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  1. £1550 - Silver Collection / Bundle - Semi Numi 87 Coins !

  2. £1550 - Silver Collection / Bundle - Semi Numi 87 Coins !

    1700, typo error when I first posted this.. It is now edited
  3. 25 Saltwater Crocodiles - With Tube, Seal Broken (inspected the coins on arrive had to break seal) 25 Kookaburra 2015 Silver Coins - All of them with capsule. 18 2014 Chinese Panda - With Capsule 19 2014 Silver Maple Leaf - With original tube. Price is very strict at £1550 - £17.81 per coin!
  4. I am Selling 3 x 2014 1 oz Silver Chinese Panda Coins for £70 INC Shipping. Panda Are of course in MINT condition and in capsule.
  5. 2 Tubes (50 Coins) of 1/2 oz great white shark coins

    25 Coins per tube.
  6. Coins Have been sold.... I do not know how to edit the post to show!
  7. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Been through a lot these past year and a half danny but Life back on track with a new job and promotion so I am now in a position where I can live my lifestyle AND stack a considerable amount of silver per month ! Cant wait to see what PM especially silver does in 5 years as I am essentially using it as a savings account !
  8. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Talk to me baby... Shall I invest now or wait ? I am out of the loop on the trends I will place an order around 2.5k to 3k... I am thinking 1 oz kangaroos?
  9. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Its Been 16 months Since I bought ANY SILVER.. Sold around 60% of my stack.. due to financial situations. Looking at the prices today.. do you think I should place an order at £15 per oz? AND ITS good to be back.. I remember this forum when it was just a hand few of people !
  10. Is this a mistake on Perth Mint or a scratch on coin?

    I know mate... but oh my god, getting a few rooms painted, and a new carpet for stairs and the landing... can cost ya a couple of grand. Had to hold back just a little. However new year... started it off with a tube of crocs!!!
  11. Is this a mistake on Perth Mint or a scratch on coin?

    Can I sell this coin for a premium? And LONG TIME DANNY, took 3 months of stacking... back for 2015!!
  12. Got this coin from a known dealer, however will not say because they are excellent, and perhaps the employee who chose my tube, gave me a pre opened one... The tube came with TAPE ON TOP, TAKING THE SEAL OFF. Anywayz back on track,,, is this a scratch... or a mistake?
  13. Circulated Chinese Panda 2014 and Maple leaf Compared to BU

    Sorry about the quality of pics, it was took before sunrise, in a low lit room, with a S4 Camera
  14. Circulated Chinese Panda 2014 and Maple leaf Compared to BU

    Thats going to be ONE EXPENSIVE Experiment...... historically a gold coin would of been around 3-4 grams, so it does not have to be one oz, it could be 1/10 oz
  15. Circulated Chinese Panda 2014 and Maple leaf Compared to BU

    Danny POST A PICTURE OF THE 20 for 20 !!!! I wanna see it