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  1. Gold playing cards

    Added to the stack amirite?
  2. Stacking goals

    Incredible piece
  3. Any Coinbase users here?

    Wanting to get into cryptocoin signed up with coinbase but dissapointed to hear you cannot withdraw GBP! Which exchange is best for UK based people?
  4. Gold down

    It will go up and down and the painted ponies go round and round We're captive on the carousel of time
  5. Platinum - who's buying?

    Is the demand for Platinum in industrial uses still similiar to what it has been? Will the demand for platinum in future industrial uses still be there? Electric cars seem to be the future, wont that reduce platinums demand?
  6. Real or No real.. REAL!
  7. eBay Gambles

    Ahh gotta love the internet
  8. What is your cheapest 2oz Griffin?

    Yes though a new members word that they deliver / are legit is as good as the sellers himself ...
  9. Merry Christmas

    Sorry to hear that@KevinG
  10. I have BT broadband and can access Kodi
  11. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all Mikeox
  12. You will never be stuck for Movies or tv shows ever again Live stuff such as sports is much more hit and miss but i usually find myself with a watchable stream with at most 10 mins of faffing round
  13. Fake Perth Mints

    I remember seeing a good video on perth fake bars, not sure where im afraid
  14. Got MilK!

    Are you sure they are genuine!?