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  1. for sale 30g Silver Panda Coins - revised lower price

    Withdrawn until further notice. Thank you.
  2. for sale or exchange 1 KILO LIBERTAD BU 2017

    Withdrawn until further notice. thank you
  3. for sale 30g Silver Panda Coins - revised lower price

    Revised lower price. payment by bank transfer / Paypal - contact by PM
  4. for sale or exchange 1 KILO LIBERTAD BU 2017

    Just added the exchange option on this one!
  5. 2 lots of 15 Silver Pandas. You are invited to buy just a single tray of 15 coins or both trays. 1 tray @ £285.00 £265.00 2 trays @ £540.00 £500.00 UK mainland postage paid by kneehow2018.
  6. A magnificent and low mintage coin - [200] worldwide - for sale or exchange for 1 oz 999/9999 (24ct) gold coin/bar - preferably Royal mint/Perth mint/Libertad BU £1125.00 ono - negotiable in exchange (Postage - special delivery/trackable & Insured to be paid for by Buyer - Obviously willing to come to an equitable arrangement re: postage in case of exchange)
  7. Hello Everyone!!

    Good morning PuraPlataPura - I too am relatively new to the forum - if my memory serves me well (enough)..your reputation precedes you..in an excellent way of course!
  8. for sale Recent Silver Purchases

    So helpful - I had a feeling it was the seals causing the issue. I'll take that advice 100% - just have to get the capsules! (P.S. You were so right - the 4 remaining 'easily cleaned up!) Best wishes
  9. for sale Recent Silver Purchases

    No so rash - milk spotting in doubt after viewing 2 YT clips - appears to be a not so uncommon problem with Rwandan Roosters BU - residue caused by the plastic seals. Might consider putting in capsules before selling. I'll show pics fist of course. Regards
  10. for sale Recent Silver Purchases

    Uunfortunately 10 roosters sold - being returned - milk-spotting - my sincere apologies as I did not ick up on the issue as it was not obvious to me , certainly not on the rooster side, but likely on some of the coat of arms side - Plan to return them unless someone doesnt mind the issue - ill sell for £16.00 per. Regards
  11. for sale Recent Silver Purchases

    Thanks kiskelo
  12. for sale Recent Silver Purchases

    Sold 10 Roosters - 4 Rooster remaining Sold 1 Stock Horse - Nil Remaining
  13. for sale Recent Silver Purchases

    Apologies - just selling.
  14. kneehow2018

    Good morning All Very pleased to be on the forum - been reading lots and lots over the ast couple of years (all over the web) - I thought it was time to jump in (at the top)...better late than never! (It's done it again ..the "p" key's iffy - if I manage to upset anybody by missing a " " - aologies in advance. Best wishes Kneehow2018