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  1. Silver Deals.....

    Why does it state "Americas first silver dollar" on the slab? Why does it even say lion dollar, and not daalder, or Thaler? Lovely looking re-strike nevertheless.
  2. Silver mistakes - yours or others

    If you are new, maybe better to stay away from ebay. And buy from retail sellers, some of them you also see on ebay, but there it cost a few Euro more. Because Ebay wants its cut, and then paypal. So if you are new and already here, because you read this, then buy from the cheapest most senionr seller here, and the risk for failure is minimum.
  3. Libertad Premiums

    Watch it boy, there is no such thing as "one".
  4. gemstones

    It's a matter of authenticity, what is real. A synthetic stone is a reproduction, it is not genuine. Lets take a better example, both silver. A original Maria Theresa Thaler, and the newer restrike. The authentic always wins in my book, rather the stone that took nature (millions) of years to produce , then the "perfect one" that took (min ) time in a lab to produce.
  5. gemstones

    The stones I like best is the stones that glow in UV lights. Here is a youtube video, so you get an idea.
  6. gemstones

    Then would you pay more for a perfect minted China pirated copy of a gothic crown, then the original gothic crown with its sign of wear and imperfections?
  7. Black Friday

    Powercoin.it Has 10% up to 70% this weekend 24-26Nov.
  8. A milestone 500 t oz

    Yes, I'm aware of the risk. But I don't know how to else handle storage of the most valuable. We also had an incident here in Sweden, a bank closed down the vault section,and one person said he didn't received the notification and lost all of the cash he stored there.
  9. A milestone 500 t oz

    Well I surprised myself, with how much I really had. But most of the coins I did not buy because they contained silver. REAL money contained PM back in the days. With that we come in to your other question, my favourite. That is not a simple question. I have so many, I really love coins with shields. I sign of power, glory, lost struggles. But I also love corcs/alligators, and there I have many lovely coins. Also the Privateer series, or the the Swea, or the Legends of Asgard series, or the Libs, or... There is no end. For storage I have choosen a expensive solution, bank vault. 850SEK/year ( ~ £78). But that was the best solution I could think of for the gold and silver bullion coins. But I need another one. Then you have to try trick another bank that you will not store money/PM or such things because they don't allow it.
  10. A milestone 500 t oz

    Yes, the big crowd is running towards the cliffs in full speed Ahh so you stacking the 500t oz coin series do you
  11. A milestone 500 t oz

    Can also say I have coins from 59 different countries
  12. A milestone 500 t oz

    I have no easy way to see the total of each silver finesse. I think I would need to make a whole new spreadsheet to sort that out. There are from crappy un peso coins with .100 to jubilium coins with .999 in.
  13. 1/10 gold coins

    If you have the discipline to hold on to the cash, I would think buying full sovs would be the smarter choose. That is what I see are most traded here.
  14. A milestone 500 t oz

    After joining the PM market, and the forums discussing it. I have started to buy more bullion/bars, semi-numismatic coins, but still have main focus in the numismatic area.I have redone my spreadsheet for my coin collection to also show the PM content in the coins. This month I have reach and past 500 troy ounce of silver, more exactly 539t oz. Wonder if that makes me more a stacker then a collector now?
  15. Newbie on here!

    Hi and welcome to TSF Are your area is solely on US coins?