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  1. Hello everyone!

    Hi and welcome Is it Global or just focus on the US market?
  2. How did i not know about this forum

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  3. Hi all jordie from the UK

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  4. Heubach-edelmetalle vs Auragentum.de?

    If an unknown person to you say one thing, you judge it by a certain standard. if a known person to you say one thing, you judge it by another standard. If several persons known/unknowns you make another judgement. Regarding Aurinum, I personally disagree with you opinion, I will not use them again. Regarding Heubach and Auragentum, I have used both, but sense I haven't had problems. I can't say how the customer service is. So far I haven't used Goldsilver be. I also wish you luck in your endeavour. If you get problems, I would like to hear,how it get resolved. Cheers
  5. New Member from London

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  6. Another new member saying hi

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  7. n00b in the UK

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  8. This is double thread. @HelpingHands . @ChrisSilver
  9. Hi to you all!

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  10. Silverpicker Here!

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  11. New UK member here

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  13. Stacker from the UK

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  14. New Member from Saudi

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