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  1. No reason to let this put you off, the lesson to be learned is just not to leave your cryprocurrency in an exchage, take it out and paper wallet it and only put it back in the exchange when you want to sell.
  2. I'm actually thinking of just buying £20's worth of every new cryprocurrency that comes out while it's pennies. Obviously they would have to meet criteria for good structure and potential but my way of thinking is this central bank endless money printing is going to mean that one day they will have to pour it into crypocurrencies and the ones that go ballistic should more than cover the ones that collapse. There is a new one out called Veritesium I'm going to start with. It just takes one to do a Bitcoin over a decade and £20 becomes 20k - 80k etc.
  3. If you check on Ebay at similar items on auction ending these will go for £30-£35 every time, so if you can get them for less than this and sell them on a cheap selling fees day you will see profit. Am I missing something as to why everyone is pricing these in Dollars, are you getting them from the US?
  4. I've got it Steve, apparently when it came out US sellers got them at a decent price then the Elemetal Mint saga ensued and supply got short so the price got hiked. This was the video that got me concerned and was what prompted my comments on this thread but it is a month old now.
  5. That really is a poor edge, mangled not even just rough, should never have been passed by quality control.
  6. Got my Privateer White Whale in today, thought I would ensure getting one so paid a little more than usual just in case the Elemetal saga takes a turn for the worse and production quotas are not met.
  7. I got mine today, £55 from a seller in the US, I thought I would make sure and get one, apparently he got in early with his order before the prices went up so it's a price I can live with.
  8. I used to make the home brew beer but it stunk the house out, I liked the smell but nobody else did, I used to have to stick a pipe out the window to vent the fumes.
  9. Have they struck all the coins they need to strike or is production of these an ongoing concern?, Just wondering what happens if Elemetal goes under, I hear they are selling off what they can to stay afloat. Would it be worth paying the over inflated price just now and being certain of getting one just in case the company goes under and the full quota of production is never met.
  10. Is it correct that only 1000 will be struck, thats not many and will go fast if true.
  11. I also think Etherium has more upside to it as it's more of a platform than a currency and one thats being adopted by some major players. You can earn Steem for nothing by joining Steemit and you get paid in Steem for every video you comment on or upvote.
  12. I'm actually thinking Steem has legs at the moment, currently 0.96 cents but has been as high as $4 something in the past (and as low as 0.13 cents) and this was before Youtube started demonetising content creators so there should be a jump ship or at least a double posting of content to Steemit so I think this will be something worth watching.
  13. Just tells me they would rather you owned Bitcoin than gold. Bitcoin not being manipulated helps and demonstrates what commodities should be doing but I do believe Bitocin and Etherium etc.(which is also going up at a rapid rate) are only being allowed to do so to get cryptos into the public awareness as thats ulimately where the next financial paradigm is headed. When the time is right they will bring out their own and regulate the others to death.
  14. I'm not sure the new debt ceiling strategy lends itself to security, it looks like it's morphing into a date rather than an amount, the US government has been approved continual borrowing powers until September which is reckonned to add $1 trillion to the total. If the debt ceiling is going to be a lurch from date to date rather than a nice safe large amount that must surely look a little worrying and like the plug could be pulled at any time.
  15. Have I got this wrong or does this just look like an attempt to snare the ordinary punter into a futures contract type scam where the real product is never delivered. This looks to me like you buy a gold coin and the Royal Mint holds onto it for you and gives you a blockchain receipt to say you own it. Could it be they are running low on gold. http://www.royalmint.com/corporate/news/the-royal-mint-and-cme-group-to-launch-royal-mint-gold