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  1. Thanks Shortstack. I have bought some capsules from Andy at CoinGallery that look similar to the ones on the silberling.de link. They need to be 45mm on the outside to fit snuggly in an excellent box I've just bought from Morezone. @Jester I'll post regarding any rattle once I get them.
  2. What is the outside diameter and thickness please? Thanks.
  3. Just seen this, I bid £362
  4. Nice
  5. completed

    No problem
  6. completed

    £94 inc delivery??
  7. completed

    Thanks, I was after London mint really but I will take the 2016 if still available please. PM sent.
  8. completed

    You list 2 x 1905 full sovs, is 1 still available and do you know the mint please? Thanks.
  9. Massive, many thanks Chris for a great prize and for a great Forum. Congratulations to the other winners and a Happy New year to all Forum members too, let's hope 2017 is a good one.