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  1. Not only is it just bad. It looks it it's been coloured in with felt tip pens
  2. Aren't we making a bigger deal than it Is? It's currently one if the lowest premium bullion coins around. I understand the frustration about s coin not looking it's best. But I also understand GS not wanting to swap it. The charges on postage would take most if not all profit on such a coin.
  3. Looking into this. I'm going to put 50 o alt-madrid at 1.3 (15 profit) then chuck the other 50 in-game on draw/Leicester currently at 3.5 (125 profit) all outcomes hit with a small gain at the worst
  4. Looks like it's the new norm. Mines littered in adverts now. I'm sure I'll get used to it Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  5. Well this has made my day! Lol. Thanks all. And thanks Chris Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  6. Personally stay away from the pandas myself. Don't want the hassle of selling such a premium (and highly faked) coin when it comes to the end game. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  7. I think there is a big problem with financial knowledge. Mainly we don't teach children or even young adults enough about it. Far to many think about the monthly payment (and how easy it is for them to pay), rather than the cost of the car, and how much extra it costs for any type of finance attached to it will be interesting when rates start to creep up, and people coming to the end of there 3/4/5year contracts can't afford the balloon payment or the cost of a new agreement for another new car. I really think car finance is a higher risk then any other "secured loan" as we all know cars lose a massive chuck once you drive them out the showroom. Meaning on day one, the asset you are holding is no longer worth what you've signed up to pay (and this is before any interest racked up on the thing)
  8. wanted

    Silver to go https://www.silver-to-go.com/en/
  9. You can do £17 an oz though eBay? or is that £17 an oz + fees
  10. Yea, i know its tight, but i thought i might as well ask before i spent. Hoping someone has a £1 seller fee tucked away and they have milked coins. lol
  11. I suppose this is almost like a reverse, reverse auction. Let me know how low you can sell 15oz's on eBay for. I'm going to be buying 15oz of silver from the bay (spending nectar points) , at current price i can get it for just under 290 (shipping included) Is there anyone here who has Milked/Toned/Dink'ed coins they can do a better deal with? Only want currency backed coins (preferably brits/eagles/maples) I will be buying these within the coming week, so let me know what best deals you can give thanks all
  12. if its cheaper than other 10ozers, it might me something I'll buy.