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  1. BYB bars no. 64 and 65 delivered today. Fantastic quality and attention to detail. Many thanks BYB
  2. EPIC! BB, can't wait until mid June to see them in the flesh.
  3. withdrawn

    Brits arrived this morning, lovely condition. Many thanks
  4. withdrawn

    Can I take 4 x Brit 20th anniversary please, cheapest signed for postage is OK. Can you PM me the total and I pay tomorrow? Thanks.
  5. Welcome t'Forum Dan. Also from West Yorkshire
  6. Great idea, many thanks.
  7. 2 bars please, nos 64 and 65 if available. Thanks.
  8. Would agree with sovereignsteve, the Coingallery capsules are a decent quality and certainly good value. There is a slight rattle but nothing to worry about. Only slight negative is they are listed as 45mm external diameter and mine are 43.8mm so the fit into the Beast Box from Morezone is not as good as I'd hoped. I have a few capsules spare if anyone wants to try them.
  9. Thanks Shortstack. I have bought some capsules from Andy at CoinGallery that look similar to the ones on the silberling.de link. They need to be 45mm on the outside to fit snuggly in an excellent box I've just bought from Morezone. @Jester I'll post regarding any rattle once I get them.
  10. What is the outside diameter and thickness please? Thanks.
  11. Just seen this, I bid £362