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  1. coming dip

    2030's! I was thinking more in a couple of years it should be on its way. Hopefully we have a boring 2018 so there is more time for stacking. Also I want one of those caps that says 'DOW 30,000' before it goes tits up.
  2. coming dip

    I would prefer this scenario. I am not seeing much on PM's being down this year though; commentary is pretty bullish on balance. My favourite prediction was a run up initially to $1450 gold, then a 2007 style event dragging PM's down along with it, lower targets for gold back in the 3 digits ($), before final take off in the metals to those mad prices peter schiff used to joke about. Fingers crossed!
  3. coming dip

    There is usually a dip shortly after I make a large purchase, its quite amazing.
  4. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Good video tape from iGold Adviser on youtube today, crystal balling a December 2018 breakout. His crystal ball is normally pretty good.
  5. Could not agree more, I feel like I have committed treason by just looking at it, its that bad.
  6. Last year sure, people pouring money into metals in the event, I think silver will out perform like last time.
  7. Carillion Bust

    Agreed there should be no bailouts what so ever. Bailout would allow nothing to be learned and the practices that led to this to continue. What does it say about the system we call capitalism when the same companies carrilion under cut are forced to bail out a competitor via their taxes? Not to mention those tax payers who have nothing to do with the company being lumbered with the bill. There will be pain but it is necessary.
  8. Absolubetly. Perhaps we could instead look at events like this; China is the France in the bretton woods. All of it could be seen as the natural end game point for this version of the primary currency and rather than provocation. This is perhaps more likely as history shows, when countries stop playing as China is threatening, the system changes. The trouble is people have been talking about this as imminent for years. We know it's inevitable, it's not different this time and the best we can do is hedge for the event.
  9. You are not wrong to disagree, in principle at least. But a cornered Trump is at its most dangerous The dollar is number one because the economy is energy based, and liquid energy is primarily traded in the US national currency, which is enforced through its military might. I agree with the sentiment, but i prefer the long game, China pretending to be the innocent benefactor from US decline, rather than overtly challenging them. The US military capacity dwarfs the Chinese so throw in Trumps unpredictability and I am not sure its worth it.
  10. Gold will be part of it, it always has been just depends whether it's overt or not. Silver I have seen some compelling cases but I'm not convinced it works so well as money given its range of utility in industry. Because of this and sentiment, I am very bullish on silver. When deflation comes to pass everything will suffer, but when the printing begins silver will lead the way.
  11. for sale Small Gold Bullion

    110 for both 1/20 oz delivery and capsules included.
  12. China is troubling the dollar from all angles it seems, playing the long game as usual. The US has a massive expensive military which gives it power, but without an economic base to stand on it is not sustainable. China are hitting where the enemy is weakest. Its getting quite overt now, plenty of news and fake news alike about China selling more US treasuries than it buys, quite publicly announcing oil trades in Yuan - look what happened to Saddam and Gaddafi when they tried to do that. I hope China does not push its luck too much, regardless of who is in the whitehouse. I would say challenging the US like this with someone as unpredictable as Trump in the chair is probably a bad idea.
  13. for sale Small Gold Bullion

    I have for sale a selection of small bullion gold coins, mostly Mexican peso's. 2 x 1/20 oz coins left. 110 for both delivered capsules included. Prices as follows, plus postage (signed for £1.75 or guaranteed £6.50). All coins come with a capsule. Forgive the quality of the pictures. Payment via Paypal F&F or Bank Transfer please; 2 Peso 1945 (1.5 grams content) - £50 SOLD 2.5 Peso 1945 (1.87 grams content) - £60 SOLD 5 Peso 1955 (3.75 grams content) - £120 SOLD 1/20th Oz Maple 1996 - £60 1/20th Oz Isle of Man Angel 1990 - £60 Thanks for looking!
  14. Could not agree more. Block chain is a solution to the problem of keeping people honest in regards to ownership. Bitcoin is ownership of math algorithms and nothing else. The idea is useful. The execution, it looks like an experiment or proof of concept that has gathered steam and been sold on a good story. Ignorance, naivety and greed - pure uncontrolled, unregulated speculation gone mad. Wish I had seen this madness of crowds coming like some did. The ico's ala tech bubble should have made it obvious in hindsight but hey live and learn.
  15. No man, it's the future. Bitcoin will hit 1 million a coin and then level off as the world adopts it for use in the new bankless utopia