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  1. completed Libs

    I take 3 of 1986 and 2 of 2008. plz
  2. completed Gold and silver

    I take the libertad and tokelau.
  3. Hello From West Cumbira

    Hi and welcome
  4. Hello Silver Forum Members!

    Hi, and welcome to TSF
  5. Hi

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  6. Hello From South Dakota!

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  7. Heath

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  8. silver krugerrand

    I'm not buying those, does not attract me, I'm not a flipper or what it is called, and to high premium for me, to see a investment in it. What did you pay @Pete ?
  9. Hello!

    Hi and welcome to TSF
  10. Hi everyone

    Hi and welcome to TSF
  11. I have for sale the two first Legends of Asgard coins. ODIN RULER AESIR Legends of Asgard Max Relief 3 Oz Silver Coin 10$ Tokelau 2016 2300SEK (Its about 217€ / £193) + Postage VALKYRIE Legends of Asgard Max Relief 3 Oz Silver Coin 10$ Tokelau 2016 1700SEK (Its about 160€ / £142) + Postage Or both for 3800SEK (Its about 359€ / £319) + Postage Payment by bank transfer in SEK, cheapest to do it by Transferwise or similar service. Postage info: 1 coin with box is about 413g. Swedish Post takes 155SEK for 500g or 205SEK for 1000g insured up to 2000SEK, +30SEK insured up to 10000SEK (over 5500SEK no insurens on Pm, money etc..)
  12. 20% off eBay today

    Most likely, it does not work for me
  13. New member saying Hello

    Hi and welcome
  14. Hello from Austria

    Hi and welcome