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  1. I might be wrong but if you look at shren's other sold items they all have the same type of boxing. Looks suspicious to me, especially the silver lion.
  2. 30th September: Silver 20.50 dollars would be my prediction.
  3. More fake 1959.
  4. 145 is too much imo for that coin.
  5. if you left the item in a sealed plastic bag overnight with chopped onion then it will tarnish.
  6. Hi Roy, I think it was you who also had a larger diameter Sydney half sovereign than the standard 19.30mm. I got mine tested on a XRF gun and came out as 22ct and was offered the full half sovereign price from a bullion company for it. Although the coin might have been a fake half sovereign if the carats correct you will get the same price.
  7. Hi, the stones look like pink coral and garnet's would have said it was an old item but if the clasp is original then that clasp is from the 1980's to present.
  8. This listing shows how the brooch is mounted. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1887-Victoria-Jubilee-Head-Crown-Brooch-Mounted-925-silver-high-grade-/152254629005?hash=item237315448d:g:Ct8AAOSwAuZX4-bj
  9. Hi, your crown was once a brooch the marks at 3 & 9 are solder where a brooch pin connected to, the mark at 6 would be a solder from a circular link when the coin can also be worn as a pendant. They sometimes are gilded a deep rich gold colour, the gilding in yours has faded maybe due to polish and the brooch part has been removed perhaps from a coin collector trying to turn the coin back into original state. I have owned a few, hope this helps.
  10. I would say it was silver but it's worth buying some acid to test this piece and future items. A 9ct solution also tests for silver. File down a small area of the pointed out area of the handle, only need to file a tiny amount to break the surface. If it's plate the acid will fizz green, if it's silver acid will turn milky colour on 9ct acid will turn brown, higher carat no reaction. Wash acid under running water, Then polish out the mark.
  11. Maker: Breadner Manufactoring Company, usually marked 'sterling' after the BMC rather than silver. If you rub the item into your hand does it leave a tarnish mark on your hand? If it does it will most likely be silver. Can get some acid to check for sure about a fiver from the bay.
  12. Maker: Robert Pringles & sons chester 1907 vesta case
  13. The ebay seller has copied the information which bullionbypost have on there site under the Britannia coins. Manufacturer: The Royal Mint Weight (grams): 31.10 Pure silver content (grams):31.10348 Fineness: 999.0 Dimensions: 38.61mm diameter Stock: In Stock This 2 pound Britannia silver coin is the largest and purest UK legal tender coin and is therefore Capital Gains Tax Free. You cannot request which Britannia year you will receive. Coins will be selected from our available stocks. This may be all the same type of coin, or a mixture dependent upon the quantity ordered. The British silver Britannia bullion coin contains one ounce of fine silver at .999 purity.
  14. Hi guys, 1915 Sydney half sovereign. Bought it from the public, I new the measurements were out when I purchased it but wanted to buy it mainly to see people's thoughts. As discussed earlier there have been other Sydney half sovereigns from 1912-1916 coming in a bit to large in size. The weight of this one is spot on at 3.99 grams. 19.64 diameter 1.18 width. the border is very high and the centre of the coin is far below the border coming in at around 0.8mm. will be good to know your thoughts? p.s. Marks at the top of second photo are just dirt.