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  1. Brick of Bank Notes

    Exactly how thick is a "brick of bank notes", if you think there is some future value in their collectability I would keep a dozen sequential ones pristine but I think keeping "a brick" could be asking for trouble given the built in depreciation and uncertainty these come with. This is why most of us swap them out for gold and silver.
  2. 2017 South Korea ZI:SIN Gallus 1 Oz Silver Bullion

    It looks a bearable price to me so worth a punt, it's an interesting looking coin.
  3. silver price by 2020

    I'll go for £12.83, I don't think it will ever go up unless the banks rigging it go down. I'm glad I'm not the only one who never has any luck with appreciating assets. When I look at all the toys I had as a kid that are now retro classics and worth hundreds some thousands and I either gave them away or chucked them in the bin and the only thing I have thats brand new in the box and totally mint is a 70's Rolf Harris Sylophone and ever since his kiddy fiddling was exposed they are worth nothing.
  4. thoughts on this seller

    Was it silver Krugerrands as looking at his history thats all he seems to sell.
  5. thoughts on this seller

    I see why you have concerns as this is suspiciously cheap, even more so considering the Ebay fees and postage are included, all the metals dealers and even the sellers that are usually competetive like Silver Trader are at least a tenner more.
  6. Why we don't own bitcoin

    The more I look at these futures exchanges the more I think they are going to get burned, Bitcoin is decentralised and operates 24/7 non stop, the CME and the NY exchange closes every Weekend and for the major holidays, consdering Bitcoin can go up double digit percentage points in a day (in 10 minutes even) I can see the shorts continually getting slaughtered.
  7. I'd suffer a sore ringpiece if I knew this was what I was getting.
  8. Silver rounds

    The right round will but knowing what that is can be a lottery, personally I love getting something without Betty Battenbergs head on it.
  9. Why we don't own bitcoin

    Your wealth is not in the hads of others though, there is nothing wrong with the blockchain it's always the exchanges that are the weak link as it's them that can get hacked, shut down by the government etc. which is why you never keep your cryptos on the exchange you buy them then move them off the exchange and keep them in your own possesion on a hard wallet and you only move them back onto the exchange the instant you decide to sell. I would advise anyone who is sceptical just to put a small amount into the cryptos, something they could live with losing just to give them a bit of skin in the game and there is always the chance that you will increase your outlay massively. There is a post on here from Highland Tiger who had £15 worth of Bitcoin he forgot about for a few years and it's gone up that much he's just bought 3x 1/10 gold coins which are around £105+ each these days.
  10. Silver rounds

    Are you in the US?, if so then rounds are priced well enough to safely add to your stack as you get them at a reasonable amount. I'm in the Uk and the tax on silver makes rounds something you have to consider more. The right round is fine, for example these Apmex budget rounds don't seem to do well but something thats part of a series usually fares better.
  11. Why we don't own bitcoin

    And the biggest one will belong to "Satoshi Nakamoto" if there is an actual Satoshi Nakamoto and not the dark hand of the NSA. It's highly suspect how Bitcoin magically appeared on the scene just after the 2008 crash to run alongside the paper ecomony ready to transition across to if something similar ever happens again. It's massive price rise suckering all the ordinary people in to get them used to the idea of a digital currency with the Satoshi story spun to get the biggest opponents onside from the beginning.
  12. Why we don't own bitcoin

    It is something like 4 Bitcoin wallets are supposed to own 90% of all the Bitcoin.
  13. Why we don't own bitcoin

    The money comes from all the other people seeing Bitcoin rise who pull their money out of where they would normally invest it and stick it in Bitcoin instead hoping for more of the same. It goes back to how 99% of the potential market is still untapped. The losers are all the organisations that would normally be the recipient of that money.
  14. Why we don't own bitcoin

    Dunno Roy but the more it's brought into the public awareness the more likely it is for more people to invest in it, especially those that want to diversify out of everything else that is in a bubble, stocks, property etc.
  15. Why we don't own bitcoin

    I don't think it's a bubble Roy or if it is then it has a long long way to inflate yet, only 1% of the global population own Bitcoin and thats worked out at one Bitcoin per individual which is not the case, some individuals own thousands. If that 1% became even only a genuine 2 or 3% then it's price has a long way to go yet, if it became 50 or 60% then it's in the stratosphere. This is why there is the slim chance the CME is on to a hiding, there could be those shorting it and it just never goes down enough for them to recover their position.