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  1. I think you have said it in kinder words than I would have...
  2. completed

    ill take it
  3. They are nice.
  4. wanted

    Hello, Does anyone have 1 or 2 of these spare. happy to pay for them or even swap for other tubes. Kind Regards Shaun
  5. completed

    I'll give you 7o for it
  6. completed

    what is it?
  7. for sale

  8. I know its been great
  9. for sale

    Hi Pete fro some reason I didn't see this, I have reserved you 2 liberates. For everyone else the years are below. Owl 2017 Kangaroo 2017 Philharmonic 2017 Noahs ark 2016 Maple 2017 Eagle 2017 Taku 2016 Cook Island 2017 Superman 2016 Libertad 2016 Brit 2017 Brit 20 P 2017 Gorillas 2015 Steamboat W 2017
  10. for sale

    Hello All, I have the following for sale, I have bought these all in mint tubes so are mint quality, they only thing I do is take them out and put them in a plastic coin flip. I have the following coins and quantity, Postage is your choice and on top of the price. Price Amount Owl 15.85 19 Kangaroo 16.1 25 Philharmonic 16.1 20 Noahs ark 16.1 20 Maple 16.2 25 Eagle 16.75 20 Taku 17.9 19 Cook Island 18.15 19 Superman 18.6 24 Libertad 17.8 32 Brit 16.45 25 Brit 20 P 18.25 31 Gorillas 20.5 12 Steamboat W 20 14 1985 Libertads 20 14 PS. The kangaroos are sold I messed up the formatting and can't remove them without the text getting screwed.
  11. completed

    Ive got some lunar 1 tigers I can let go
  12. I mist admit, I also like gold silver packaging. I usually buy in bulk and on the last two occasions they have chucked in a free monster box for me.
  13. Hello All, I will try this again but with pictures, Price List : Colour Monkey is 27 delivered (10 to sell) Non- colour Monkey is 27 delivered (18) 6 gram Non-Colour Monkey is 28 delivered (7) Colour Rooster is 27 delivered (15)Non- colour Rooster is 27 delivered (14) Colour Panda is 30 delivered (4)Non- colour Panda is 30 delivered (2)3D Panda is 35 delivered (1) All photos are in order and all come with photos. Usual payment terms. GS is plus 4% Please feel free to drop me a line Shaun
  14. I have given feedback by the way. Thanks for the help guys
  15. This what I was trying but it wasn't let me do it for someone with no feedback..