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  1. Not in the Crypto-Commodities yet but I'd trade NEM on derivative ratio moves as most smart money seems to be. It has the widest absorbtion rate yet is held in a narrow trading tunnel and of course is Blythe Masters (JP Morgan linked). Look at the graph, a very impressive derivative leverage king building there. I'm wary of this Crypto so-called money (Commodity in thin air) with no inflation (900 tradeable currencies = hyper-inflation!!!!) Pyramid scheme and everything linked to it when looking at methodology, ease of use etc. Future currency....more like a high tech buy-in scam to me. Then again, so are Pensions.....
  2. My Palladium looks like it's about to overtake my Platinum, who needs Gold and Silver when these two are stunning to hold now. Just to re-iterate, Diesel cars use Platinum cats. Platinum became a Central Bank Storage Metal alongside Gold at the end of 2015, I linked the IMF site information in January last year. Diesel has had sudden issues, freeing up supply for........... Palladium will pick up the slack in Petrol Cats, lets see what happens.....
  3. Free University Education should get Labour to 13 million votes nationally. How that distributes in seats is anyone's guess.
  4. My take on the General Election is the same as 2015, the Conservative Party are doing everything they can to not win the election. 2018 is to be avoided in Government. May should've called a May election as every day Polling isn't happening is another Tory MP gone. My prediction is that the Tories are the largest party on 307 seats and will try to form a Coalition with the DUP and UUP but will inevitably fall short at 317. Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru and SDLP form a 4 Nation Coalition Government that will have been placed into power courtesy of the Conservative party, finally achieving the opposition status craved for before the now widely expected Bond Maturity Crisis occurs. With Article 50 triggered this legally severs the UK from EU shared responsibility over the ECB bond mountain collapse EU wide. Lets see how this all plays out.
  5. They're very quiet about Palladium (240 tonnes mined globally a year, Norilsk Nickel Corporation 40% of that) and Platinum (300 tonnes mined globally a year Anglo American Corporation FTSE ticker AAL a big chunk of that). I'm into both metals now and waiting for the US Mint Palladium Mercury Walking Liberty 1oz Bullion coin now. I see Gold and Silver dropping back and Platinum and Palladium taking over, noting that Platinum bars sit next to Gold bars in equal status in central bank vaults (See IMF declaration 2015) hence the raid on Diesel engines (Platinum catalytic convertors) to free up the shortages and Palladium (Petrol engine cats) rising in soak up demand and bringing the deliberately quiet PM channels their real gold, the two PM's they don't tell you about. Keep an eye out, watch AAL wasn't so long ago it was 400p! That's until Tesla makes Lithium a rarity.
  6. Vedanta up 400%, FerrExpo up 500% I'm smiling happily :-)
  7. Greece, anyone seen the Soup kitchen queues and poverty with breadlines now existing in Greece??? Shame on the EU.
  8. I'm back, hello all and the £ will rise the moment Article 50 is triggered as expected, the unexpected is the shorting of the Euro Currency and sell-off of Eurozone Bonds that is about to happen. 18 months to go now until the Bond Maturity Bomb that is showing clearly in the Yield Curves across the world. Hoo Noo 2007 to 2009 happened aye. Never forget Enron and Arthur Andersen, Long Term Capital Management, Lehmans, Bear Stearns.... here we go again...anyone notice the credit crunch is upon us again....Libor oh dear why are you rising so fast, but wait, Inflation with negative interest rates and zero growth, yes Mary Berry, with milk, flour and Consolidated Loan/Debt Obligations, Pension funds failing and monetary policy running out of options we have a recipe for disaster. Oil to $10 a barrel, U.S. Fracking costs of Oil/Uranium interchangeable joint supply fell below $40 barrel overall with $26 a barrel cost of extraction now reached in the Bakken Shale fields (bet you didn't know that!!) almost equal to Saudi Arabian conventional extraction costs. Lots to ponder this year, put your seat belts on as this will be a rollercoaster 2017!
