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  1. I'm another in the 2-3 year catagory, by dumb luck or for whatever reason we all seem to have got in at the right time by the looks of things.
  2. I have a final salary pension with the MOD which was transferred over to Babcocks but I don't expect to see it by the time I'm retired, I get statements in every year telling me how underfunded it is, this is why I've become a stacker. If they would let me cash it in now I would and I would just get it into metal or property instead.
  3. Am I alone in thinking this or are both NGC and PGCS starting to take the p!ss with all the different labels they offer now, I have a few series I am trying to complete but getting the labels to match up is proving a challenge. And the more they diversify the different labels the more I lose respect for them as it just makes them look more profit orientated.
  4. I think this is why they have decided to churn them out quickly, is it 3 a year or 4 a year?
  5. It's all kicking off now, apparently Phillipine President Duerte has ordered his people to occupy Chinas man made islands.
  6. I do surveys for extra money, I use Mysurvey and Opinion Outpost, when I go to bed at night I put on Youtube interviews and listen to them in the background as I do the surveys. Both pay paypal and half an hour every night usually gives me a tenner at least from each one sometimes more over a week. Occasionally you get free stuff as well to try out and give your views on, Last month I got a box of free dog food, a multipack of some new Mini Cheddar biscuit (that was actually really nice) and some new Haribo sweets. I use the Paypal payment to get an ounce of silver or offset the cost of some slabbed or semi numismatic silver every week or every couple of weeks. I do Valued Opinions as well but they don't pay in Paypal so I take Amazon vouchers and I buy razor blades etc from them and the money I would have spent goes towards silver. I've looked at the yearly activity for all 3 and it's around £400 for my half hour a night.
  7. If I lived on one of these £1,000,000+ properties in London I'd sell it and buy 10x £100,000 properties somewhere North and live in one off the rent of the others, If I still had the inclination to work that would be even more income.
  8. My package from Israel arrived today, no £8 fee and no import fees, just a signiature and it was mine, so £26.54 all in
  9. Spot might well be £14.50 an ounce but we all appreciate there is VAT to pay in the UK and there is the fee added for pressing this ounce of silver into a coin shape and stamping an animal or whatever onto it so we fully expect to pay more than spot. That £3 odd more is standard and I don't grudge Ebay sellers adding enough to cover their fees.
  10. I am stacking as insurance against currency deflation and collapse and given the state of the global debt saturation and the way geo politics is heading a collapse of some kind is not totally inconceivable. If another 2008 type financial type situation occurs your £13,000 stack that buys you 1/4 of a house today might buy you a house outright. It's all about cashing out for a profit and I have always intended to follow the strategy that I will cash in half my stack when spot goes to double my cost. My current cost average is just under £15 and that includes some premium stuff, since spot has gone to £30 before it can do so again and when it does I will weigh in half my stack meaning the half I have left has cost me nothing and I am prepared to wait as long as it takes. This way I won't feel bad if it drops and if it sky rockets I will sell more.
  11. You can't go wrong at £16, I saw these on Ebay at £20 and I held off because I thought they were too cheap. This kind of thing https://atkinsonsbullion.com/silver/silver-coins/1oz-silver-coins/pre-owned-2016-uk-britannia-carded-1oz-silver-coin
  12. That has to be an April Fools joke.
  13. You never know, he might have pulled the rest because he realised he was selling them too cheap, a fraudster would have sold as many as he could.
  14. I saw that last night £20 for a carded 2015 Britannia and I gave it miss as I thought it must be hooky.
  15. Will do Pete, avoiding the £8 would be nice, it's some kind of Israeli post that it's sent by.