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  1. Hi and welcome Don't know anything about silver spoons. I know there 1 or 2 here talking about silverware. Can't remember their names thou.
  2. Hi and welcome
  3. Hi, and welcome Then I hope to meet you in Berlin2018
  4. completed

    I'm intressted, but what would the shipping be? Also i am in process of moving. I need to verify that i can make a transferwise payment. EDit: Royal mail int. Track and sign £9.35 FOr a large letter at 400g.
  5. If you bought a album I guess, you wish to look at them once and a while. Then for albums their other inserts/pages you use, lighthouse/Numis/Leuchtturm have something called encap, which is pages you clip in capsules. or use boxes, in a model you fancy. If it is coins you don't need to admire. I think is @morezone that had the nice idea, to vacuum pack them. This I also started with, with coins that I will have sitting for some time. Hopefully this will help keep the coins in mint state.
  6. You know there is car collectors. Who buy and sell, and who pays a lot of money for specific cars. Many times not to be driven, just to have. But for most cars are nothing you buy to hold wealth. It will be a loss in the end. You can buy a piece of ****, just to get you from A to B, and pay x amount in repair each year/month. Or buy a new soulless (add name here) for 3-4 years to avoid repairs. Both still a loss of money. Or you can buy a AMG, GTO or something else that gives you a hard on, when you floor it. Putting a smile on your face that will crack your head. Still a loss of money. So do you want to sigh or smile when loosing them?
  7. Numismatic coins are for e.g. Brittish Crown Silver Coin (Legal tender) Semi-Numis is for e.g. Australian Lunar II serie (Legal tender, but not meant to be used as such) Bullion/Round is for e.g. Silver Shield serie, Zombucks etc.. (No legal tender, just PM) My view of it, and if I'm wrong I blame Trump.
  8. So this is a little bit overdue. But I only fiddle my coins when I have the time to really enjoy them. My WMF2017 pick ups. I should have made better notes at the fair. Because now I can't remember what I paid for some. Don't have receipt from all the sellers, just the big ones. Some maybe don't care, but I know from myself that I wanted to know where the prices lay on this event. Some have really good prices, some are dreamers and some you can haggle with. 1x 1oz Panda 2017 WMF - 89€ 2x 1oz Panda 2017 - 23,5€ 5x 1oz Panda 2016 - 21€ 5 Mark 1934F - 20€ 5 Mark 1934J - 20€ 1x 2oz The Lion - 40€ 1x 2oz The Griff - 40€ 2x 2016 1/2 Lunar2 - 13€ 2x 2017 1/2 Lunar2 - 13€ 2x 1oz Lib 2015 - 20€ 2x 1985 Onza - 25€ 1x 1992 Onza - 1x 1993 - 23,5€ 1x 1993 - 23,5€ 1x 2000 Croc - 50€ 1x 100 Peso 1978 - 1x 5 Peso 1948 - 1$ Dollar Australia WMF Berlin 2017 Carded 5€ Passport 10€ (A small coins from 30 different Countries) Free: $1 AUD 2014 Cuckoo Wasp 2 Rand 2016 South Africa 1 Penny 2014 UK 10 Agorot Israel Medal: Krugerrand 50 Anniversary Medal: Monnaie de Paris WMF2017
  9. Can log in now too
  10. From yesterday I had trouble viewing threads. Today I can't even get in.
  11. Hi and Welcome