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  1. This may have been done before, but i dont think a poll. Was just looking back over some old stuff and got to thinking about how i have been stacking 4 and half years now. I wonder if i will still be doing it in another 5? Maybe its become put of the routine to put that little bit of money to the side every pay day for buying some silver. Would be interesting just to know what type of mix up we have here on the forum, some people stacking for longer than me would have gone through the 2011 jump, others stacking for longer may have bought silver at under £4-5 spot!!!
  2. I might even go for one these as my treat coin on my next order with GS. My avg per oz has been getting destroyed from brexit so why not? Panda's are the most expensive over spot coin i stack, this will be the first of another level for me. I think this might work out nicely as a new personal date run.
  3. The wife is a thai national and my kids were born in thailand. They are living here on 5 year residence card's atm. In thai culture, the wife follows the husband and she trusts my judgement and is behind me 100%. She deffo has not married me for money cause i dont have that much, haha. When it comes to benefits, we cant claim anything as my family are non EU citizens. I own a flat that lays empty and rent the house we are living in now. So housing benefit would not be option and no jobseekers for 6 months as i have quit my job and not been fired. None of this bothers me, the job center depresses me and i cant have someone talk condescending to me about looking for a job for £50-60 a week are whatever it is for jobseekers. I would rather be filling in job applications over government claim forms any day of the week. I dont plan to be out of work that long. I was brought up in a single parent family and taught to take care of yourself, not to rely on the government handouts. There's nothing wrong with it for those who need it but i amable to work and think (hope) i will have another job soon enough. I will wait until Monday to see what happens. I expect 1 of 3 things. 1, they make me offer i cant refuse. 2, they accept my notice and i work out my last 4 weeks. 3, they tell me to leave and pay me my notice period and whatever holiday's im owed. I would be very surprised if my notice was accepted with no meetings to try and keep me. Number 3 works best for me to be honest.
  4. Ive read back all the replies and thanks to everyone for a great replies. The sun seems a little brighter today and my morning tea tastes a little sweeter @Pampfan Jobs come and go but pamp bars for life. That pamp bar you lovingly rubbed all over your face will still be around long after we are all gone. @HelpingHands I will take option 1. Option 2 is not an option for me. Hopefully my next job has more team players.
  5. They tired to put me on a salary around 14 months ago and i declined. My over time was also cut as "a punishment" and working less made me happy. That only lasted 8-9 weeks then back to square one. I think you've hit the nail on the head. The only reason i handed in 4 weeks is to train up the new supervisor. I already feel sorry for him, he is not much of a self starter and needs all help he can get. Otherwise, i would have gave them 1 week. I think if i was to try and find another job first, i will still be there this time next year. Good for you mate, a few people in my work have been pushed to drink and its not nice to see them slowly go down hill. I can think if 1 person who was/is in the same position as you, bullied, set impossible tasks, drinking after work and made dick out of. He walked a few weeks ago at lunch time but came back the following week. I asked him why, his answer was "Jonny, i have working here 24 years and i will not let them beat me". I replied back, they just did and there's glory to be had here. He half agreed with me I think my stacking will go on hold for a few months and arbing will go up. I love arbing, so its more like hobby than work to me With my short life experience, less time at work means a smaller paycheck but as you said, more energy to do the things i enjoy and more money from me sidelines. It all evens out buddy.
