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  1. I'd post a photograph of the HQ of Banca na h-Alba but I think you've already got the idea of how I feel!
  2. This is being debated in the Scottish Assembly this afternoon. In order to save costs and make economies of scale the SNP are announcing a new social housing policy;
  3. I don't think that we need to overcomplicate this; Here is the proposal for Border Control Offices;
  4. If £1.00 kept only £0.32 of value over this time then at price you quote of £266 per Oz comparing to the price of £1020 at the end of last year adjusted for inflation = £326.4. So by my calculation £1 invested in gold would now be worth £1.23 in real terms. Maybe someone with more mathematical astuteness, than me, might be able to help further.
  5. The quote "real" value, which I think allows for inflation.
  6. With the stock markets so high, you'd have to wonder how well prepared people actually are considering the surreal environment we are living in. When it happens it will be like watching a slow motion film of it unwinding and despite having time to react people are mostly too slow to do anything and, of course, are in massive denial. I have a funny feeling with Trump, Brexit and Super Gran all in play that the next bang is not far away. I also think that Gold could have a really good run, first on rumor and then on reality. One things for sure the days of the Empire are long gone and living on the past glory is running out of steam.
  7. Never too young to start stacking......
  8. Did they say if the coins were graded....... LOL. If your piano sounds a bit out of tune better have a look inside with a torch!
  9. Extraordinary. We are witnessing the continuing process of us ordinary people getting more and more disenfranchised by the, so called, political elite. The rise in the price of gold says it all I, I think. Food for thought, Lord Sugar. LOL!
  10. If you want to catch @Paul you can put a 20 euro cent coin in your trolley at Aldi and then take a quid of the next person....... (only joking?!?)
  11. "In the real world" The Untouchables always escape with the swag bag. Separately I am mega suspicious of Carnage. Interest rates on the floor, talk of negative rates, pumping up the money supply and wants to get rid of the 1p coin....... massive inflation on the way. Time to get a bulldog into that job, I think.
  12. Count me in Paul! A great idea and like it "No Effort"; Minimum input Maximum output. If you are doing It in small change the bucket on your head will come in handy!
  13. @Paul I take my hat off to you sir. Very clever. A sign of the times, there are opportunities out there, but no easy money any more...... this time next year!
  14. I posted my watch earlier in response to the "Tumbleweed" posts! Rolex as a luxury watch for everyday use has been a very good investment. The black line shows the actual US$ RRP, the red line is what the 1957 price would be if inflation only increases had been applied. Saying this. there have been no increases over the past few years, suggesting that Rolex think prices are at the highest level the market will stand, The very latest model Rolex Daytona Cosmograph 116500 RRP £8250 is selling at a premium over RRP, or wait (a rumored) five year plus for one. Great luxury branding and marketing! If only Rolex managed the supply of gold and silver!
  15. Unusual model - 18k white gold bezel?