  9. Utter rubbish the media saying the Pound is at it's lowest in 130yrs, March 5th 1985 was not 130yrs ago, £1=$1.06 (05.03.85) the media lies just continue. Yuppies and the Boom occurred soon after the date above and saw a large growth spurt in the economy. A competitive pound also reduces capital flight outwards and boosts entrepreneurship within the economy as Imports are easier to compete against. .
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_drawing_rights This shows the historical weighted distribution of the SDR basket amongst the formerly 4 currencies and now 5 with the CNY1m interbank forward rate SDR currency now included. Those who saw that know why we have a long way to go yet. In 1999 the Euro was included and then chaos ensued so I'm expecting the same again. If I was a to take a gamble, I'd buy and hold Swiss Francs to a 1:1 par and sell back into Pounds for profit. EDF at €9.98 ouch that is looking very shaky
  11. As some mentioned the CNY1m became the 5th SDR basket currency on the 1st of October last Saturday
  12. A weekly review of Precious metals movements in relation to the Dollar: Chinese Yuan 1month Forward Inter-Bank Rate and The Shanghai Gold Exchange Physical Commodity Price. Year 2. Week 39: 5th September 2016 to 9th September 2016 with SGE Week 21 Friday 09.09.16 Close: $ = CNY1m 6.6925 -0.112% (Weekly Range: Low 6.6725 - High 6.7050) SGE Friday 09.09.16 Close: CNY1m: Gold 8978.0253 + : Silver 134.9581 + : Platinum 7705.8921 + SGE in Dollar Terms: Gold $1341.5055oz + : Silver $20.166oz + : Platinum $1151.422oz + Gold volume for week 44,468,591 - (1yr Moving Avg = $1212.799 + : 10yr Moving Avg = $1193.468 +) Gold Close £oz 1,000.720 + : $oz: 1328.0400 +0.242% = CNY1m: 8887.9077 +0.130% Silver volume for week 66,338,277 - (1yr Moving Avg = $16.328 + : 10yr Moving Avg = $20.408 +) Silver Close £oz 14.354 - : $oz: 19.052 -1.525% = CNY1m: 127.5055 -1.635% Palladium Close £oz 507.724 - : $oz: 674.00 -0.148% = CNY1m: 4510.7450 -0.260% Platinum Close £oz 795.861 - : $oz: 1056.500 -0.189% = CNY1m: 7070.6263 -0.301% Iridium $650.00oz =0.00 : Rhodium $675.00oz +20.00 : Ruthenium $42.00oz =0.00 Baltic Dry Index 804.00 +84.00 : Physical (£) 2016 Gold to Silver Ratio 59.213 +1.128 Dollar Index 95.348 -0.535 : Spot ($) Gold to Silver Ratio 69.706 +1.229 Earned Gold Index EGI = 6.4418 +0.0482 : Earned Silver Index ESI = 22.5052 +0.1273 Oil Dollar/Barrel: Brent=$47.84 +1.24 : WTI=$45.74 +1.51 Oil Ruble/Barrel: Brent=R 3058.75 +63.86 : WTI=R 2924.48 +81.90 Oil CNY1m/Barrel: Brent=CNY1m 320.169 +7.949 : WTI=CNY1m 306.115 +9.774 Natural Gas $/mmbtu 2.7890 +0.0020 : Coal (LQU16.Sep) 69.70 +0.55 : Uranium (UXU16.Sep) 25.40 -0.25 Copper $2.0895 +0.0130 : Zinc (ZAU16.Sep) $2308.5 -58.5 : Steel (F3Y00 Cash) $325.00 =0.00 Aluminium $1578.5 -15.5 : Cobalt (V8Y00 Cash) $26000.0 =0.00 $:Ruble R63.937 -0.331 : $:Pound £0.75330 +0.00110 : $:€uro €0.88990 -0.00614 €:Pound £0.84463 +0.00924 : $:Yen Y102.627 -1.137 : CNY1m:Yen Y15.33463 -0.15254 Dollar:3pts(158) Euro:5pts(152) Pound:1pts(129) Yen:6pts(163) CNY1m:2pts(139) Ruble:4pts(162) Weekly FRED Reverse Repurchasing = $319.779bn -$102.751bn (Last 10wks= $3.30938 Trillion -) DJIA=18085.45 -406.51 : Russell 2000=1219.21 -32.62 : China Comp=3078.86 +11.51 FTSE100=6776.95 -117.65 : FTSE All=3701.38 -55.02 : Russia Micex=2028.25 +24.48 Nikkei=16965.76 +40.08 : Jap Tpx=1343.86 +3.10 : Hang Seng=24099.70 +833.00 Monthly UK Money Supply – Real Annual Inflation M0=7.19180% and M1=10.31261% M0 Aug15 £73.111bn-Jul16 £78.369bn +£5.258bn or +7.19180% YoY (MoM +1.45511%) M1 Jul15 £1,428.920bn-Jun16 £1,576.279bn +£147.359bn or +10.31261% YoY (MoM +3.59515%)* Type: A0111+ For information and Historical future review only. Use the discussion topic for comments. Last in Series.
