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  1. Its a bit too soon to assume this is anything but real. People are dead and only one of them did it for political gain. The other twenty odd, looks like they didn't have a say in the matter. That said, the government will definitely be using this to their advantage - expect sly hints at the defence/police/security budget vs what the opposition have to offer for example. Laws will probably be changed and will likely reduce freedom. Lots of doors are probably going to be kicked in. It was ever thus.
  2. Very nice collection. What do you plan to collect next?
  3. Some deep pocket silver right there! Stunners all of them.
  4. This is a very interesting development and a use of block chain technology that makes sense. Even the royal mint is bringing its own version of this out backed by a billion US dollars worth of vaulted gold. The more gold backed currencies there are in the world the better - for the gold price. Might take a while for this kind of thing to have any significant impact however. The argument for crypto currency is which is better - government controlled fiat or decentralised fiat. People have not worked this bit out yet. How many copies will it take I wonder.
  5. I did have some worn double florins along with loads of half crowns (too many) and other sterling silver coins but sold them all a while ago and bought silver kilo coin bars with the proceeds. Storage space became a problem with lots of coins of different sizes and bars are much easier to store and easier to sell. I would like some good quality double florins eventually they are nice coins, good size too. The trouble is there are so many nice milled coins to buy and its just hobby money I let myself spend on these. I can't afford top quality of every type yet so I focus on the crowns with the odd piece here and there. This is the side effect of stacking older coins like this; the exposure to them has a high chance of turning you into a collector of them whether you intend it to or not.
  6. @Jay2 Found it on my eBay purchase history £29 March 2015. The obverse brooch and veil are quite worn, still some detail but not enough for me to be satisfied with it. I will need an AU one at some point which cost a fair bit more. The 1844 is nice both sides though, good detail on both head bands and hair which are the first details to go with wear. (Picture isn't great sorry);
  7. I shudder at the thought of all of those pieces of history being melted down. Mostly at the loss of history, but also because refining sterling into fine silver then pouring into a bar is going to cost a fair wedge. Why not sell the coins and use the proceeds to buy a bar? Some of those 3 bits look in decent condition and probably worth a lot more than melt.
  8. Pre1920's British silver is great. They can be picked up for near spot in worn condition. I have a crown collection which is slowly increasing in numismatic condition by swapping out the worn coins for nicer ones. These are my favourites;
  9. I bought two, then was refunded as they had put George V coins in the George III placeholder. I was given a £10 voucher off next order for the trouble. If something appears too good to be true it usually is
  10. The tax is not a land grab by the government because the government are not buying the land. In many cases they are forcing the sale of a house yes, but they do not benefit from the sale. This is simply an offloading of the liability of expensive social care from the books of the government onto the rest of society, which is distributed according to who is wealthy enough and unlucky enough to get an illness that requires the need for care. The result is a continuation of the wealth transfer from the unlucky to the care home providers, rather than from the taxpayer to the care home providers. Nothing changes other than who bears the cost. Honestly given the way things are going the prediction that there will be no pension when I get there is looking very likely. I am planning for it.
  11. As an investment I agree, housing is the equivalent of buying stocks at the top imo. In regards to my situation, it doesn't matter as the house is not a financial asset. Where rent was a liability, now the mortgage is a liability, but is cheaper than the rent and will end in 25 years. I can't rent in my current job and keep my family settled, so buying is also the best option for us for non financial reasons. We are lucky that where we are buying prices have been practically stagnant for the last few years and compared to the rest of the UK, prices are cheap relatively speaking, certainly in terms of price/income. I had hoped to buy later after the anticipated correction but plans have had to be moved forward. Someone at work asked me to let them know when I start buying stocks again so they can sell theirs, such is the legendary reputation of my market timing. With me buying, the top for housing is most certainly in
  12. Received April draw prize with thanks to @BackyardBullion A lovely piece of silver, just stunning.
  13. The problem is Labours manifesto, while sounding good, is entirely unfunded and the libdems are going all out on a second EU referendum (which is basically treason at this point isn't it? ). There isn't a choice. The Tories know this and they are using this opening to go after the hard targets while they can - pensioners, home owners, pushing through fracking, ect. I think the tories will win this one comfortably sadly. I am surprised the NHS isn't up for privatisation with the lead they have. On the fracking thing, does anyone know of any solid companies that would benefit? A few different fracking companies who are positioned to take advantage will do, I will need positions before June ideally. If they are going to poison the water table why not get paid while it happens I always say.