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  1. Its a hidden inflation
  2. All i know is if it hits $1500 again, im buying one to have and hold. I lost my last bitcoin with MtGox and have no trust anywhere. If it drops to that $1500 mark again, i'll store it on a physical wallet. I still dont really understand it all to be honest and i will not pretend to. I dont see how it can ever be used as a currency. The whole idea seems ridiculous to me, investment-yes, currency-no. Lets just say that bitcoin is worth £2000 and gold is £1000. I buy a 1 oz gold coin from a bullion dealer that accepts bitcoin. I pay 0.5 bitcoin for my 1 oz gold coin and I receive the coin then return it for a refund for whatever reason. By the time the seller receives the returned coin, 1 week has passed from payment was made and bitcoin is now worth 10% more. Do they refund in bitcoin are pounds? Who takes the hit? Refunding in pounds would make no sense, it defeats the purpose. Refunding in bitcoin would hit bottom line profits as its value seems to go up more than down. I dont ever see a time when it will be stable enough. Right now in the UK, ''if'' for some reason i only got paid in cash euros are dollars. Its would be easy for me to convert it into pounds when i am spending it in shops, its in my hand and its not gonna loss are gain 5-15% in a day. I could pay all my bills with euro/dollars at the bank, do all my grocery, clothes, entertainment just like normal. Most tills have exchange rates updated daily. Right now, bitcoin is nowhere near that. If your out shopping and your phone dies, its game over. How you gonna spend that bitcoin? Imagine trying to explain to your Granny how bitcoin works to the point where she would be able to go by herself, open an exchange account, load a wallet and pay her phone bill with it.
  3. I got one of these a few months back and from the 3 different plastic £5 i have seen so far, this 1 is my favorite. Only ever had the 1 and i dont think Northern Ireland has made one yet. We had a bank (northern bank) make 1 million plastic £5 back in 1999, after a few years they were all gone. Being from NI, i dont get much variance in my change and it is taking forever to fill up my royal mint coin hunt books. Nice find
  4. Seems very slow, i placed an order a few weeks back and was very quick. Paid Thursday night and received on Monday, could'nt believe it. Hopefully just slow and no other problems.
  5. Dont know if has been said before are not but GS.be are selling them for 24.53euros. They have both 5 cedis and 100 cedis versions. http://goldsilver.be/en/home/1279-1-oz-silver-100-cedis-ghana-leopard-2017.html
  6. My mates dad got one of these a few years back. He paid a pretty penny for it believing is was an original from some company in Switzerland. I did get to play around with it for 5 mins before i put it away, i could see 2-3 hours going by quickly with a special cigarette and one of these
  7. The postman has just arrived with 3 of these bulbs. That is my afternoons work sorted setting these up and tonight's play sorted after i set up romantic mode into alexa for the bedroom Got them as a lightening deal on amazon primeday.
  8. I am mainly a silver stacker but have most of what i need for the year so i decided to buy gold until the 2018 coins are released. I have 2 gold small pieces already that i have had for ages so i dont really count them. I have decided to start buying gold purely down to the fact that it takes much less space to store and its easier to liquidate. To date i have only bought a 1/10th brit with my last silver order a few weeks back. I plan to just buy half and full sovs and 1/10 are 1/4oz semi nums. No bars for me, i find them boring. I plan to mainly buy royal mint brits, queens beasts, sov's and perth mint lunar. That plan can change depending on overtime at work and offers i might find, plus those panda coins look interesting. The reason i have picked those coins is because anyone stacking will have heard to them, they can be got for not that much over spot and they are easy to offload. My silver stack will take time to sell to get max value, but i could sell gold in a faction of the time. Just looking at the secondary market on here, i can see that selling these types of gold in the future should not be a problem. Bars might not gain as much interest in my views. Thinking about an exit is important when deciding what to buy. You could buy small NGC slabs and have problems selling them for the price you expected. I have learnt from going overboard on silver to keep the future gold stack simple, buy everything with the plan to sell it at spot in a very long time. No proofs are graded coins, no date runs, nothing in a fancy box and never nothing from ebay. Anyway, interesting topic as im starting off myself Thats my 2 pennies
  9. wanted

    I got 2 from goldsilver.be. They will only post 1 per order which seems to be the way it is over most bullion dealers. I played the waiting game and it took me the best part of a year to get my 2, their stock comes and goes quickly, same with the empty panda sheets. Good because was i got them both for around £12 delivered, bad was i had to wait a while to get them. It will be hard to find somewhere that stocks empty brit boxes. I've been there, googled it, done that, came up empty. I would recommended you either wait as i did, are buy different boxes keeping in mind you might need more down the road. It depends how badly to need them my friend
  10. Thanks @ApisMellifera Very good audio for listening to while writing my post. I myself placed an decent sized order at the start of last week. I would have had an extra coin are 2 if i had waited. Thats just the way it goes and i dont really care and neither should you. If you plan you hold 1-2 years plus, you should'nt care. For this to happen on your second order is bad luck, give it a few weeks and you will see your concerns fade away. You think about your stack in oz's so it quickly becomes disconnected from money in the bank. If you look at silver spot for the last 2 weeks of April, you will see a drop of around £2.30 per oz. This might seem a little crazy but as you are aware, silver can be violent and it is something you become numb to after a while. As long as you keep stacking the price will even out and as someone said above, the spot price only matters when your selling. That extra oz you could have had will be had when you have good luck on a future order and spot jumps after you place an order, but you will not think about it that way when it happens . Swings and roundabouts, all part of the game. Stack on !!!!
  11. Got this bad boy for £25 from another forum member, 3rd ngc coin to my stack. You could'nt even grade 1 for that price. Paid yesterday afternoon, received today. Sure, ya could'nt beat it
  12. Been stacking silver a few years, the monster boxes are getting heavy and selling to get max value will take time. I've decided a few weeks back to buy around 100-150 oz (depending on new releases) of silver a year to do my date runs and stack gold after that. Bought my first 1/10th brit with my last gs.be last week. You dont get much for your money but you get your money back faster when selling So im buying gold until silver 2018's are released Oct/Nov, will prob just buy 1/10 ozs are half sovs every 2-3 weeks. sarniasilver.com has both at ok prices. I am almost done the penny challenge for gold that a few other members are doing. This will get me a 1oz gold 30th anv britannia. 65 days left
  13. I have used them from the UK with no VAT issues. It was a few years back but i remember them being hassel free.
  14. completed

    Happy days. Looking forward to it Thanks