  13. A weekly review of Precious metals movements in relation to the Dollar: Chinese Yuan 1month Forward Inter-Bank Rate and The Shanghai Gold Exchange Physical Commodity Price. Year 2. Week 38: 29th August 2016 to 2nd September 2016 with SGE Week 20 Friday 02.09.16 Close: $ = CNY1m 6.7000 +0.221% (Weekly Range: Low 6.6750 - High 6.7000) SGE Friday 02.09.16 Close: CNY1m: Gold 8782.3671 - : Silver 128.9551 + : Platinum 7636.2203 - SGE in Dollar Terms: Gold $1310.7572oz - : Silver $19.247oz + : Platinum $1113.180oz - Gold volume for week 47,215,081 - (1yr Moving Avg = $1208.560 + : 10yr Moving Avg = $1192.047 +) Gold Close £oz 996.320 - : $oz: 1324.830 +0.282% = CNY1m: 8876.3610 +0.504% Silver volume for week 69,123,837 - (1yr Moving Avg = $16.243 + : 10yr Moving Avg = $20.393 +) Silver Close £oz 14.617 + : $oz: 19.347 +3.748% = CNY1m: 129.6249 +3.978% Palladium Close £oz 507.735 - : $oz: 675.00 -1.460% = CNY1m: 4522.5000 -1.242% Platinum Close £oz 796.204 - : $oz: 1058.500 -0.843% = CNY1m: 7091.9500 -0.624% Iridium $650.00oz +25.00 : Rhodium $655.00oz =0.00 : Ruthenium $42.00oz =0.00 Baltic Dry Index 720.00 =0.00 : Physical (£) 2016 Gold to Silver Ratio 58.085 -2.173 Dollar Index 95.883 +0.402 : Spot ($) Gold to Silver Ratio 68.477 -2.367 Earned Gold Index EGI = 6.3937 -0.1341 : Earned Silver Index ESI = 22.3779 -0.4927 Oil Dollar/Barrel: Brent=$46.60 -3.04 : WTI=$44.23 -2.92 Oil Ruble/Barrel: Brent=R 2994.89 -177.36 : WTI=R 2842.57 -170.55 Oil CNY1m/Barrel: Brent=CNY1m 312.220 -19.633 : WTI=CNY1m 296.341 -18.866 Natural Gas $/mmbtu 2.7870 -0.0660 : Coal (LQU16.Sep) 69.15 +2.00 : Uranium (UXU16.Sep) 25.65 -0.30 Copper $2.0765 -0.0003 : Zinc (ZAU16.Sep) $2367.0 +49.5 : Steel (F3Y00 Cash) $325.00 =0.00 Aluminium $1594.0 -48.5 : Cobalt (V8Y00 Cash) $26000.0 -250.0 $:Ruble R64.268 +0.363 : $:Pound £0.75220 -0.00900 : $:€uro €0.89604 +0.00325 €:Pound £0.83539 -0.01361 : $:Yen Y103.764 +1.983 : CNY1m:Yen Y15.48716 +0.26234 Dollar:5pts(155) Euro:2pts(147) Pound:6pts(128) Yen:1pts(157) CNY1m:4pts(137) Ruble:3pts(158) Weekly FRED Reverse Repurchasing = $422.530bn +$86.670bn (Last 10wks= $3.39333 Trillion +) DJIA=18491.96 +96.56 : Russell 2000=1251.83 +13.80 : China Comp=3067.35 -2.96 FTSE100=6894.60 +56.55 : FTSE All=3756.40 +27.69 : Russia Micex=2003.77 +10.42 Nikkei=16925.68 +564.97 : Jap Tpx=1340.76 +52.86 : Hang Seng=23266.70 +357.16 Monthly UK Money Supply – Real Annual Inflation M0=7.19180% and M1=10.31261% M0 Aug15 £73.111bn-Jul16 £78.369bn +£5.258bn or +7.19180% YoY (MoM +1.45511%) M1 Jul15 £1,428.920bn-Jun16 £1,576.279bn +£147.359bn or +10.31261% YoY (MoM +3.59515%)* Type: A0011- For information and Historical future review only. Use the discussion topic for comments.
