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  1. Storing precious metals?

    Ikea plastic storage boxes.
  2. Is peak oil a myth?

    Peak oil is not a myth as all resources are finite but when it was touted as something that was instantly upon us that was not strictly true. The oil industry is going to change drastically in the next decade as apparently Saudi Arabia are currently pumping more water than oil and Russia have just done a deal to take Venezualan oil despite them being the largest oil producing country and not really needing it, perhaps they have an eye on replacing the Petrodollar in the near future. Saudi have realised too late they need to diversify their economy and become less relient on oil and China want to do a deal to buy Saudi Aramco but they want to see the books first and it looks like the Saudis have been overstating their oil supplies for a good while and they don't want to make it common knowledge so this is holding back proceedings.
  3. What are your thoughts on the Korean Gold Tigers?

    It's a really nicely designed medal and packaging and if you can get it at a decent price I don't see how you can go wrong.
  4. Prince Philip Retirement Coin

    I can't bring myself to buy any of these Phillip, Dianna, Charles etc. coins, it's bad enough something like 3/4 of all the silver coins out there all have Lizzies head on the back of them.
  5. That 75 grand protection can only work if only one or two banking institutions fail, if there is a systemic banking crisis there is no way they can honour it, it's just in place to instill confidence.
  6. I did wonder what they were going to do with all the Bitcoin Cash they were allocated from their Bitcoin account holders, do they mention anything about passing it on to them? I bought some Bitcoin purely on the anticipation that there might be a change in policy. Looks like they have played it so they will make a killing, they can sell theirs now while the price is decent and allocate it in January when it has dropped significantly. I can't see miners bothering to allocate hashing power to Bitcoin Cash when Bitcoin pays so much more for the time and effort.
  7. Paper Wallets

    Thanks Chris, does the coinbase app cover Litecon? this is what is so confusing, you search for Litecoin and it says "did you mean Bitcoin?" all the tutorials on Youtube are for Bitcoin and the Coinbase app is called - Bitcoin Mobile Wallet and I have mainly Etherium and Litcoin and only a touch of Bitcoin. Once I get a secure wallet can I just type the long public address into the send option on the Coinbase site and it will send to it and thats it done? Again this is where it gets confusing as the Youtube sites recommend some kind of program to make sure the transaction has gone through but again it's all Bitcoin.
  8. Need some newbie advice, I bought some cold storage wallets off Ebay, I know I would have been better doing one myself but after 2 solid weeks of Youtube tutorials I still could not get my head around it with confidence and I thought these looked good for longterm storage. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Litecoin-Card-PVC-Plastic-Paper-Wallet-Durable-SAFE-and-SECURE-Cold-Storage-/222557034935?hash=item33d16ed9b7:g:L-MAAOSwwzhZTdcY I have a coinbase account, to transfer to the wallet is it just a case of sending them to the public address on the card, is it as simple as that or is there more to it? I just want to stick 5 or so into each card and take a chance and tuck them away for a decade and see what happens.
  9. Best investment bullion coin, Britannia or Krugerrand?

    Whatever you can get cheapest.
  10. I have a little Bitcoin, Etherium but mostly Litecoin in Coinbase, I was actually considereing just posting on here when the time is right to sell and see if anyone wanted to sell some silver for cryptos sent to their wallet. I figure allowing the deal to be a bit more weighted in the silver sellers favour it might still work out better than covering all the fees involved in withdrawal and would suit both if both were amicable to the deal.
  11. I'll get one on Black Friday, thats the only time I ever buy anything from them as it's 25% off, I've still got £7.50 in bonus points from last year as well.
  12. ASE sales collapse.. Are *you* still stacking?

    Be interesting to see what happens in a real crisis, where will the money flood to?, something that has been a sore of wealth for thousands of years or something that has been around for a decade. It's also interesting that JP Morgan are being allowed to do what they are doing considering the Hunt Brothers were stopped with half the silver JP Morgan has. I must admit I have been getting into cryptos myself lately instead of silver but if I see profit then I will withdraw it and put it into silver, it's hard to take all the crypto pundits seriously on Youtube as most of them are really baby faced and look like they never saw the Dot Com bubble.
  13. ASE sales collapse.. Are *you* still stacking?

    I watched a couple of Youtube videos that had a theory that it was JP Morgan that were buying all of these and they had to dial it back because of imminent supply issues, not sure how valid it was, you know how many silver pumpers have their take on things.
  14. Westminster collection

    They send you continual junk e-mails and physical junk mail as well. I bought the Beatrix Potter series form them as well, I paid £17.48 for a 5 coin set which I see they are now selling for £35 and one of the £3 coins they now sell for a tenner so I take it I've done OK from a resale point of view even though the RM ones are meant to be the ones to get.
  15. Shrinkflation

    I've abandonned a lot of products where I think they have gone beyond a joke with the shrinkflation. And I'm the same with stockpiling everything as it's only going to get more expensive. I have boxes of bars of soap and shower gels and boxes of razer blades, and Arko shaving sticks that you mush into a mug for lathering, only two dozen of these will probably last me a lifetime and were dirt cheap compared to cans of shaving foam, the loft is packed full of toilet and kitchen rolls. The big massive boxes of laundry detergent were stocked up on when they were on offer as well, just have to be sure and keep them good and dry.