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  1. I completed mine, i ended up with £1157.48. I took around £500 out a month back to buy a struck on the day sovereign from royal stacker and £100 worth of Steem crypto. I bagged up the rest during the week which was £550 and have just placed an order this morning with goldsilver for x1 2017 sovereign, x5 2017 libertads, x5 2017 congo garilla's, x5 2018 elephnats and x3 2016 5 blessing's. I will do posts when i receive my stuff. Were is everyone else??? How many people finished this, i thought there was like 20-30 in this.
  2. 100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

    number 85 please
  3. UK silver

    That would save shipping but the plane ticket's might cost more.
  4. UK silver

    Silver from some coutries in europe are no vat on government issued bullion with a fiat value. Everything shipped from the UK has a 20% vat to pay. I think thats what you wanted to know.
  5. 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Bars - Update

    Great, i'll be ready at 6pm next week to get my number reserved.
  6. I did a bad thing and took £400 out of my fund. But look what i got. Still have at a guess around £600 left plus the last few weeks to add.
  7. Today I received.....

    Cant see me lossing o this even if the premium drops off abit in a few yers.
  8. Today I received.....

    Got one these a few days and its arrived today. Its a 2017 SOTD gold sovereign i snatched for £390, yes that is not a typo, £390 . Enjoy the pics. Its my first full sovereign also
  9. i ended up using https://bittylicious.com/trade/BQ3KEZ9PY, have made 2 transaction so far and simple as pie. Finally have it all sorted. Interesting enough the bitcoin i lost, i will try to get back after i read some stuff on thier website, but it has gone up around 50% since i bought them.
  10. I have the private key for the wallet stored in a word doc. Problem is there as i had began the transaction, my wallet is empty and it has never reached my blocktrades account. I never wanted to hard any bitcoin, i was ''simply'' using it to buy something else. Thats why its so funny. Maybe its not meant to be for bitcoin and me, i'll have to wait and see if i lose my money, maybe i wont, whatever the result, bitcoin is a c**t
  11. Oh, i have had the best luck with bitcoin. Found out why i think my transfer has not gone through yet. First i lose all my bitcoin to mtGox around 4 years back, not a small amount either for me, said never again and now i dipped my toe in, the wallet i use is no longer working as of the 26th of July. I bought my bitcoin and transfered to my desktop wallet on the 25th after it sitting there idle for 4 years and they shut the wallet down on the 26th, the same day i make my transfer. WTF!!! When i search transaction status on blockchain it comes back, no transaction found. https://multibit.org/blog/2017/07/26/multibit-shutdown.html Any ideas what can do done folks? I have an account with Bittrex
  12. Will do Nothing today, no change
  13. I think its out of his hands, i just dont know how he sent it to me so quickly but its taking my transfer ages. I will ride it out and hope its all because if this split going on. Thanks
  14. I have a multibit 0.5.15 desktop wallet. I think its fine, it synced ok and received the funds fine and yep, i had to pay some fee. @ChrisSilver, i had checked already and says, ''transaction not complete, checked by 1 peer'' in my wallet. Its annoying me but its not something that has to be done right now. Its all good
  15. So had to buy some bitcoin for something and i dipped me toe in for the first time in around 4 years. I only need £50 worth and decided the quickest most easy way would be to buy it from someone on eBay. It was and i paid £65 for £50 worth of bitcoin and i had it transfered to my 4 year old wallet within about 30-40 mins after a few exchanges with the seller. I then send the btc on and have been waiting since. Nothing has happened, i made my transfer at 17.44 on the 26th July. Is it normal to take this long, i dont remember this from before. If so, this transaction has made my mind up about investing into this. I am doing the penny challenge from here that others are doing and the 1 year is up next month. I had planned buy 1 btc are a bunch of sov's. i think i am safer with the sov's if this is the transaction time. Its really annoying me. Also, where is my bitcoin right now? if its not in my wallet and not in my blocktrade account, where is it? I know there's something about a fork but i had my dinner already, i dont no and dont really care what a fork is, i heard there was a spoon comming up soon and there will be a huge spork at the beginning of next year to mix things up.. Seems that the whole thing is getting more complicated then simple, not the best way to move forward. I'll prob end up buying some when its all said and done. Rant over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!