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  1. My budding stack

    Congratulations. There is a fantastic sense of achievement from making something work that others find too much trouble. This time next year............
  2. When John Lewis says it's bad then it IS bad. The Government is asleep on this one. Too much debt and control on individuals. The illusion of crisis management of the financial collapse has been very good but I really think that the man in the street is now strarting to go beyond breaking point.
  3. Topcashback Ebay Offer

    It is a bit like the Wild West! It generally works out, but I feel they are a bit slippery when you hit a snag. The whole thing is a bit of a guise, perfect for the discerning Forum members though....... I mean always looking for a bargain, not guisers!
  4. Black Bull of Clarence 1oz silver proof

    Lovely to see the white gloves on! Keeping the packaging and the capsule all in good order has got to be a great idea. Fantastic video.
  5. It is human nature to blame someone else. We are wired up for that! I do think that the preceeding generations who have enjoyed the illusion of the post war booms really did have the best of it. We are all struggling, not because things are so hard now, but because pre 2007 things were too easy. Households and most businesses are on a knife edge and the lack of spare cash provides a real lack of wiggle room. Banks are not supporting expansion. Difficult to see a way forward, even allowing for a distracted inward looking and selfish political class.
  6. sharps pixley

    Me too - very straightforward. Great prices for single coins. Highly recommended.
  7. 10p Coins

    Top tip, @Paul. Thanks for sharing. Hard to make £40 on something readily available elsewhere, so well done. Have ordered some myself - what's the worst that could happen.............. I wonder if there will be an opening for those willing to post to the USA - maybe too expensive to post individual coins?
  8. gold sovereign ebay

    What a great post! This particular Auction House, as you say, is not at the top of the scale. From a vendor's point of view far too much of the value is lost in fees and commissions. For the buyer it makes it really hard to get a bargain; yet the sale rooms are packed both with goods and buyers. I have to say I really enjoy selling odd things on ebay - you just have to be really careful and choose goods that are suited to the platform. You need to be good with your marketing and above all you need to be honest and accurate. I've been an ebay member since 2000 - believe it or not I once to sent items out and waited on the payments when I was busy with other commitments, I don't think you could do that now! Still ebay is very good, provided you do your homework and make sure, as far as possible, that you deal with reputable buyers and sellers.
  9. 10p Coins

    The Post Office at Llanfaer pwll gwyngyll gogerwch chwyndrobwyll llantasiliog go go goch did a roaring trade on the new brilliant uncirculated limited new 10p coin. Customers claimed to have saved around £115, today, by shopping at the Post Office. Also the queuing time was much shorter than other sources. They did however report being weighed down by the whole experience.
  10. I've got a good idea what will happen to the pound......
  11. 10p Coins

    Another key market to tap into - although it is a £78.00 investment "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"
  12. 10p Coins

    Quick only 36 people in the Queue. People must be taking a lie-in this morning!
  13. 10p Coins

    You need to be really sharp here. Once the 22,00 + people in front of you in the queue have taken their turn you are allowed ten minutes to access the site. I missed my turn! I now have over an hour to wait - which the site tells me is in more than an hours time. I just ran the hypeometer over the Royal Mint web site; the reading was off the scale! Well done to all those who ordered. Zzzzzzzz calling. Good night all.
  14. 10p Coins

    All in Paul - well done. Presently in a queue on the exercise bike, 26 minutes to plan out RM strategy!
  15. Has anyone made this mistake?

    I agree with you. A deal is a deal. Cancelling the sale would be a very poor reflection on a seller.