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  1. Good idea! Chris, please PM me your postal address. Very generous of your Quicksilver!!
  2. Would you like a bigger spoon to aid your stirring?
  3. Hello there. I have posted an explanation. Essentially I just got overloaded by a new job and didn't have the bandwidth in the day to cover all of my commitments. Every comment except for those from the past few weeks are all positive, but the recent negative ones are justified.
  4. My apologies to both of you. I trust you both received your item in the end? Sorry for the delay. If you want to PM me your postal address I will send you both a gift as an apology. David Sorry for your experience. Please PM me your postal address and I will send you a silver gift as an apology
  5. Well thanks Jay for the personal vendetta. I have recently had a handful of negative comments on my website (from just 2 customers). They are justified. ALL of the comments, prior to the last few weeks are extremely positive. In early September I started a new job and it has been all consuming. I have dropped the ball since. If anyone here has had a problem with an order, I apologise. We are talking about 10 orders that were either delivered more slowly than normal or that I have had to refund owing to being unable to ship fast enough or not having an item in stock. If you want to let me know who you are I will send you a small item of silver as an apology. David Thanks for the benefit of the doubt Chris. I have posted below.
  6. Hello Phoenix is now on pre-sale. They are £29.50 each and the Mintage on this one is slightly higher at 999. Here is our artist's design for the Obverse for this round. The reverse will be the same on all 4. Phoenix is now on sale for £29.50. The follow up to dragon.
  7. Sorry for the delay replying. They sold for £24.50 each (cost price). We issued our own CoA as Geiger do not issue them. They are have Geiger's hallmark on the Reverse though. They were pre-sold in a Facebook Group. The second round will be "Phoenix". It will be a little more money because silver has gone up and the pound has fallen against the Euro but should still be less than £30. Not bad at all for a micro-mintage. Here is a pic including the CoA....
  8. Just wanted to share these photos We commissioned a custom silver round through the members of a Facebook Group. They were minted by Geiger Edelmetalle and were delivered last Friday! A Mintage of 750 that sold out on a pre-sale basis in 6 days. It is the first of what will be a 4 Round Series called "Mythical Creatures" The second one will be "Phoenix".....
  9. welcome Scott!!
  10. It works out at £13 per oz including postage and is Goods and Service protected via my site.. I'll trim that to £12.75 per oz based on Friends and Family....
  11. Nothing that takes your fancy amongst my 29 Black Friday deals? http://www.abbotssilvercoins.co.uk/#!black-friday-silver-sale/c8w5
  12. I am holding a Black Friday Sale Today. New Deals on the Hour every hour, with prices from as low as £13 per oz posted! http://www.abbotssilvercoins.co.uk/#!black-friday-silver-sale/c8w5 David
  13. It was disappointing US jobs data that caused the jump
  14. That is a great price. I received my delivery last week. They are a great looking coin in my opinion!
  15. I have a spare tube of Owls.