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  1. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Gold is trying to break out of the long term down trend and it does look fairly convincing.
  2. Nice post and very interesting conclusion; compared with my own musings on the future of our pensions, your conclusion is not depressing at all! I believe that the numbers will win out in the end and by the time I retire (in potentially 40 years), there will be no government pension unless you have nothing. The pension will be for the most destitute of individuals only, much as working age benefits are being slowly reformed already. The trend is for government to move liabilities off the books where possible, especially regarding pensions, and they are laying the ground work for people to support themselves, or for employers to take on the burden. Public sector pensions will be cut again, I believe this is far more likely than taking on more obligations despite the possibility of using accounting tricks in an attempt to prevent the inevitable. I would definitely prefer your version to mine though, you are much more optimistic. Evidence for my conclusion - Introduction of compulsory work based pension schemes, introduction of lifetime ISA for those under the age of 40 (!!!), consistent gradual increase of state pensionable age (!!!). Life expectancy in the UK has also been falling for the last 3 years, - perhaps the goal is for these things to meet somewhere in the middle - make life expectancy fall and increase the state pension age to the point at which they cancel each other out? Either way its not looking good for the young un's under 40. Best to assume the worst now, plan for it, and be pleasantly surprised if the impossible is made possible.
  3. Nice work Vand, it won't be long until all of your income is yours to spend, I trust it will be used to buy even more precious metals? I have a very similar plan but I am at the beginning rather than the end. I have just bought a house and paid the first mortgage payment this month, 25 year loan. I have set up an overpayment to knock 5 years off the term minimum and will be paying off more where I can, with a push to pay off as much as possible from the capital within the fixed 5 year term so as to save interest and just in case rates rise. I chose 25 years mortgage vs a shorter term as it gives the additional security if times become hard or if interest rates rocket up as my voluntary overpayment will act as a buffer somewhat, rather than having to make that payment as a minimum each month. Effectively I see the current mortgage as a 20 year term maximum, hopefully less, unless life determines otherwise. I am using 0% interest credit card over 2 and a half years to fund renovations rather than selling assets or using savings, but I have approximately 3 times as much in savings to cover the amount I am borrowing on credit. I am very cautious and always like to have a plan or some insurance in place for worst case scenario. To pay off the credit card, I am just paying the minimum off each month and I have set up monthly savings that will accumulate to cover the remaining balance, while generating some interest. The plan is that the saved capital will be used to pay off the card at the end of the interest free term in 2 and a half years, and the tiny amount of interest generated will be used to chip away at the mortgage capital
  4. Is peak oil a myth?

    The path o'logic does seem to lead us down some strange but interesting conversations
  5. Is peak oil a myth?

    @sixgun I very much appreciate your sceptical perspective on virtually everything, it is refreshing and challenging. Thank you for posting, especially the article regarding refilling reservoirs, I have read about this before and this was also a good read. I believe the answer to your question regarding how did oil get so deep is in the article in a round about way. If we accept that the earths crust is not static, and add that the article mentions that the phenomenon of refilling reservoirs is most prevalent along fault lines, then this could be explained by ancient oil bearing sediments which have been forced deeper by the movement of the crust filling those above. If we accept the standard geological theory of mobile crust, and trust the dating of the fossil record, then logically it is also possible, given the movement of the earths crust over hundreds of millions of years, that oil could be at the depths that at first glance appear impossible. Given the evidence I would say it is more likely that there is a lot more oil on earth than we think, its just that it is currently impossible to find or access without a great deal of luck in the form of refilling reservoirs. The refilling of reservoirs does add an interesting angle on the potential to offset peak oil from all sources, including perhaps from shale wells, which at the moment have very short production timeframes in comparison to other oil sources. Just how much additional oil we can access from lucky geology remains to be seen. Personally given the limited examples of the phenomenon, it will likely have as much impact on delaying the inevitable as the largest discovery of oil in 30 years - virtually none.
  6. Is peak oil a myth?

