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  1. completed Johnson Matthey London

  2. completed Johnson Matthey London

    Hi, can I ask where you got the verifier/ or make/model? Thanks Mick
  3. completed Silver coins

    i Richard, I'd be interested in all five coins, second class signed for. Please can you confirm total and I'll get payment to you. I bought a 1 oz Krugerrand from you on e-bay last night - michaeld4262 so you should have my address but I can send it here if you like. Cheeers Mick
  4. PCGS and NGC Silver Eagles

    Does anyone in the forum collect PCGS and/or NGC silver eagles (MS69/70)? I have a few gaps to fill and a lot of the same year that are taking up space.
  5. Lets talk Whiskey

    Usually pick up a £35 bottle with a tenner off at Sainsburys or Morrisons Aberlour Dufftown Singleton Laphroig Bowmore Ardmore Talisker To name but a few Islay malts are nice if you like the peaty bite Just poured a wee Aberlour 12 year old as you reminded me I was overdue one.
  6. Just got the five so far a few minutes ago for £195, hopefully in decent nick.
  7. Coin Rings

    Never seen them before but they do look quite impressive.
  8. Specific Gravity

    Avoided trying before as it sounded complicated. Thanks for putting it in layman's terms.
  9. Royal Mint offering a 1 oz gold bar in a free competition!

    Thanks, entered.
  10. Mick

    Hello from Edinburgh, been collecting a couple of years, made a few mistakes, hopefully less going forward.