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  1. Today I made.....

    On my phone at day job so can't link. The attachments are green just search dremmel rubber on eBay. When the borax is gone get a polishing kit for your dremmel also. Have a play round and mirror finish in no time. 😀
  2. Today I made.....

    Dremmel and rubber m8 works wonders.
  3. Today I made.....

    Dusted of my pouring gloves and gave my creative side a kick. Here's we have hand poured Skull .999 fine Antiqued.
  4. for sale 2018 Royal Wedding Coin Range

    James Hewitt
  5. Today I made.....

  6. for sale The Black Bull Of Clarence.

    Have a few left of these. All brand new stock. £78.50 posted. UK COA may differ from Image. Usual payments please PayPal Friends or Bank Transfer.
  7. wanted any cast silver bars around?

    I didnt pay attention my apolagies.
  8. wanted any cast silver bars around?

    I have one of these available £165 special insured Included UK 10oz Wall Street Mint Skyline showing Twin Towers
  9. Today I Received

    Your very welcome looks a handsome coin 😀
  10. for sale Queens Beast Clarence Bull 10oz Brand New

    Sorry to do that to you and thanks
  11. Hi this is a stock order not collected so now up for sale. It is a stunner as you hopefully Can see. £700 posted insured. Uk Only opened to take pictures and check. Nearly £100 cheaper than the mint. Paypal Friends or Bank Transfer may consider swaps. Thank You
  12. Hi all First of all update on The Clarence Bull 1oz proof. The gold is in process. I received 38 and 16 were poor quality coins are all good packaging not good. So sent my disgust to Royal Mint via my supplier. So if your waiting for one I'm on it. Main reason for this message I ordered a 10oz proof and for some reason not anywhere on my list. Someone must of asked for it but can I find it. Please let me know if it was you and apolagies for my poor book keeping. It is a stunning coin. If I can't find the person who wanted it it may be available. Please let me know any interest. Thanks
  13. Hi proof silvers are now in If not payed Id appreciate that asap Thanks They will be with me and Ill try post Friday. Thanks all Pm me for payment details Thanks I meant to say on the way to me , they have been dispatched to me ... long day
  14. for sale Engelhard Bars x 2 10oz

    2 for Sale 1 has brittle packaging quite normal with older bars. would rather sell as a pair. £327.50 with Insured Postage included. Paypal friends Family or Bank Transfer please. Can post outside UK at buyers cost PM me.
  15. Hi all I have had the good fortune of securing some of these coins. As it currently stands I am only the Uk supplier of this series for which I am rather pleased as the quality is outstanding. Le Grand Mint is a German company who started their first in the series in 2015 The Rhino. I am giving forum members the opportunity to buy the set in the UK cheaper than buying direct. I have paid all import taxes and they are ready to go. I will add some pictures some are stock pictures some are my own. The Series consist of 1) Rhino 2) Ice Bear 3) Tapir 4) Anteater This series is all proof silver fine .999 They all come with certificates and booklets explaining more about the series. Each proof round will be in a secure Blister Pack as in the pictures. Limited Mintage of only 500 per piece. Please PM me your interest. Thanks £205 Posted Special Delivery UK Included. I only have a limited amount.