  14. A weekly review of Precious metals movements in relation to the Dollar: Chinese Yuan 1month Forward Inter-Bank Rate and The Shanghai Gold Exchange Physical Commodity Price. Year 2. Week 37: 22nd August 2016 to 26th August 2016 with SGE Week 19 Friday 26.08.16 Close: $ = CNY1m 6.6852 +0.605% (Weekly Range: Low 6.6450 - High 6.6860) SGE Friday 26.08.16 Close: CNY1m: Gold 8852.3671 - : Silver 127.3688 - : Platinum 7636.2203 - Gold volume for week 49,895,018 + (1yr Moving Avg = $1204.624 + : 10yr Moving Avg = $1190.613 +) Gold Close £oz 1004.280 - : $oz: 1321.100 -1.511% = CNY1m: 8831.8177 -0.915% Silver volume for week 77,580,658 - (1yr Moving Avg = $16.149 + : 10yr Moving Avg = $20.376 +) Silver Close £oz 14.176 - : $oz: 18.648 -3.418% = CNY1m: 124.6656 -2.834% Palladium Close £oz 521.422 - : $oz: 685.00 -3.180% = CNY1m: 4579.3620 -2.594% Platinum Close £oz 812.581 - : $oz: 1067.500 -3.872% = CNY1m: 7136.4510 -3.291% Iridium $625.00oz +30.00 : Rhodium $655.00oz +10.00 : Ruthenium $42.00oz =0.00 Baltic Dry Index 720.00 +37.00 : Physical (£) 2016 Gold to Silver Ratio 60.258 +0.972 Dollar Index 95.481 +0.980 : Spot ($) Gold to Silver Ratio 70.844 +1.372 Earned Gold Index EGI = 6.5278 +0.0705 : Earned Silver Index ESI = 22.8706 +0.7427 Oil Dollar/Barrel: Brent=$49.64 -1.15 : WTI=$47.15 -1.89 Oil Ruble/Barrel: Brent=R 3172.24 -35.14 : WTI=R 3013.12 -83.76 Oil CNY1m/Barrel: Brent=CNY1m 331.853 -5.646 : WTI=CNY1m 315.207 -10.664 Natural Gas $/mmbtu 2.8530 +0.2845 : Coal (LQQ16.Aug) 67.15 -0.40 : Uranium (UXQ16.Aug) 25.95 +0.20 Copper $2.0768 -0.0945 : Zinc (ZAQ16.Aug) $2317.5 +25.0 : Steel (F3Y00 Cash) $325.00 =0.00 Aluminium $1642.5 -24.5 : Cobalt (V8Y00 Cash) $26250.0 -500.0 $:Ruble R63.905 +0.755 : $:Pound £0.76120 -0.00360 : $:€uro €0.89279 +0.01059 €:Pound £0.84900 -0.01373 : $:Yen Y101.781 +1.653 : CNY1m:Yen Y15.22482 +0.15665 Dollar:5pts(150) Euro:3pts(145) Pound:6pts(122) Yen:1pts(156) CNY1m:3pts(133) Ruble:3pts(155) Weekly FRED Reverse Repurchasing = $335.860bn +$12.167bn (Last 10wks= $3.30587 Trillion +) DJIA=18395.40 -157.17 : Russell 2000=1238.03 +1.26 : China Comp=3070.31 -37.79 FTSE100=6838.05 -20.90 : FTSE All=3728.71 -7.19 : Russia Micex=1993.35 +33.63 Nikkei=16360.71 -184.49 : Jap Tpx=1287.90 -7.77 : Hang Seng=22909.54 -27.68 Monthly UK Money Supply – Real Annual Inflation M0=7.19180% and M1=10.31261% M0 Aug15 £73.111bn-Jul16 £78.369bn +£5.258bn or +7.19180% YoY (MoM +1.45511%) M1 Jul15 £1,428.920bn-Jun16 £1,576.279bn +£147.359bn or +10.31261% YoY (MoM +3.59515%)* Type: A- For information and Historical future review only. Use the discussion topic for comments.
