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  1. I'm surprised the tenners haven't been shelved : paper notes are better, just keep making 'em harder to forge.
  2. All buyers miss the time when silver was £10-ish.
  3. Griffin looks great! What a series.
  4. As the pound exchange rate suddenly strengthens (general election announced) the sterling silver price takes a dive. I'm not going to do the maths ... is this expected??
  5. Even with just a day to go the major British channels are still rolling out the anti-Trump specials. I wish there was a single channel on my side ... Channel4 took a dive one week into the Ukraine coup, it was like someone switched off a light.
  6. Going up ... It never approached the bargain prices of last July
  7. I see the UK silver price is descending a lot, yet there are no posts on this thread. Why not? (I don't keep an eye on the price unless it's under a tenner.)
  8. There was a woman in Tesco today who said they slip against each other too easily and end up flying out of her pocket in the pub. Now I didn't want to question her and just agreed, but wimmin shouldn't have pockets should they?
  9. If the pound rebounds before the silver price you all will be backing up the truck!?
  10. Bosse your mastery of quotes is ... individual Sony call their kind-of-DSLRs DSLT for "translucent" but actually they use a semi-transparent mirror so their DSLR range should be called DSLST ... (Not important in the slightest) There are so many old Minolta autofocus lenses around and most of them cost almost nothing, yet they all fit your camera. Hunt them down, profit. I bought a sony for my friend, I think it was an a-450 DSLR. He had a whole bag full of minolta lenses. The 50mm was the only good one, in my opinion.
  11. WE got our first plastic fiver as change at Morrisons. Really like the see-through window, but they are still using the horrible Queen's portrait with the massive gums See doesn't really look like that you mint muppets! I tentatively approve of plastic money notes ... but it doesn't fold right.
  12. Hey Bosse get yerself an old Minolta 50mm f1.7 : a great lens on these modern Sony DSLTs, although it isn't a macro.
  13. Down thirty quid is hardly anything, considering the price six months ago. The tiniest blip is commented as a SLAM, CRASH, RALLY, whatever. I guess that's de-rigeur for PM reportage. As long as its still worth more than I paid for it
  14. Well I'm quiet because the price has risen out of the buy-stuff show-stuff region, but not yet risen into the BUY ALL MY STUFF range. Brexit was interesting and worth posting about, now I'm waiting for the riots to start when the populace discover their gov't isn't goint to brexit at all ...
  15. Whoa! The pyramid/Jackal one is brill. The camp Pharoe is a bit Frankie Howerd