  6. So, i have been having a rough time at work the last few months and have been on the look out for new one. I see jobs that i would be suited for but i by the time i get home, i am too tired and stressed to begin filling out the application forms. My normal work day starts with my alarm going off at 4.30am and ends when i stumble through the door at 5-7pm. Applications are last thing on my mind, im normally angry, tired and have lost the will to live. I am not proud to say but the wife and kids get the short end of the stick until i have had my dinner and im more relaxed. Its not a nice feeling cause they see im not happy. Im setting a bad example for the kids, working for money, not for joy, not thats its that much money either, lol. Today, i made the choice. I made the choice to put my family first and to stop trying to please the wrong people. My manager rolled in at lunch time and pissed off at 3pm, completely leaving me in the **** babysitting 24 EU nationals, most of them untrained useless temps who only understand the words, "break time", "home time" and "yes, you can go for a quick smoke" while i run around like a complete twat fixing all thier mistakes and trying to complete work before the Easter break. While he is away to his caravan for the weekend with his family to do some fishing. and enjoy Easter. I hope hes enjoys it because he will find my 4 weeks notice slap bang in the middle of his desk on Monday morning. I expect to be offered a pay rise and have my work load reduced (which be forgot about after a few weeks). I plan to simply tell him and the MD, that my letter was not asking for a pay rise, it is my notice. Then he will no he is screwed, no more easy days for him No more me fixing all his crap and doing half his work. I will be replaced by another idiot who is promised the world on a plate. I do not wonna sound big headed but no body in my position in work can touch me, not even close. I destroyed them all years ago and make them look stupid on a daily basis. I plan to give 100% until my final day, my final minute until i clock out for the last time, i will not give any ammo to them to talk bad about me after i am gone. I want them to no when im gone, i want them to miss me. When life gets boring and becomes grind, 2, 5, 10 years slip by quickly and you dont get them back, you only get regrets. So....onwards and upwards as the man says. I am just glad i finally grew a set, life is too short and i think (hope) i have enough in the saving account for keep us going until something else comes along. Anyone else out there in silver stacker land want to do the same as i have just done? Its truly a life changing feeling.
  7. I bought 5 with my last gs.be order, 3 for me and 1 each for the kids. Mine have a 1-2 very, very small chips on the design but hardly noticeable. They stack up ok and at the end of the day, they are cheap bullion. I would have them over phils are maples any day of the week. I plan to add a few to every order until i have a tube's worth. If anything, they will bring down the avg cost per oz for each order. I would recommend to get a few if you can
  8. Vat free pre owned pre 2013 brits on offer at atkinsons (.958 silver) They also have post 2012 brits and some other crap like maples and phils at decent prices. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/silver/pre-owned-silver-coins/pre-owned-pre-2013-uk-britannia-1oz-silver-coin Last time they had this, i ordered 20 and received x17 2012's and x3 2011's.
  9. The Scottish had there chance a few years back and they blown it. What a bunch of moans, crying that they are forgot about and left out. Well.... boo who!!!!! Im from Northern Ireland, and when it comes to most things, England, Scotland and Wales share the same polices and laws. Northern Ireland is not even part of great britian, we are part of the UK and when i comes to education, hospitals, benefits and most other stuff, we are well behind the rest of the UK. We are the last to get everything because we are not part of the mainland. Scotland reminds me of a spoiled girl who claims she does not need daddy's credit card anymore. She can make it on her own, you go girl.!!!!! My wee country would be more than happy to take Scotlands funding. And before anyone gets it twisted, i love the Scottish people more then the English and Welsh, i just can not stand that women Strugeon. Even seeing her face on the news makes me wonna kick the TV.
  10. I have skimmed quickly through the last few posts and dont understand the £15 thing. I am a matched betting vet and @vand has it correct. Back and lay pre match for a small lose then, back and lay at higher odds (6+) during half time to secure a £35-40 profit. You will need to deposit £100 in bet365 for both £50 bets and also have enough money in your betfair account to cover your lay bets. Simples
  11. My first thought was that silver had finally gone to the moon and broke atkinsons website.
  12. Kilo silver coins for £2.26, 10oz coins for 45p. 1kg gold bars for 45p, ozer's from a penny. Atkinsons have done this before, i remember from way back around 4 years ago. It happens when they update their website. Last time i think i ordered 50kg of gold and around a tonne of silver. It let me go the way through and complete the order for around £600. I shortly after received an email explaining what had happened and they cancelled my order. lmao. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-bars/1kg-gold-bars
  13. Completely bored out my mind this evening so did a count out of interest. Day 211 and on £512.81
  14. Im working working off 9% also here in northern ireland, 60k for a 3 bed house vs £450per month rent. I could squeeze that down to 55k for a fixer upper house. I get a guess of around 6.5% net after insurance's, rates, tiny £300 maintenance per year and no estate agents fees. Roll on and get that silver stacked