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  1. Terve and welcome
  2. for sale

    I will take.
  3. Hi and welcome
  4. Welcome
  5. Congratz to the win 😀 And thx to @Numistacker and the sponsor.
  6. Welcome:D
  7. Hej, och Välkommen
  8. Hi and welcome
  9. I'm still in. But can't say with how much. I just throw the pocket change on the table and on sunday I tick of 7 boxes. But I might be on a personal minus, because stared to remove the coinage that will stop being valid in june.
  10. The ship, with the Sirén and captain in second. I also have ordered from Aurinum, but now 8 days later I think he lied about having them in.
  11. Hi and welcome
  12. He say he has them: http://aurinum.de/2-Unzen-Ultra-High-Relief-White-Whale-Weisser-Wal-The-Privateer-Silber-99999