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  1. Unknown Gold Coin

    Thanks sixgun 👍🏻
  2. Unknown Gold Coin

    Thanks for your reply, is the coin Chinese?
  3. Unknown Gold Coin

    Hi, does anyone know what gold coin this is? It’s very small at 12mm dia. 1.4 grams. Thanks in advance.
  4. JSP Gold Testing Acid

    Thanks for your reply Pete, The JSP kits are sold on ebay, I was wondering if anyone on here uses them? and can you apply the acid directly to the gold item, or do you have to use the scratch stone? I would prefer not to use the scratch stone method because heavy plating could give false readings.
  5. JSP Gold Testing Acid

    Hi, I am looking to purchase some new testing acid to test 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, and 22ct scrap jewellery. The acid i currently have is running out/close to its use by date. With my old acid, I file and test the item directly. for example 9ct will fizz green if not gold and stain brown if 9ct gold, no reaction would mean a higher carat. I can no longer find the acid for sale which I currently use as it was ex jewllers stock. The JSP acid looks good because it has a different bottle for each of the Four carats, however I would like to test the item directly and not use the test stone which is provided with these acids. My question is does any one use the JSP acids? and can you test the item directly or will the acids only work by putting lines on a test stone and seeing if the acid dissolves the gold lines?
  6. Chards your experience?

    It was back in 2013 when i first started, and was not aware of even how the tubes should be correctly sealed with royal mint tape. All the coins were scratched. But on chards website there was a message saying the condition of the 2013 britannias could have scratches and only sold as bullion. I did phone to complain about the packaging and that more scratches would have been caused with the coins being out of there tubes. They said they advised the coins have scratches and again are sold as bullion. I accepted it at the time but new that's the last of my business they will see.
  7. Chards your experience?

    There was no tape on the Britannia tubes. The top of the tubes were loose in the Jiffy bag with most of the coins out of the tubes.
  8. Chards your experience?

    Bought from chards once, never again the royal mint tubes were open and coins loose in the Jiffy bag, all scratched up. Phoned to let them know and they said the tubes must have come open during delivery the royal mint tubes are tough to open and don't just come undone on there own. Terrible service. STG from now on.
  9. Real or fake?

    weigh them, I think you will find they come up light.
  10. Gold Sov thickness

    From my experience most sovereigns should have a thickness of 1.52mm. However I have noticed that Sovereigns from 2013 onwards. Have a higher rim than before, making there thickness around 1.7mm. The rim on these modern sovereigns is noticably thicker when holding the coin between finger and thumb. Measuring a 2015 and 2016 the thickness on the rim comes out at 1.68mm has any one else noticed this with modern sovereigns? Hope this helps.
  11. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I might be wrong but if you look at shren's other sold items they all have the same type of boxing. Looks suspicious to me, especially the silver lion.
  12. Come on Silver!

    30th September: Silver 20.50 dollars would be my prediction.
  13. Today I Received

    More fake 1959.
  14. Today I Received

  15. 1897 sov

    145 is too much imo for that coin.