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  1. All of our favourite tulips are down today; gold, silver, bitcoin and etherium. 25% down in Etherium, I say this appears to be a massive move but compared to the flash crash the other day that would not be entirely accurate. It did go from $300 to $0.10 to $300 in a few hours on one exchange, massive gains, so perhaps this is a good gamblers entry point? Perhaps not? Who knows.
  2. Generally speaking - no one as long as it keeps going up! In Etherium recently - anyone who had a stop loss above $0.10 a coin. Someone made a lot of money the other day, and lots of people lost a lot money. Its all good if its just gambling money but lots of people were leveraged and probably had a bit more than they should have invested in the wildwest that is the crypto market. That is the gamble of it though, big risk big reward and all that.
  3. I am with you Roy - I am disappointed that after all of my hours of research and dipping my toes in earlier this year, my conclusion was and still is that these things are completely worthless. The market currently disagrees to say the least. If I had come to the same conclusion as the rest of the market, I could have bought a few Etherium at $15 a coin, but the more I looked, the more I saw tulips. Now its up 4000% on they year. The lesson - even tulips are a good buy if you get in early enough
  4. Please put me down for one any serial number byb. I am very interested in the 250 gram too. Thanks!
  5. Two of the finest looking 1 oz bars I have ever seen arrived yesterday, very nice thanks BYB. Worth every penny. I will be keeping an eye out for the 100 gram bars.
  6. I disagree with the statement too, I was quoting Carneys words for the comedy value. I can't remember the last time I liked anything that guy said he has been a complete disaster.
  7. Lots of double sovs in at hgm haven't asked the years.
  8. Looks like the 1887 £5 is back to the HGM melting pot after all then! Paid £875 delivered for that one from HGM a couple of years ago so still up after grading fees, I will have to find something else old and shiny to put the proceeds towards. Maybe an 1887 double?
  9. "The time is not right" With him in charge the £ will not strengthen any time soon. The trouble is people don't understand the link between Carney Policy and Inflation. When people think interest rates, they think mortgages first, bank deposits second. Inflation is apparently caused by something else entirely; for example Brexit. I wonder how high he will allow inflation to get before taking action.
  10. Nice pandas they look impressive. Is bi-metal a mix of silver and gold or something else?
  11. The last article I read was very bearish due to the interest rate policy in the US. The recent chart movements have been seen in the past and apparently last time gold reversed 200 dollars over time. Wouldn't that be nice! Just need the pound to strengthen at the same time and we are laughing.
  12. I was not expecting British hallmarking I am very impressed and even more happy to be involved with this, well done BYB. Looking forwards to the bars.
  13. Interesting YouGov poll. Looks like the majority still favour carrying on with brexit and the majority are actually for the only realistic option available; https://yougov.co.uk/news/2017/06/15/majority-favour-pushing-brexit-many-are-tempted-so/
  14. Silver has many medical applications, including curing an itch that stackers get when they have not bought any for a while. I was quite impressed by the label, I think its to raise less suspicion and make it less attractive to steal. I don't think it makes a difference when claiming.