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  1. 2017 Swan PROOF Coin ON SALE NOW!

    The coin is nice, but the way it has been marketed and sold by Ampex demonstrates a problem with new releases. The fact people are buying many multiples of them to sell on at an inflated prices says everything about the state of the 'collectors' market - new release coins are being used as speculative vehicles and that is not healthy in the long run for the coin market or the hobby imo. It is nearly always the case that new releases are bought quickly from mints and appear on the secondary market at inflated prices, that is putting a lot of people off. This is especially a problem when it is a series of coins, that will not be good long term for initial investors buying at twice the price today. (not sure if this particular coin will be a series, perhaps this is a bad example )
  2. what is your favorite piece in your stack?

    Mexican 20 Peso is one of the few coins I keep to hand. The Mayan Calendar is very detailed and I enjoy looking at it for some reason
  3. Well we can't expect much from anyone in power regardless of which side of the left or right scum bag spectrum they are on, as most people don't even understand how the economy functions. I just thought it was an interesting move, targeting the banks (completely ineffectively) it is another sign this is not over. It is possible that the people arranging this know that it will do no harm, but make headlines and send certain signals to the status quo - and what is more status quo than the banks? They are saying that they care more about independence than they do about their own future economic prospects, which at the moment, includes Spain's economic prospects. This is reinforced by what you mentioned in that they think businesses leaving is a good thing for the region - they are sending signals that they are willing to take down the ship with them onboard - even if that is not actually the case. Lets face it, the effect on the economy (and banks) is the strongest reasons why Spain will never allow a referendum, the decades young constitution is just the excuse.
  4. Apparently the separatists are trying to start a bank run by urging people to withdraw cash on mass today. I can't imagine anything like this will be successful, the worst that will happen is ATMs will run out and the banks will be fine. If they want people to do damage they all need to default on their debts and mortgages on mass instead
  5. Rhodium is on Fire - what’s up

    Sorry I'm mixing up the metals, rhodium is the same story as palladium, I have yet to find a fundamental reason for it going higher, speculative imo. The main industrial driver for the price of pgm is one of the most financially stretched, in the west at least. If unsustainable debt is driving the sales of cars then the pgms are going with it both ways. There is plenty of bad news for the car industry already.
  6. Rhodium is on Fire - what’s up

    Now that platinum is cheaper there is nothing fundamental left to push the price of palladium higher imo and that is what matters if thinking of making an investment. Platinum will do the same thing in a converter which is the main industrial demand for both metals, the only difference is that palladium was cheaper. No longer. So that just leaves speculation as the driver for further price rises unless something else is going on that I don't know about, which is probably the case
  7. Pearlcosmos

    Welcome, nice stack, I would definitely consider some gold now you have breached the 100oz mark in silver, especially if you are UK resident. If you add up the premiums and postage on the silver there is probably a few ounces worth, with gold its a bit easier to save on the premium aspect and its much easier to look after.
  8. Bitcoin is great for making money everyone is doing it. Just buy and hodl as they say. Bear in mind bitcoin is worthless for anything other than as a speculative vehicle now, but as long as everyone else thinks it has value then all will be well. Personally I have a tiny amount that the pc made for me out of thin air. I have no idea why people want it.
  9. 2017 Swan PROOF Coin ON SALE NOW!

    Yet another example of the hype and gouge train, only this time the coin has been tainted by greed/made undesirable before it has even left the dealership It is a very nice 1 oz silver coin though, I will give it that.
  10. Origins of gold

    That is awesome. But I thought it was in supernova that the majority of heavy elements were formed and that explained their abundance and was evidence of the early history of the universe - lots of huge stars going pop. Is this still the case? The article makes it sound as if everything is made in neutron collisions which if true changes the picture of the early universe. I think it's probably the former and this discovery has just demonstrated another star type and situation from which these elements are formed, rather than the claim this discovery changes everything, newspapers love sensationalist headlines after all?
  11. With vaulting and ETF's you take on the counter party risk in exchange for liquidity and simplifying the investment. Anyone who has held and sold a large amount of silver will understand the inconveniences of it. With physical you own all the risk, but there are additional risks and expenses that are not often talked about and that are far more likely by statistical and historical standards than of losing an investment held by a vaulting company or ETF. There are other advantages to physical silver, such as having an asset outside of the system, but you can get that with gold for more liquidity and less inconvenience. I am not saying don't hold silver, hold some, but the balance of reducing one kind of risk in favour of another, with the inconvenience added in makes large investments of physical silver, shall we say, less desirable, in my opinion. Remember that the investment case for silver is the same, regardless of in whatever form it is bought.
  12. There is a petition to remove UK tax on silver bullion but nothing will change to the advantage of the average people. Chances are physical gold will be taxed as well after Brexit. If I was to begin stacking silver in any meaningful amount again, I would buy vaulted or via ETF; its cheaper (premium, delivery + storage cost vs vaulting cost/ETF fees) less hassle and much more liquid. Silver has always been a speculative position and a small percentage amount of the precious metals I own so I can afford the risk of not holding it. That said I will always buy and hold the odd piece of physical, but I will hold the main stack as paper.
  13. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    It is a struggle. What HH suggested, buying sovereigns exclusively and using sales of those to buy wants, is a great idea and something I have been doing recently. It works well, adding a layer of effort and time that can make the difference of buying or not. It also works to stop the money in your account vanishing on something else, for example to save for an ounce Griffin I bought sovereigns until I had enough to swap for the ounce. There is a cost in spread to consider but the way money goes at the moment in my case, this was the only way to make it happen. I have been selling metals for renovation supplies as a last resort and there is no better way to encourage thrift and double checking necessity than having to sell metals to make a purchase. It is oddly distressing having to part with shiny gold and silver to buy tile adhesive and paint
  14. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    If you have a purchasing strategy then stick to it but make a small fixed allocation for other buys. Personally I have a list of coin wants in order of priority and chip away at it every now and again. New releases get added to the list in advance of release to avoid the hype and gouge train
  15. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    I would advise staying off the forum is a good way to avoid impulse buys, so many coins I didn't know about I see and want