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  1. Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company.

    The website is showing the coins as Available and they are actually out of stock is unacceptable.
  2. Sixpence and a Great Resource Book

    If you use a magnet slide on the 1920’s the sterling slide slower the the 50% coins.
  3. Dragon Dollar

    Good point, I think I will send it off for grading, at least that way I find out if it’s real.
  4. Dragon Dollar

    Thanks for your post, I have seen those replicas before but they are almost always under weight, come up light on the specific gravity, don’t ring, and the magnet slide just falls off real fast.
  5. Dragon Dollar

    Thanks for the link, I have sent the guy a message with some photos to see what he says about the coin. I’ll add his comments here when he replies.
  6. Dragon Dollar

    Thanks for your message BYB. The weight is spot on at 26.90 grams measures correct and SG was for 90% silver. I believe it is real but not an expert myself. Had read that the black marks could be some kind of ink, but not sure.
  7. Dragon Dollar

    Hi, I have a 1911 One Dollar Dragon with dot after the ‘R’ also has a chop mark. The coin is tarnished with a black/red colour. It’s has a nasty scratch to both sides and the reeded edge is heavily tarnished black. I have read that there are 31 variety’s of this year? Does anyone know what variety this one is? Any idea on value? All responses are greatly appreciated.
  8. 1928 Wreath Crown

    Thanks for the your reply Metallica73
  9. 1928 Wreath Crown

    Hi, I am looking for opinions to the grade and rough price of my 1928 Wreath Crown. I have tried to compare with sold listings on eBay and auction houses but I am not an expert. There is a scratch on the kings head and right of eyebrow But I am unsure how this would effect the price and grade? The coin is genuine and has been in the family for years. All opinions welcome.
  10. Unknown Gold Coin

    Thanks sixgun 👍🏻
  11. Unknown Gold Coin

    Thanks for your reply, is the coin Chinese?
  12. Unknown Gold Coin

    Hi, does anyone know what gold coin this is? It’s very small at 12mm dia. 1.4 grams. Thanks in advance.
  13. JSP Gold Testing Acid

    Thanks for your reply Pete, The JSP kits are sold on ebay, I was wondering if anyone on here uses them? and can you apply the acid directly to the gold item, or do you have to use the scratch stone? I would prefer not to use the scratch stone method because heavy plating could give false readings.
  14. JSP Gold Testing Acid

    Hi, I am looking to purchase some new testing acid to test 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, and 22ct scrap jewellery. The acid i currently have is running out/close to its use by date. With my old acid, I file and test the item directly. for example 9ct will fizz green if not gold and stain brown if 9ct gold, no reaction would mean a higher carat. I can no longer find the acid for sale which I currently use as it was ex jewllers stock. The JSP acid looks good because it has a different bottle for each of the Four carats, however I would like to test the item directly and not use the test stone which is provided with these acids. My question is does any one use the JSP acids? and can you test the item directly or will the acids only work by putting lines on a test stone and seeing if the acid dissolves the gold lines?
  15. Chards your experience?

    It was back in 2013 when i first started, and was not aware of even how the tubes should be correctly sealed with royal mint tape. All the coins were scratched. But on chards website there was a message saying the condition of the 2013 britannias could have scratches and only sold as bullion. I did phone to complain about the packaging and that more scratches would have been caused with the coins being out of there tubes. They said they advised the coins have scratches and again are sold as bullion. I accepted it at the time but new that's the last of my business they will see.