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  1. Hi, welcome. I am sure you will enjoy the forum as much as I do!
  2. Good afternoon and welcome!
  3. Welcome, there is a lot of helpful information and GREAT people on this forum. BackyardBullion's video is amazing!
  4. I am certain you will like it! Compare it to a cheaper one when you can and you will see the difference, very versatile loupe. I found this on the WWW "Why Ruper? The story goes that when first manufactured for Hilkinson in Japan in the mid-fifties they were to be called Super Magnifiers. An unfortunate typo changed this to Ruper Magnifier. Over 50 years later, the Hilkinson models are still made in the same factory and they are still known as Rupers." Super Ruper!
  5. I have Ruper loupe, which I have owned since 1996! I often lose it but it keeps finding its way back to me. It cost me £17 new, a lot for a loupe but it is highly recommended. It has magnification for 3, 4 and 5 times and you can add them together to get 7X, 9X and 12X! The advantage of three lenses or (triplet) is that you get great clarity, true colour and the quality of the image is much superior as there can often be distortion in bigger single lenses. I use it for everything, not just coins. It was a great investment for me.
  6. I am very pleased with the efficient manner in which CPM dealt with my returns and refunds. I fell they were most anxious to sort this out for me and I do feel disappointed for them that the QC issue of these coins from the mint has really spoiled what should have been a momentous issue. This being said, if you have ended up with a nice coin then that should make it all the better! For me this had been a great learning experience and thanks to all the forum members who helped with their great contributions to this thread. Thanks to CPM for the professional way they helped to sort this out, I just wish I had a nice coin in hand!
  7. The World wide motor industry used to refer to the UK as treasure island.
  8. Try a magnet on these ones..... keep your fingers out of the way. Hope this helps.
  9. By chance I passed the Edinburgh Assay Office last night. It is a lovely looking building. Next time I am in Edinburgh I might pop in! I wonder if they do tours/ educational visits. Video is amazing, thanks for sharing.
  10. 1500 - there must have been a lot of Frogs kissed to get that number. 10% perfect. These will be the ones to get.
  11. I just had a final look at the coins under a 12X Loupe and I have to say, those I had, were not what you'd expect for a premium coin. The ones which rattled about did seem to take a bit of a beating (taking into account they are Proof). I tired to balance out what to do and in the end I decided that I just could not live with the coins - I think there is a lot more than meets the eye with these coins and the way that SA Mint has marketed and produced them. I am very disappointed as I really got caught up in the whole 50th Anniversary thing.
  12. After being caught up in this and having a really close look at the coins a PF70 will be a very rare thing indeed.
  13. I had two consecutive numbers and one out of sequence. The one out of sequence was the best of the three, still in the capsule.
  14. Were you going to keep 5710?
  15. I agree I think I read that there was a big problem with the PU shipment too. This coin may become historic for all the wrong reasons. A true proof unopened will be a lot rarer than the 15k mintage, unless they issue more to compensate for the returns?