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  1. I'm guessing you don't watch the BBC news either Roy. In fairness nothing has gone up yet, but in summary - Tesco have instigated shortages on some of their products (making the news) because of disputes with distributors who naturally want fair value for their goods. 10% I think is the expected price hike in sterling on average, but being the hero's they are Tesco are making for some positive PR out of the situation by saying no to the increases for a bit, then will eventually fold and put up their prices. We can expect everything to start creeping up in £ terms once the big distributors get their way. Nothing has gone up yet though. Now may be a good time to go long on anything with a decent best before date lol.
  2. This is what we were talking about a few months ago if I remember right, saying that people would not notice the actions of Mark Carnage until prices went up in the local Tesco. Well the time has come, still no one has a clue who is behind the mess, but more importantly the question is what is coming next? Carney can't put interest rates up without screwing over the same group of people for a second time can he? Working people will just have to get used to getting poorer every month, paid the same number but receiving less value, unless they receive an 18% wage rise that is. The only way people will know the real reason behind it all, is if a scapegoat is required, at which point Mr Carnage will have probably done one back to Canada if he has any sense. For now Brexit is a better scapegoat and it suits the narrative for the latest derail attempt, a court case for taking control away from the PM and giving it to parliament to vote on the details. You can bet that if that gets through the court system Parliament will be virtually reversing Brexit for all of our own good!
  3. Its all Brexits fault according to the BBC, just watching their business news programme for entertainment purposes only and there is no other reason given for the £ decline than the usual excuse. No mention of the CNY1m, no mention of forex reserves around the world being moved around to accommodate, no mention of Mark Carney lowering interest rates here and printing, or of the governments plans to borrow and splurge. Is there any wonder the masses of the country are so ignorant and hysterical. At least in the past the BBC were honest about their role, having a propaganda department and such. Today they are held up as an impartial beacon educating and informing us all... The £ is down 18% since Brexit, but Brexit has little, if anything to do with it, considering the fact that it has not even happened yet. But lets not spoil the fairy tales.
  4. oil

    The new narrative I am seeing is that keeping oil above the $50 a barrel mark is the latest game in town - the Saudis in particular are hurting as predicted and have changed tactics, no longer wishing to contribute to lower prices to suppress shale growth. Not sure about Iran's part in this as they are still ploughing capital into renewing and upgrading their oil infrastructure which will no doubt lead to greater supply. Everywhere I look there are contradictions regarding potential short term price direction. Long term is still good imo.
  5. The drums are beating big time. I watched the second presidential debate and remember Hillary mentioned setting up a no fly zone over Syria/Aleppo - she will walk the world into the next major war if she gets in. Wish there was a way to play that but I can't see any upside anywhere. Perhaps shares in companies that build nuclear fallout shelters or sell baked beans, do you know of any? In my outrageous opinion we should just leave the Russians to it they are doing a decent job reducing the power vaccum that ISIS is attempting to fill. If Assad regains control of the country that will be best for everyone, the alternative is for Hillary to get her way and let ISIS take over by removing the last remaining power structure and create yet another failed state extremist breeding ground. Like the presidential election, Syria is a case of choosing the best of the bad options imo.
  6. Well I am hopeful that the market will begin its correction soon after regardless of who gets in, but its wishful thinking based on a couple of ideas that have no substance really - mainly that the stock market is being kept high to support the narrative. When the white house is won, I hope the support will cease, but who knows. Buying opportunities all round fingers crossed, just hope it bottoms out around spring next year so I can take advantage. As for what the presidents will do - who cares, don't even worry about it, it won't affect you in a day to day way at all, and if it does you can't do anything about it anyway lol. Find a way to take advantage of the situation that is the only way it can have any meaningful impact upon your life.
  7. It has been said the dollar will be the last thing standing in the coming years but I would be surprised if this is the case given the level of debt... What's that? Interest rate rise in November Janet? Righto... The £, well the government and BoE have already demonstrated they are willing to let it burn to keep things going. Printy printy, spendy spendy is the new mission statement - 'austerity' and 'the long term economic plan' and all that BS has gone out of the window and the £ follows.
  8. Its down 4% in USD but only (only!) 2.8% in GBP - we are missing out on all the deals, I should have voted Bremain.
  9. Gold has finally broken lower.
  10. I think they mean £100 in the bank. Most people are up to their eyeballs in magic debt money which is why they have no savings - there is no point you may as well pay off some debt before saving. It is a sad state of affairs for a nation to be in.
  11. I am sure Loomis International will be having some serious investigations into their procedures following this event. If the fella didn't follow procedure he will lose his job and rightly so. If he did follow procedure (which I doubt given he was using the bucket of gold as a footstool and didn't bother to close the doors ) then he should keep his job and learn from the mistake. It was only one mistake after all, if you believe his story. And if the thief is smart and doesn't get greedy, they can supplement their income nicely for the rest of their lives. Completely untraceable.
  12. Apologies you are correct, diversification is not the problem here I am sure we are all diversified, it was incorrect to make the point. It is DB I am referring to which I would have thought is the single most compelling point on why now is not a great time to buy banking shares. But I could be wrong for the previously mention reasons, lots of positives to Lloyds as you say. Good luck with your investment if you decide to go for it mate hope it works out well. @HawkHybrid I was referring to sentiment of the sector in general, but admittedly the stuff I have read is biased to the bearish side generally. An over reaction it will be, no doubt.
  13. To be putting 20 sovs worth into a single stock, one sector (no diversification at all, zero) with a promise of a dividend that does not exist except in the minds of the pundits, that appears to be incredibly risk on to me. Mario Draghi himself has all but called for governments to take over in terms of where to go next with monetary policy - last time that meant bank bail outs. I have not researched lloyds or the banking sector specifically however, so you could be onto something and now might be the best time to buy. There is certainly a lot of blood on the street for that sector and the noise from the media is almost entirely negative (a good sign). But it is exceptionally ballsy to say the least. I remember last time that when one bank went down, they all went down and it looks like one of the big boys of the banking sector is about to go down hard. You know which one I mean.
  14. I like very much but why are they smothered in plastic?! Liberate them and let them breathe. You know you want to.
  15. Nectar points is a great idea. Cash back is another source that can be added to the pile too, offers from top cash back and such, its not much but you can get 1.2% back on ebay purchases at the moment. Also I think I am going to start taking 10% of whats left at the end of the month out of a cash machine and add it to the pile. Usually I put it all towards the next investment, but some of it can go into the sock.