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  1. I guess that's why the tax man checks eBay? (I'm not a tax man)
  2. Does all this quick flipping attract income tax on the profit?
  3. No need to be sorry, just taking a chaps picture after all. If he doesn't mind, all good, if he does the coins could be iffy in some way.
  4. Ask if the trader would mind if you took a few pictures of him, if he starts to get agitated, walk away.
  5. Here's one unslabbed in Fine and one Good/Extra Fine Spink (2016) 3805 F £50, VF £150, EF £675, UNC £1450 I reckon Steve has it about right at £50-£60
  6. Here's another site that may be of interest to you. http://pennycrowncoins.co.uk/Pennies_(Bronze)_1860-1901.php
  7. The Owl is a modern version of a very old design http://athenianowlcoins.reidgold.com/