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  1. Massive price rally on gold and silver today

    It was a decent rise today but on the short term, bullish ronnie tells us bears not to worry - unless we see silver close above 17.70 There is a pattern of falling peaks in silver since April 2017, each peak lower than the last, looks like against a resistance line. If the price remains around this level or below over the next few days then that would fit very nicely into the pattern downwards. Not sure what it really means, I still don't know how to properly read the squiggly lines.
  2. Silver lows, what's the evidence ?

    Historically it's so very wrong, but it's different this time. We are in the new age of perpetually low platinum prices.
  3. I completely agree we sit atop a debt mountain of short sighted voters greed and we are Greece 2.0. Triple locked Pensions, universal healthcare, social care, benefits up the ying yang, open borders and housing benefits. Hard to respect the people of the UK when so many are on the teat. We had an opportunity to make cuts but the Tories bottled it. The required cuts will have to be forced upon us Greece style imo.
  4. We didn't lose 20% of wealth. The wealth is still there. It's our wages that took the hit. And our debts measured in gold
  5. Interesting points there. I would be interested to see what wages and cost of living have done in that time - I would not be surprised if its 5 times where it was.
  6. Platinum Fractionals

    Yeah looks like the coin price has stayed put as the platinum price fell.
  7. This was a very good read and gives a nice picture of what to expect potentially over the next few years in silver, thank you for posting. Was it the same picture for gold or did the investment story remain the same throughout. I ask because you mention the end of one of the main industrial uses of silver during this period which would have been a major headwind to the industrial investment case and quite a 'writing is on the wall' sort of input during a falling price environment. Must have been tough. Did gold have the same sentiment or were people switching from one metal to another? You see a fair bit of that now. Platinum was worth more than gold per ounce at that point - were the PGM's considered for investment or was it just gold/silver based on the monetary case? Checking the charts palladium went parabolic/did-a-bitcoin in 1999-2001 was that related to the switch from gold to palladium/silver alloy in electronics - tied in with the tech bubble nonsense or was it something else?
  8. Bit of both. (no body knows)
  9. price of silver

    What happened over the weekend was over before it started - "Mission Accomplished" tweet from Donald Trump said it all.
  10. 1/10th gold coins

    Be careful buying from dealers. If buying fractional gold think about how you will sell before you buy from dealers on a monthly basis. If selling back to a dealer you will not recoup the large premiums which means much higher spot before you can get shot and strangles the upside of the investment. If selling privately there isn't a guarantee that when spot rises premiums will be maintained. Spending so much percentage wise per ounce makes fractional gold a bit of a gamble and hassle to sell privately, or you give up some of the upside for liquidity selling to a dealer in the future. Buying monthly can be done as others have said but I would not go to a dealer unless I couldn't get low premium from elsewhere, they are a last resort. Certainly don't plan to buy from them monthly if wanting to invest in gold there must be better ways. All imo.
  11. Bullish Ronnie isn't looking so bullish on the latest video, for the short term at least.
  12. I've seen this in the fields near work and assumed it was down to the fleece being left uncut. One or two seemed to fall over at night and by morning were sodden and heavy, took some effort rolling them back over
  13. Syria

    This will hopefully be the end of it. A moment of madness, a little distraction for some and focusing of the mind for others. There isn't the stomach for a fight in the west. Most people are more worried about what's going on in their own countries, Germany and Italy keeping out of it, and if asked I imagine most folk in the UK France and the US don't want to be involved either. Trump was against foreign intervention on his election platform. Macrons too wet for war and May too weak. Not to mention we are skint.
  14. Syria

    What has Macron said about the joint strike. He has made a career of signaling his virtue I am guessing he did this for the children? May is weak and saw an opportunity to signal the opposite. This will backfire. Trump, his wife's tears over the kids being washed was the final straw.
  15. Syria

    It's obvious public opinion has been sheparded over the past few weeks, first Russian attack in Salisbury where the victims survived somehow, followed by Syrian kids getting water poured over their heads and hosed down. Figures of 500 'casulaties' whatever that means. No follow up confirmation. No hard evidence. Just tears and accusations. If that is all it takes for people to support firing missiles into Syria then we deserve everything that's coming. The only good that might come from it is when May asks for retrospective permission from parliament they say no. Then we will see her out of office. Fingers crossed.