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  1. September 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Congrats Madstacks, the FIRST gold member winner
  2. Hi,

    Hi and Welcome, 20 Sovs a year is nice
  3. Hello from Sweden!

    Hi and Welcome
  4. Hello!

    Hi and Welcome
  5. New member and first day !

    Hi and Welcome Did you backtrack the lunar serie 1, or did you begin when the launch it?
  6. New to stacking and or collecting

    Hi and Welcome
  7. for sale Silver Libertad

    Can I have 10x 1983 libs
  8. I ended up with 7804SEK. I have 1486SEK in coins I have trouble deposit into the banks. Within this or next month I will have a new bank, so think it will be easier. So far I have spent 2655SEK on a gold bar, and the rest plus some on numismatic silver coins, mostly Mexican and German ones.
  9. SBSS, coin question

    I got distracted on work assignment, so I missed it. It was sold for 14 EUR (12£).
  10. Today I received.....

    But the 20 Mark is so much nicer, lovely coin.
  11. Hello

    Hi and welcome
  12. Hello People,

    Hi and welcome
  13. New member from Canada

    Hi and welcome also congratz on the winning
  14. SBSS, coin question

    Thanks @gavinfry can you give me some link or something for it? I google "silver trivium bullet shield", but can't find any that has 2014 in it, all has 2013 or a complete different centre.