steve to take a look. I love things like this, if you wish to sell it I'll give you what you paid, no quibble. If it is a fake, you have to wonder why pick a date that is only minted outside of the UK?
  11. @FriedrichVonHayek I know of both, but I've never visited them. I look forward to the one near the train station...forewarned!
  12. I have too, as a tourist and on business. It's a great city. Very efficient and quite small. The public transport system is fantastic. Why am I thinking of cheap beer and expensive women?
  13. completed

    No comment! My wife is hovering We digress... Let's sell this coin, it's under spot guys, delivered!
  14. Hello forum. It looks like I'm going to be posted to Warsaw, Poland soon. Any forumites from Warsaw? Any Pol/Eng trade suggestions? Dziękuję. Roy
  15. completed

    cheap booze and expensive women.....ahhhh, those were the days