  15. It’s the 36th Week of the 88.018th CNY1m Review and something is up with stocks subdued and Bonds also subdued with an air of apprehension as we dive like Tom Daley straight into the green pool of this week’s stats. The Paper Precious Metals saw a rise this week with two of four PM’s rising ‘B’ in Dollar terms, Gold rising ‘1’ and Palladium ‘1’. Meanwhile Silver ‘0’ and Platinum ‘0’’ fell but less so. The CNY1m showed Depreciation against the Dollar this week ‘-’ and so the Type stamp of B1010- is recorded. In Pound terms however a different story as the Pound Appreciated ‘+’ against the Dollar and Paper PM’s fell in total ‘A with Gold ‘1’, Silver ‘1’ and Platinum '1' falling whilst Palladium ‘0’ couldn’t rise enough to cover the fall so the Type stamp here is A1101+. The SGE valuations showed the Type stamp A011- as Gold ‘0’ was the lone riser against falling Silver ‘1’ and Platinum ‘1’ which pulled the aggregate down this week ‘A’ with the CNY1m Depreciating against the Pound ‘-‘. Spot volumes showed Increases as a rise in Gold volumes was complimented by a 2x larger rise in Silver volumes. The Dollar Index fell by -1.182 to 94.501 (How strange, the narrative says that when the Dollar falls Gold rises, here it should be strongly, how odd PPM, a mistake perhaps, yet another one perhaps…notice Gold recovered nearly all its prior losses with a 1.7+ fall in the Dollar index. Heavy Dollar printing and Paper Gold selling to prop up the Dow and S&P e-mini’s) which weakens Paper Gold (+4.8m) over Paper Silver (+10.5m) typically. It is blatantly obvious but the asleep won’t see it. The Paper Gold to Silver ratio saw a rise of +1.614 to 69.472 in Golds favour this week. The Dollar FXCM rose by -71pips to 11891 when including the Australian Dollar. The combined $INDGtSAgg rate rose modestly (Arbitrage with SGE) by +0.432 ticks to 163.973 in favour of Gold. Marginal strength appears to be ongoing for the decline of both the Dollar and Paper Gold (see the weakening strength cycle in a downwards direction). The Physical Pound Sterling Gold to Silver ratio rose this week by +1.312 notches to 59.287 in Golds favour. EGI rose by +0.0301 ticks to 6.4573 towards the Retailer. ESI fell by -0.8079 notches to 22.1279 towards the consumer. The 18th SGE week 36 ratios at close were; Gold to Silver 67.0824+, Gold to Platinum 1.1334+ [Platinum to Gold 0.8823-] (Platinum is catching up with Gold) and Platinum to Silver 59.1880+. The old paper markets show the following ratios by close of Week 36; Gold to Brent 26.4101-, Gold to Palladium 1.8959-, Gold to Platinum 1.2079+, Palladium to Silver 36.6428+, Platinum to Silver 57.5150+ and Brent to Silver 2.6305+. The Zinc to Copper (Zi:Cu) ratio rose this week to 1055.8191 from 1051.1776. Iridium rose again this week as did Rhodium with Ruthenium remaining unchanged meaning the 7PM for this week is 412 (4up,1par,2down). The current Gold Au ratios are Au:Rh=2.0796-, Au:Ir=2.2544-, Au:Ru=31.9374+. Paper Gold is Cheap compared to Physical Gold this week with Comex $1341.370oz vs SGE $1349.5502oz. Paper Silver is Cheap compared to Physical Silver this week with Comex $19.308oz vs SGE $20.118oz. Finally Paper Platinum is cheap compared to Physical Platinum with Comex $1110.500oz vs SGE $1190.733oz a narrowed $80.233oz difference. General Commodities: This week we saw rises in Crude Oil (3rd week in a row), Copper, Zinc, Aluminium (4th week in a row) and Cobalt (4th week of no falls). The fallers of the week were Coal, Uranium and Natural