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  1. Some coins for my private collection. I love them equally
  2. I must admit I found that article pretty fascinating myself. Does this mean you are literally golden Ben
  3. Hi, I read it very briefly form start to finish, I think you cover all the main parts, it is probably an entry level guide to anyone wanting to buy silver to gold. I would like to touch on a few things that hasn't been mentioned prior. you talk about ETFs and short selling being bad this is not always the case. Ill give an example. What if you have amassed a large pile of metal and you foresee a big to medium drop coming in the price. If you are one of these people that wants to remain anonymous why not use a reverse ETF?
  4. completed

    £95 Delivered or OBO
  5. Probably not. Cost is a big factor and I doubt we could use/shift so many units
  6. Group buy anyone??
  7. Im sorting out my package as we speak My coin arrived as well. Many thanks!
  8. completed

    Id like all the half ounce lunars please
  9. I'm looking into going. Im 50/50 atm
  10. completed

    I had been wondering how to do this. Many thanks and happy new year.
  11. Does the 2016 set come with the plastic capsules?
  12. completed

    Sale over
  13. withdrawn

    I thought I had got in first, however after the confirmation I am more than happy to let you have them, it really is no issue .
  14. completed

    Pm your details please
  15. withdrawn

    Ill take all the Qbs dragon and pheonixs and all 1 gram pandas If I can?