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  1. What car do you drive?

    Bought myself a 1200 bandit earlier this year, still using it now, but it will be going into hibernation soon for the winter.
  2. Today I bought.....

    I bought 1 oz silver coins, mixture of Taku turtle, Maples, Eagles, Kangaroo, Panda (1995), Kookaburra, SBSS, and a few others worked out at £13.5/oz, around 24 coins. Total is now over 2400 oz.
  3. UK, Leave the EU?

    Yes me too, I have already voted. I am not afraid to say I voted to LEAVE.
  4. New Memeber

    Hi Welcome to the forum.
  5. Today I received.....

    Just received some bits from the USA a 2 oz Niue Turtle, ( this is a really nice coin to hold). 5 1 oz .45 calibre bullets. 1 Come and take it round. 1 Bulls and the Bears for my share dealing when I am undecided!!! Also picked up from my local supplier, 4 half crowns, and 5 proof coins 10 years of the bank of Sierra Leone but gave two each to the two boys as stocking fillers.
  6. A little late I know, but have a really good day and a prosperous and successful silver hunting new year.
  7. 2oz Lunar Monkey

    This was the reply from Livia.
  8. 2oz Lunar Monkey

    I too am after a 2 oz Monkey and also the 10 oz to complete the the Monkey run!!!
  9. Importing from the SilverTowne Mint - USA

    Not sure if you are sorted yet but I have a contact in the USA some people on here have also used him. His name is Glen Hotrum and his email address is abelieverinchrist@msn.com I have only ever got caught once with customs and that was because it was a 30 odd ounce order. So my next one was sent in several packages, and was OK. Just email him mention my name and tell him what you want if he cannot get it he will tell you. Good Hunting Keith
  10. diversifying

    As most know my money is in property, I have silver and gold, but also some shares. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, as to what the baskets are well that is ultimately your choice. I have turned £500 into £965 in around 4 months. But if you are not prepared to lose it then don't invest it!!!! The shares are REM (rare earth minerals). Just keep buying on the low then sell on the high. I am currently waiting for them to drop and have a buy order set at 0.875p.
  11. Hi HH I own 4 properties now one we live in one the other 3 are rented out, BUT two are for my sons who are buying them and the other one has my sons partner in. So we know all the tenants. I think the government are taking away some of the benefits on the tax side for landlords you will need to check this out. I agree if you get a bad tenant it could be nightmare. I had composed a list of questions to ask prospective tenants ask them all the same questions and note their responses, then you have to make a call as to who you let it to. Be careful but yes the rewards are very very good hence why I am retired!!!! If you want any more info PM me. Keith
  12. Will your nerves hold ?

    Hi Cointreau Thats a nice amount of gold. Mine is predominantly in full and half sovereigns. Sort of enforced retirement, I had planned to retire by 60 but the oil price slump brought that forward. Just glad I had planned and saved but spent my money wisely. I did go and have a look at a Porche carrera 4s though, very nearly bought it too. But common sense prevailed. Hence the four houses. Cheers Keith
  13. Will your nerves hold ?

    Just adjusting to not working anymore, and we lost one house and had to find another quickly which we just completed in May. I have been here just not saying much.
  14. Will your nerves hold ?

    Hi HTS No that is all physical silver in secure storage not too far from the house. I dread to think how much that would cost to get delivered, it would be more for the six big blokes to look after it in transit Keith