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  1. Off world mining is a long way off, even mining under the ocean is a long way off, they have enough trouble with drilling for oil in the ocean and they know it's down there in vast quantities, thats not the case with scattered veins of precious metal. I think that Elon Musk is a bit of a chancer, Ford, Gm produce cars that make $900 odd profit per car and Tesla produce cars that make a loss of $1,800 yet these are the ones that have the stock market dominance, without subsidies they would be nowhere.
  2. ^^^ I've noticed this as well, I think they deliberately down the site when there is a price crash and then buy themselves and bring it back when the price recovers.
  3. I think the trick is to join 4 or 5 of the top echhanges as Coinbase is very often down when you want to act, might be a hassle but to ensure getting your buy or sell order through in a timely manner means opening up your options.
  4. How about something like this, refurbished with a years warranty, almost double the processing speed and HDD capacity but less memory, not sure if you can add a gb stick cheaply. https://www.cheaplaptopcompany.co.uk/laptops/refurbished-ibm-t61-laptop?gclid=CjwKEAjwj6PKBRCAy9-07PeTtGgSJAC1P9xG052nYPmqAV4snb1aVhkS2Qs2X33mm-gBxPHGKsLiXRoCuxjw_wcB
  5. If it's just for crypto wallets would a basic netbook not do the job just as well and be cheaper?
  6. Surely you won't get any tracking info if you are using the Royal Mail tracking as it should br Yodels tracking you use.
  7. Yes, for some reason these exchanges are very temperemental in when they accept payment. I was going to buy into Bitcoin when it was £300 around a year ago but Coinbase would only let me get half way through creating an account so I gave up, When I get my account sorted the only banking account they don't like is the Nationwide which is the one I am with. Only the other week I decided to get some more Etherium just before that big move upwards and it did not like my credit card details, it's very hit and miss on whether they go through or not and my card issuer says it's nothing at their end.
  8. I just can't get exited about price movements upwards in the metals now, cryptos go up 400% in a fortnight etc and it's difficult to get exited about a 60p rise in silver. Eveything I've thought about buying i would have cleaned up on but so many would not go through for one reason or another I've missed out on just about all of it.
  9. I'm not sure I'm sold on the "because it came first" argument. Personal computers, search engines, etc., the ones that came first are not around now, even the ones that got big and dominant like IBM and Yahoo are no longer so. I have questions like - if I subscribe to a company to make a paper wallet and that company goes under is my paper wallet still good? How do I get my paper wallet currency back to the exchange when I want to sell? Am I better with one wallet with 5 coins in it or 5 wallets with one coin in it? Plus many more. I don't actually have any Bitcoin but I do have Etherium, I waited for a pull back in Bitcoin and it just went up and up and the couple of times I did try to buy the purchase never went through due to exchange issues and now I grudge paying what they are valued at. I was going to get in early on Veratesium but it needed a Bitcoin purchase so I missed out and it's price went up 400% in it's first fortnight.
  10. I'd love a good sit down and a chat with someone who was fully clued up on the cryptos, I feel I'm making very slow progress adapting to it mainly learning from Youtube videos.
  11. You do cut your risk of milk spoting harming the premium slightly, for some reason my 5 and 10 ounce coins don't spot anywhere near as badly as 1oz ones, coming from new in a capsule rather than a mint tube makes a difference possibly.
  12. I'm switching more to 5 and 10oz coins, they fit that middle ground perfectly, if you need cash it's just a case of selling one coin, they are not so expensive that they alienate most buyers and you get a worthwhile amount when you sell one.
  13. To me these are a much smarter buy than a 10oz bar, you get the margin scheme VAT reduction and the possibility of someone needing it to complete their collection for a little added premium. I usually go for the Perth stuff but I did get that 10 oz multi maple myself.
  14. Silver and gold would be doing the exact same thing as Bitcoin if it were not for the cartels paper futures manipulation to suppress the price. Cryprocurrencies have no derivatives trading so there is none of the price suppression or short selling associated with it with the cryptos. My strategy is to invest in the cryptos and take the profits and buy silver and gold. In fact I am banking on the endless central bank paper currency creation eventually running out of stocks and shares etc. to buy and eventually they will be forced into buying the cryptocurrencies which will rocket them upwards even more.