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  1. Price reduction, Im down to 13.
  2. Sadly not, nothing newer than the 70s
  3. Hello, They are simply bullion, nothing special about any of them. Price as title suggests Usual payment terms. BT/FF/GS (plus4%) All the best Shaun
  4. Carillion Bust

    I still think the ftse will hit 8000. Gut feeling mind you.
  5. eBay & Coin Market Values

    The BUY IT NOW benchmark is the price that dealers will price at, on new coins the price is very narrow as competition is hot. On old coins the BIN benchmark is very wide. the benchmark has validity though because people who are not professional sellers will always price near a professional price (or they should be). I will add to this actually. With new coins, if you price above the benchmark you probably won't sell. As an individual wanting to sell on eBay you need to come under just under the benchmark to sell a coin. Why would someone buy from a member of the public when they can buy from a well respected dealer at the same price? your reputation as a dealer is paramount and people will gravitate towards you. The price is a constant tandem of different market forces, such as spot price, competition and competitive advantage. A dealer can only come down so much in price before it harms not only himself but all the other dealers involved. For an individual to really pick up a bargain I would suggest an auction or buying peer to peer. If you are paying the BUY IT NOW price you are paying spot plus manufacturing plus dealers cut plus postage, that is for new coins. With old coins, dealers have more sway over price and will charge a higher mark. This is done because backdated coins in good condition are hard to find. I often buy from dealers the world over and try and 'bully' them into getting the best price possible. I charge a higher mark up because firstly its higher risk for me, the reason the dealers will sell in large is because its left over stock they can't shift on most occasions and secondly as long as I stick to the BIN benchmark set by others my mark up is determined by the skill I have in getting the price I want. Going back to the original posters question. Value is a spectrum, there is no such thing as a price but a spectrum of prices that one can buy at. At one end is Ebay and the other end is peer to peer with everything in-between (such as online dealers, auctions, antiques etc etc), its not eBay is expensive as its relative. In your case you are looking in the wrong place as you are after value, eBay simply provides a mechanism for buyers and sellers and charges a fee on top. Not everyone is an investor and some people will see it as money spent and not expect a return on a coin whatsoever.
  6. eBay & Coin Market Values

    Im not from the states but I buy and sell a lot with an increasing presence on eBay. I built my business model on beating eBay. The way forward is to buy peer to peer, but when buying coins on eBay, the real issue is the fees. I can sell on eBay for the benchmark BIN price and make more money but to me it doesnt feel right to do so. What you need to consider is that I don't pay VAT (yet) as soon as I add it on the chances are its not greed on the sellers behalf but ebays. Just my 2 cents
  7. NK gold coins

    Hi Gazer, I am was pretty shocked at how good some of the coins were. Some are poor compared to international standards but they are a topic of interest.
  8. Id go for the 2oz bar. Feels better in hand.
  9. wanted Lunar 2 GOLD 1/10th Oz

    Yea, I am pretty short on lunars atm, if I come across more I will drop you a line.
  10. completed Empty Sovereign Tubes

    I have 2 I can do
  11. wanted Lunar 2 GOLD 1/10th Oz

    Hello, I only have the Tiger in atm for the 1/10 size. I have 1/20 oxes in but thats probably not what you are looking for Thanks for the tag Barney Shaun
  12. wanted 1957 or 1958 Gold Sovereign

    Suit yourself. good luck with your purchase. Im going back to facebook, this forum has gone downhill and a bit of a joke these days.