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  1. Just start out with easy stuff, make your own pizzas with premade bases from tesco/asda. Cooking is basically not messing up your recipe and timing. Get the radio on and crack a beer. Pre weigh, chop, cut, shred and wash whatever your need to get rolling so everything is at hand. The whole thing is very relaxing for me, you can leave all the dishes and cleaning for your misses to do, she'll enjoy that Adding and cooking things at the right time so everything finishes at the same time in all your trying to do.
  2. Im 32 but i have always worked with food. Started my first bakery job when i was 13 pumping pastry shells for small bakewell, almond and jam tarts. Moved out when i was 19 so had a few more years than you to learn. I do enjoy the finer things in life and making your own is normally better overall. Plus......, you could put your fired egg on top of your pizza, nothing wrong with that
  3. One of the advantages about being a baker is I make mine from scratch in 15-20 mins. I think i could have a pizza the table quicker than having one delivered. I always keep a ball of mozzarella (80p) and pepperoni (£1) in the fridge. Better fresher tasting, cheaper and quicker. 190g plain flour, 1/2tsp salt, 1 tps sugar, 4g active yeast, 1 tbsp olive oil and 120 of 40-50c water. Mix it all togerther, pin the dough out and place to baking sheet (does not have to be round to be a pizza), add your sauce, cheese and toppings. Bake it at 180-190c for 15-20 minutes. Get the aprons on lads Ps, Dominos are a rip off. I find kebab shops do a better pizza
  4. Its empty, i lost all my bitcoin with mtGox and never bought more I have seen a few times about customers getting refunds back. I will not be holding my breath but it maybe a nice surprise for the future. I have logged a complaint through the website so fingers crossed
  5. Just out of interest when i am thinking about bitcoin. Does anyone know what one of these are valued at? Its a physical bitcoin wallet, dated 2013 and was minted at Milligan Mint which is no longer in business. I always find it hard to put a price on it when updating my excel spreadsheet as they never sell on ebay. Sorry pictures are not the best
  6. Its still kind of interests me, i was trying to withdraw my bitcoin to a desktop wallet for around 12 weeks before mtGox went busto. I think bitcoin could only go up and up and burn fast and bright but i daught it will be around in 20-30 years. For those with the balls to ride that rollercoaster, good luck and godspeed. I will follow from the sidelines
  7. I got in 2013 i think toward the end maybe. Just before the 1st first time it hit $1000
  8. Anything that goes up 20-30% in a day is crazy. I dont have anything new to add but find it funny to see that a group of people who mostly buy silver/gold because its a safe investment piling into bitcoin. Buy it for a abit of fun, but in my mind its not a serious investment, more of a gamble. I know its mined but its just a computer crushing numbers. Not really any real value there. Not the same is the cost of oil, labour, storing, refining, machinery and the rest that goes into real gold. Just my 2 cents I was into bitcoin a few years ago when it was around £300 and lost it all to MtGox. I will stick to my silver, thank you. Interesting to read through the thread all the same
  9. I look forward to watching the video
  10. Im kinda doing the same. A the minute, change goes in then i use it to swap out change for notes for vending machines at work and then just add £20 at the end of the week and tick off 7 boxes. I will start another one of these on the 1st of June in a few weeks and will swap it from being the gold fund to the holiday fund I will continue with this one until September.
  11. I am starting to get that feeling now, i could get the 3x 1/4oz queens beasts and start a wee collection. But the thought of getting the 1oz keeps me going Wondering how many people are still on board and how big @Paul's box has become.
  12. Panda plates are good. I like the way they stack. I kind of just bought what i wanted and then seen what i liked when they were in hand, then stopped buying what i didnt like and bought more of what i did like. I would recommend doing something along those lines. And if you end up with stuff you hate, its pretty simple to resale on here are ebay.
  13. I reserve 420 if you get there Was just looking and there are around 1600 members to the forum so far. Maybe 1200 at most are active logging in once a week are more. The fact that you can sell 150 of these with i guess most people buying 1 is quite an achievement. Just goes to show that quality over quantity of members make all the difference.
  14. I bought same about 4 years ago and got burned with MtGox. The last time i looked at buying some, they were sitting at around £450, should have pulled the trigger but the trust is gone. Thing that annoyed me the most, i was trying to withdraw my bitcoin for around 12 weeks before they went busto. I have a 2013 silver bitcoin that doubles as a wallet and planned to store on that. Its deffo nothing like physical gold/silver but i can see the value in it with its mining process I would still like to buy some again and i might some day but i cant see it being around in 20 years, i think it will be replaced with some government virtual money are the money we have now will be made more virtual. Maybe a world currency that is used for trade and travel, with each country still holding there own money and exchanging it.