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  1. Christmas present silver coin. 1/2 oz .999

    Thats about 26 hours from your payment to your front door, now that aint bad eh. Royal Mail dare I say it doing ok And agreed there funky lets face it most presents worth nothing withing 2 weeks least they will hold some kind of value
  2. Christmas present silver coin. 1/2 oz .999

    Good to know thank you [emoji16]
  3. Christmas present silver coin. 1/2 oz .999

    I have 2 I got a few of these not many left though will combine postage so £32 will cover it. Kind Regards Lee
  4. Christmas present silver coin. 1/2 oz .999

    Hi yes I have 1 available. Ill PM you my details thanks
  5. Wanted: To buy a Sovereign for Bitcoin Equiv

    I can do this on a Brand New full 2018 be my first bitcoin sale
  6. preciousgoldandsilver website

    Hi just had a tidy up again so should be better now, thank you
  7. preciousgoldandsilver website

    https://www.preciousgoldandsilver.co.uk/ Thanks for your kind words I had sales last night with no issues. There was some issues with Script on Iphones but I have removed all the moving images. If anyone else has a problem Id love to know Thanks
  8. Thanks for this I'll have a good digest [emoji16]
  9. Christmas present silver coin. 1/2 oz .999

    Sounds lovely thanks for that. [emoji16]
  10. Christmas present silver coin. 1/2 oz .999

    I provide more than silver really please they had the desired effect and your very welcome.
  11. Hi yeah got a sponsor a silver friend who will/should look after me . could you tell me where I get a BTC debit card? I was going to buy an oz gold from silvergoldbull next week. Thanks
  12. I was bough a similar coin one Christmas and it was probably a Start of my silver dealings. So I thought I'd get some this year and make them available. So available. Both from Silvertowne Mint in the USA. Options. 1) boxed 1/2oz presentation boxed with box to write a message. 10 available. 2) pouch 1/2oz tree decoration 4 Available comes in velvet pouch. Both £17 which includes signed for postage. Thanks.
  13. This is lovely, I have 5 of these and I got them at a reasonable price so I'm passing that on. £42 This includes small parcel signed postage which is £4.35. Fantastic quality presentation from the Perth Mint. 1oz .999 Silver Proof. Box is wood velvet lined compete with COA. PPFF or transfer please.
  14. What do you think??

    Agreed. just a small asterix stating not official royal mint issue. Would probably suffice.
  15. What do you think??

    I think a bit harsh on the seller, as someone that has released limited edition pieces normally hand poured. I know the work gone into the design artwork case coa even the little shiny sticker. They have at least created a whole package and if its a one man band or fledgling company, I say well done. The quality isn't at a standard Id pay that price for but I like the presentation aspect. Just a different take on it...