Gas (3rd week in a row). Steel (9th week in a row) remained unchanged. Currencies: It’s getting tasty now watch this section closely over the coming weeks. The Ruble ended strongest this week with its inevitable effect on Oil but with the cost of un-competitiveness and takes the full 6 points. Next strongest and absolutely not wanting to be in this position was the €uro building confidence with an un-competitive currency (See the Dax and Cac Indexes) to inherit the 5 points available. Next strongest was the Pound which is pegging the €uro and staying just more competitive than the €uro and claiming the 4 points on offer. Into the more competitive, so-called weaker half and we see the Yen not quite able to weaken itself and claim 3 points again. The battle for weakest but most competitive currency of the week was lost by the Dollar trying to be more competitive than the CNY1m and unable to do so bringing with it the 2 points awarded but rotating in the Tri-Lateral Peloton nicely behind the Ruble but leading the CNY1m which claimed weakest and most competitive currency for the remaining 1 point of the week. The currency strength league after 40 weeks of watching stands as follows; 1st Yen 155pts, 2nd Ruble 152pts, 3rd Dollar 145pts, 4th €uro 142pts, 5th CNY1m 130pts and 6th Pound 116pts. Government 10 Year Bonds: Bond Demand Rose pushing Prices Up and Yields Down in the following; Brazil 11.7900%, Mexico 5.8400%, Russia 8.3300%, Hong Kong 0.9460%, Singapore 1.7490% and India 7.1020%. Bond Demand Fell pushing Prices Down and Yields Up in the following; USA 1.5800%, UK 0.6200%, Germany -0.0310%, Switzerland -0.4810%, Holland 0.0580%, Japan -0.0830% and China 2.7200%. Bonds are inverted. US Federal Reserve Reverse Repurchases (Reverse Repo FRRR’s): This week we saw a rise of +$2.622bn to $323.693bn while the 10 week rolling total saw a rise of +3866 ticks to $3.24138 from $3.20272 Trillion by close (Note: Wednesdays are the Federal Reserve’s weekly cut-off for statistics). A support trend is still in place as the 10 week rolling total continues to rise as stress builds. Key Indexes: The Baltic Dry Index rose by +12pts to 683. Global shipping is in deep trouble. Stock Markets were generally down across the watch however a repeated crucial crack occurred in the illusion with the Dow and Russell 2000 indexes showing diversion with the Russell 2000 Index (Up) along with the Chinese Composite Index and the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index also rising. The Smart money is leaving the stock market and has been for months with PPM’s filling the holes left by selling. With that we finish this weeks 88.018th CNY1m Review as Money Supply figures come out next month. Looking ahead to next week’s 89.019th CNY1m review we’ll hopefully see more cracks occurring as the weakness and stress continues to build noting a second Dow/Russell2k divergence this week. Just in case you’re wondering the 520 week moving averages are showing a very slight but consistent rise in the long term Gold to Silver ratio. From 7 weeks ago to now that long term ratio has changed through 58.2530, 58.2706, 58.2946, 58.3137, 58.3418 and 58.3691 to this week’s 58.3994. When a drop occurs in the metals it tends to find resistance at the 520 week level. Thanks for reading and well done to the British Olympic Team for doing so well at Rio as they look forward to Tokyo 2020....strangely, the 1988 film Akira is set in Neo Tokyo which in the storyline is also hosting the 2020 Olympics.....