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  1. I really loved the Piedfort, the excitement was building prior to the launch. Then I saw a video on You Tube from a well respected source! The BU Strike on the Day came sharply into focus - low numbers, true to the original so I have to admit this became my first choice! Then I was frightened I'd miss out after not picking up one of the earlier proofs and I ordered the Piedfort. I was then even more excited that I had got both and am so looking forward to getting them! The large BU was not on my radar at all! But I am pleased that it has sold out and congratulations to all buyers, it is magnificent too. So I rate them #3 BU Five, #2 BU and #1 Piedfort but I think they are all great and I am so glad I spent the time to consider the views (& videos) from Forum members.
  2. My goodness - not a great interest in this coin on the forum but maybe a wider appeal as the others disappeared fast. Hard to believe, a real marketing triumph for he world's best gold coin.
  3. I have to say they tracked the SAM Silver Proof Sovereign Price pretty accurately. There must be a lot of very keen buyers to pay the premiums on issue for these coins. The one thing that supports the price, though is the speed of the sell out at the RM. The forum insight into this has made this a very exciting issue, indeed!
  4. And also - there were no images of the box and certificates when it first went up on the website, so early birds could only see the coin.
  5. And Chards are offering it a discount. I have a notion that the Piedfort was the one everyone expected and the BU came as a surprise package. For the sums involved the Piedfort may have been budgeted for in advance. I don't think it will be too long before the demand for BU catches up.
  6. I think any of these coins will do well, short term or long term, unless there is a third wave of issues by RM. It seems as though coin collecting is on the rise. I genuinely believe that people are looking for good quality things to put their money into. Limited coins issued by the Royal Mint - I don't think you could get any better.
  7. And in the box it will look the same! If you hide the certificate only you will know that it is a heavyweight!
  8. What a day! 12 hours on from release and there has been a massive buzz about these. I found an old Royal Mint Bulletin - issue 123 which had details of the "special" 2012 sovereigns. 2012 looked like a massive year for coins. Of special interest was the one day striking for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The certificate was hand signed by the Head of Production of Commemorative Coins to confirm the day of striking. Looking at the sets available the question has got to be - what is happening with the 250 not being presented as single coins?
  9. Is this likely 3,000 sales in 12 hours? Yet the Strike of the day - lower price - lower mintage still available? There is a great interest in these coins but maybe the piedfort has just captured the imagination a bit more. I have to say that it was only when I started to really analyse the coins that I saw the features of the "Strike on the day" - I love them both. Very exciting!
  10. After a lot of "research" LOL, I opted for the BU Strike on the Day and the Piedfort, my first foray into Gold Numismatics. A lot of trepidation, but I don't think you can go wrong with either of these exciting coins!
  11. Ha Ha, yes, of course, a minting first - good spot. I wonder if it will be the last or if there are further permutations of the 2017 anniversary Sovereign that RM can come up with!
  12. What a way to spend a morning................between jobs, honest! Found this information about piedforts on RM web site http://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/piedforts So it seems this is not quiet the minting first – a Piedfort edition of The Sovereign - it is declared to be, unless it was a double double, if you get me! "At this time the exchange of valuable gifts between rulers and members of their entourage became an established courtly exercise. Within this context coins struck on thick blanks, together with other types of prestige pieces, were prepared on behalf of kings and noblemen primarily for the purposes of presentation and display. From Poland to the Spanish Netherlands, from Sweden to northern Italy, coins of this sort provided rulers with a convenient means of emphasising their wealth and power. There are, however, only a limited number of these unusually thick prestige pieces from England, most spectacularly the gold double-sovereigns of Henry VII which bore the same design as the sovereign."
  13. With no stock and postage to take into account. Also notice they have the Full Sovereign for £725 available. However, is it not odd that they would knock these out to CPM and Chards with only 3500 available or is that a standard practice?
  14. Good call........ I am sitting debating this like I did with the Full Proof and missed out! The lower mintage is attractive, but we are always hearing that once you go over low £100's the premiums get hard to maintain. If I remember correctly the Full Proof was £430 so it is less than double that.
  15. And do you see what else, 2017 Sovereign Extravaganza - spoiled for choice! http://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/sovereign