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  1. Sovereignsteve . .?
  2. You could buy any draw/tray system and then custom fit your own inserts using kaizen laminate foam. Might be a cheaper option if your into diy
  3. I think the Nearest imperial size your looking for is 1 1/8 inch, might be a tad easier to find than 28.8mm.hope this helps
  4. Apologies 28.8mm teaches me to measure twice cut once
  5. Both measure the same at 29.8 mm to lip/cap .including lip/cap 30.8mm
  6. Today I received my prize draw win from sebmasch, tickets to cineworld and £15 credit for popcorn and treats . Thanks to the moderators and donators especially sebmasch and all members for a great forum a healthy and prosperous new year to all