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  1. Silver Price Analysis

    Long term I can't see anything different than a change in cycle, it's not doom and gloom it's history repeating. I need to put more time in with technical analysis, I follow a couple of chaps who publish their findings on various markets short term, and to summarise it usually goes like this; It might go up, it might go down, but I could be wrong. What use is that? Not much of a crystal ball is it.
  2. Silver Price Analysis

    Up or down. It depends on your poison. Ascribe to debt deflationary scenario and all will fall prior to decades long reflation cycle in commodities, with an equal opposite in financial related assets, stocks and bonds. So silver down short term, up long term. The alternative poison is straight to inflationary scenario, no debt deflation, instead a debt destructive inflationary situation which will reward debtors, ruin lenders and lead into the same positive commodities cycle and negative financial cycle for decades. So down then up, or just straight up... I don't like to gamble so I'll just keep building my position as fast as possible. The ship is sinking, get your life jackets put on ready for the last push to the life boats, or get aboard the life boats now those are the best options. I recently read that even a man aboard a sinking ship can be happy when he climbs aboard a lifeboat
  3. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I have a few times never had any issues, I think some others on here too. Only a £1 adds up when you do it a few times
  4. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    http://www.goldline.co.uk/bullionCoins.jsp?coinId=239&yp=800 2012 coins are a couple of quid cheaper here, can't vouch for condition.
  5. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    Same again minus the shields. I was lucky when I bought, majority of it in 2015 and due to buying as near to spot as possible. Gold is very liquid and you can get spot or very near to it when selling, it doesn't matter if its British, Mexican, Canadian, whatever its all just gold and the dealers treat it as such. Atkinsons are good for the small stuff and half sovs, HGM for the rest. With silver I bought mostly kilo bars from the forum and coin bars from the EU at 16% premium delivered, closest to spot as I could find. I sold those on eBay because the dealers will not pay a good price, silver is more work, a bit like shield sovereigns. Second stack is the same idea but less scale, gold and silver bought close to spot with focus on British and the odd other coin close to spot to keep it interesting
  6. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    Cheating a bit but this was most of my old stack, all sold and put into the house, started 2014 and sold most of it late 2017. Top picture is half Sovereigns, 1/10th oz's, 1/20th oz's and odds and sods. Second picture is sovereigns and a couple quarter ounce brits, then the last picture is 1oz coins, a couple of quintuples and a double sov. It bought most of a decent first house so I can't be too sad. The 1887 quintuple was a fake made from 22ct gold, now melted. I'll get a photo of the current stack at some point but its not half as good
  7. Gold is money

    I really, really like this, but it just can't compete with a fiat debit or credit card can it lets be honest. Why pay 0.5% to transfer 'money' into your plastic and then pay 0.5% again to transact with your 'money', when you can do it for 0% cost?
  8. Queens Beast Bull - First look

    Its a tough one to do, a walking steak doesn't have much going for it in terms of majesty, but this will do.
  9. You hear stories about a bag of cash being found in a house every now and again, I know a couple who inherited some property and a business from family and found hundreds of thousands in cash around the property. The story was the old boy didn't bank his cash earnings from the business because he felt the bank was ripping him off. There are a lot of people that don't like or trust banks for one reason or another but don't understand gold, so they hold and save physical cash. This must account for a decent wedge of that £2 billion, and in a few days it will account for a lot of people wishing their old relatives had bought gold instead of stashing worthless cash under floor boards.
  10. Zombiedog

    Its an interesting design now that I know what all the madness is for, the sea, the dogs nose, all that jazz. But the dog still looks like an illegal breeding experiment gone wrong. The designs started well but went down hill. The horse was great, the sheep was alright, the monkey was meh - but the dog, it is an abomination that needs to be exterminated.
  11. Please stop buying this

    A fridge full of cold turkey? You'll be a king after the economic collapse!
  12. Please stop buying this

    Are you trying to move markets by telling the addicts of the silver forum to go cold turkey?
  13. I agree I don't think deflation will be allowed but it may be seen for a small period, a catalyst for printing the like of which we have never seen perhaps. When the government is king debtor you can guarantee they will print and rob the population to dig themselves out the hole and not allow much if any of a deflationary transfer. The environment gives it away too, why expect any different from the insane Keynesian 'monetary' policy (theft) we have seen so much of; printing currency in all its forms is the one and only answer to everything; steal from the workers, steal from the savers. Straight to hyperinflation is also more in line with historical examples, but those examples appear driven by ignorance (germany, zimbabwe) what would cause the world today to just start up the presses like its zimbabwe 2008 if not deflation? Ignorance again? Or just the fear of deflation?
  14. Agreed, plus we don't have the love of alan greenspan this time around. I have read that the longest expansion, 1991-2001 was down to actions during his tenure but I admit I don't know about the specifics other than he was into his Keynesian ideology. Ironically all the man talks about these days is the importance of owning gold, and routinely reports where he sees bubbles in the markets - stating the obvious. Last summer he pointed out the bond bubble and end of last month he said stocks were in a bubble. Who knows, perhaps the new FED chair will be more than just the fall guy.
  15. Is silver stacking a loss leader?

    Looks to me like there is a lot of confusion around why people are buying silver in the first place. Reminiscent of the crypto threads.