    Oil is a finite resource so logically, peak oil is an inevitability. My opinion from discussion new and old was to agree with the consensus that conventional oil discoveries peaked long ago and production from conventional sources is on the decline. Oil is an excellent example of 'high prices are the cure to high prices', in that non conventional supplies from shale have flooded supply and saved us all Shale wells do not last long in comparison to conventional fields, but there are vast reserves around the world that are available, so 'peak oil' from total production still technically could be a long way off. Politically shale is very undesirable so the reality may be that peak production of oil may not be far away. The untapped reserves may stay that way for a long time, at least until prices rise to the point that the balance is tipped again towards increasing production. I am betting on it. While I was away last year I remember reading about a news article regarding the largest conventional oil discovery in 30 years, found in Alaska. It was very exciting, references low oil prices due to over supply, and gave the figure or 1.2 billion barrels of oil estimated, which all sounded impressive. Considering that the world consumes tens of billions of barrels every year, this discovery when put in perspective, equated to 12 days worth of global consumption. And this was the biggest discovery in 30 years.
  7. What % of your stack should be bullion?

    I prefer bullion for the reasons outlined above. Privacy, liquidity and I have convinced myself the metals are cheap. The investment case for gold and silver is a completely different one to that of a proof coin with a special design on it, which also happens to be made from gold or silver or platinum. No guarantees in any case. I see numismatics as a different market, one that is often fickle and seems to follow trends, some which have good track records, but that guarantees nothing. See US coins as a recent example. Equally there are many winners and fair play to those that spot them and know the markets to sell into. Who knows what will be wanted in the future? I have some collectors coins but my exposure is limited and most of them fall into the 'ill keep this one for a while, I like it' category rather than as an investment. I see it as risky over the long term to bank on rising premiums given past performance of collectables throughout history, but each to their own. In summary, its up to you what your goals are and how you intend to sell. Great point above about having contacts to sell to, I think if you have this network in place you get a much better feel for the market and can make better judgement calls on what to buy and when to sell.
  8. Platinum - who's buying?

    Same theory that applies to gold and silver numismatics, sell to others, dealers are not the way to go. Premium on the smaller coins is easy to recoup in my limited experience selling some, even though they did cost more initially percentage wise. Larger coins not so much, but they were much cheaper to buy initially. Like silver, you need a decent rise before it becomes viable to sell. Paper is by far the better way to invest in the metal for liquidity purposes and cost, if holding period is expected to be limited.
  9. Hello... am I in the right place?

  10. I hope you are right, personally I believe the same - the UK is the strong hand right now and more so post Brexit, but the market does have a tendency to disagree with me an awful lot (another way of saying, I am often wrong )
  11. Morgan Stanley have said the Euro will be the strongest currency in 2018 expected to achieve $1.25 and pairity with the pound. You can thank Mark Carney.
  12. completed Spotted Silver & Others

    Pm sent
  13. Paper Wallets

    Any paper wallet bought from eBay is already compromised, or the risk of it being so is very high. Make your own is the best advice, follow the process that Mr dime laid out and it's the most secure way to store the coins from the digital point of view, as you are only one in the chain. Make a few copies in case one gets damaged and hold them in a few places. Physically paper doesn't last forever but it can be copied to insure it and thus has less risk than a single USB stick type wallet thing which might go wrong or get broken, ect. All Imo.
  14. From £12 to £13

    I don't like it when the price goes up. I already know that gold and silver are a good investment but I don't need the market to agree with me just yet, I am still stacking. All a price increase means for me at this point is less ounces in my next order.
  15. Athenian 1oz owl worth the ugliness?

    Get in on BYB's order if you are doing small amounts like that. The postage will kill your average otherwise. The owls, I had the same dilemma as you and so just bought a couple in with a larger order from GS.be to test them, they are OK but I prefer to waste money on Britannia's. Perhaps buy a selection of coins to see if you like them and take it from there.