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  1. Well this threds going to be a fun read.. *gets popcorn*
  2. Do it like shares. Having a pool price for your entire holding before selling. Then average down the cost (for the amount you sell) against your sale value. With that said it's a crypto-currency. Any government can't prove your gains other the seeing an increase in your bank at a random moment in time
  3. I don't think the 1k montage is correct. There's a few sellers but none seem to have a capped number to sell. Looks like it's a normal run to me
  4. Well. This annoys me if it's going to be a small run of them. Personally thought the series was over as it's been awhile since the last
  5. You can't beat the 40man raid days... Oh the memories
  6. You putting a year mark on them?
  7. The swan dive is usually due to whatever illegal website the FBI closes that week. I wouldn't call Bitcoin an investment. It's more a gamble imo. Personally I wouldn't have a monthly invested amount, hold some and play the exchange with a set starting figure. It's a currency that's backed by nothing and I'm sure the US authority would ban it if they could.
  8. I've just emailed the RM asking if we'll see them soon in the UK for sale. If I get an ambiguous answer I'll also head for a US buy
  9. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pirate-Treasure-Chest-Vintage-Colonial-Map-Atlas-Design-Storage-Trunk-Wedding-/111528973061?var=&hash=item19f7a51305:m:mMSkhZXwwJaKtzYb_DmQt0g I got one of these for my bullion silver, literally throw it in and leave it. nice solid base at what i consider a cheap price
  10. I'm sitting on small holdings of SOLG and SXX personal aim from 30 to 40 to invest at least 1k a year on what I class as long term targets. Although my 2 current stocks are more like gambles that are paying off
  11. Not only is it just bad. It looks it it's been coloured in with felt tip pens
  12. Aren't we making a bigger deal than it Is? It's currently one if the lowest premium bullion coins around. I understand the frustration about s coin not looking it's best. But I also understand GS not wanting to swap it. The charges on postage would take most if not all profit on such a coin.
  13. Looking into this. I'm going to put 50 o alt-madrid at 1.3 (15 profit) then chuck the other 50 in-game on draw/Leicester currently at 3.5 (125 profit) all outcomes hit with a small gain at the worst