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  1. A good deal?

    I don't think you are insane for thinking of it, these are popular bullion coins that resist spotting and are part of a desirable set that admittedly have a high premium when you buy but they keep this premium when you sell so it's not a bad move IMO. I have considered doing the same but since we are at the tail end of the Lunar series I've decided to wait and go in heavy when the next series is just begining.
  2. Bare Hands/ Air-tites

    If you expect any kind of premum when you sell then it's best to do everything you can to keep them good, I would use gloves as apparently the oil on your skin can cause a reaction on the silver over time.
  3. Broadband Speeds

    I don't have any option for fibre yet but it is supposed to be coming in the next year or two. Broadband only and it's currently showing 6 mbs but it grinds to a halt around 3pm - 4pm when the school kids arrive home from school. I had Netflix but gave it up due to too much buffering trying to watch a movie in the evening, if I want to stream a movie 1-2 in the morning is the best time to do so.
  4. If you only have a small amount are you not as well to just leave it on Coinbase and letting them sort out the split and they will create a new wallet. I know with Bitcoin Cash initially they said they would not recognise it but they backed down and eveyone on COinbase that held Bitcoin with them is getting theirs in January but as far as I am aware they are recognising Bitcoin Gold from the off.
  5. War?

    Apparently opium production in Afghanistan has gone up fivefold under US control than when the Taliban was in charge of the poppy fields.
  6. War?

    I'm of the opinion that there are no free markets any more and that absolutely everything is manipulated and all they are looking for is a reason to spin a certain narrative to suit the manipulated movement or full blown intervention. I think Brexit genuinely took them unawares as gold shot up after it but it never after Trumps victory despite it supposedly being 98% in the bag for Killery. After 9/11 gold instantly went up to $4000 but nobody remembers this because they pulled the plug on it straight away and wiped all record of this from existence.
  7. So I bought my first full tube of Britannias....

    Not sure about Britannias but every mint tube of Somalian Elephants I have had both outside coin faces that bear against the plastic tube base and plastic tube lid discolour.
  8. Royal mint silly

    This must be new, pretty sure when I opened my account all I had to do was link a valid funding account to it, I was actually considering it as another safe place to sit money in if it ever came to it but further investigation reaealed it's just Royal Mints Bacrlays banks account and Barclays are always on the front line of the fraud and deception anyway so not really a safe place to have money sitting.
  9. The bulk of mine is all stashed away, I just got a little pirate treasure chest I've put all my 2oz coins in that I keep meaning to put away but I keep on putting it off as I love lifting the lid and having a wee peek in every now and again.
  10. With only a month left before the old £1 coins are discontunued I've been trying to sort mine out to see what I should be cashing back the the bank and what I should be holding on to. I've been using Ebay to try and get an idea of the typical going rate for them but it's doing my head in as some sellers are asking hundreds and some are asking £2.50 for what looks like exactly the same coin to me. If I put up pics of what I have is there any chance someone who knows their stuff can point me in the direction of what I should be holding on to and what should be cashed back to the bank? Thanks
  11. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Russians are also pissed about the US attempt to take hostage 27 of their troops using their ISIS proxy army, not only did the handfull of Russians hold out for hours until help arrived but when it did arrive they killed hundreds of ISIS troops without losing a single Russian life but they are now threatening to release all the intelligence reports showing the US is aiding not fighting ISIS, apparently they also have a few US intelligence agents in their custody which is why they wanted Russians to try and force an exchange, I think they are just waiting for the right time to play this card as it's getting dicey now that the Syrian army is close to retaking the oil fields, once this happens it's game over for the US.
  12. profiting off Ebay with PM

    I think if you only want to sell a few items you are as well just waiting for the cheap or free selling days when Ebay selling fees are reduced. For example I have yesterday and today to list 10 items max where the selling fees will be £1 max with no insertion fees. The rest comes down to picking up your silver cheap, looking back though my spreadsheet there are items I picked up @ £12 odd I'm certain would see at least £20 if I put them on Ebay. Postage would need to be cheap, 2nd class signed for and you would need bubble wrap envelopes, I usually recycle ones that people send me stuff in, for long enough the Post office never franked the stamps so I never had to pay for postage I just taped a new address on them and sent them out again but they are doing it now more of late I notice. For milk spotting there are videos on Youtube but I think a soft pencil eraser is the favourite method. Edit - I see you are Canadian so the UK Postal shortcomings won't apply.
  13. Has the sh@t finally hit the dollar fan?

    I think the Euro will go first - Deutchebank with it's derivative exposure larger than the GDP of the entire globe has been bailed out on more than one occasion by both US and Chinese money, I think they are now in a "Greece" type scenario where their creditors can call in these debts when the time is right. I think they were kept afloat because everything is being kept afloat with funny money of late.
  14. Has the sh@t finally hit the dollar fan?

    Looks like ISIS will be diverted to Venezuela shortly.
  15. Chinese government just officially announced it is shuttering all it's Bitcoin exchanges.