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  1. I can answer this question. I put it into metal and decided to buy and sell. Naive at times yes, a fool very rarely. My investment would have made me a passive income of around 700 and a few thousand in the increase in share price for the year. I will make around 12k buying and selling metal. I stand by getting out the market and I won't be going back into the market for a while. **My investment was 10k in RDSB, I can't remember my exact buy price but the numbers are there or there about.
  2. £1 Silver Proof Coins?

    Anything is a good investment if bought correctly.
  3. Testing the waters

    A price would help...
  4. Replace coin from spotted 50th Anniversary Krugerrand

    Pm is not covered by this regulation, due the changing nature of PM prices, you could argue that the coin is covered due to the high value nature not being connected to spot but I don't think they would entertain you.
  5. for sale 1998-2012 Britannias Sold Separately

    Ill take the rest please
  6. Replace coin from spotted 50th Anniversary Krugerrand

    I was having a discussion with a chemist and he was telling me that milk spots occur because of how high the purity is. Now I have also heard that its due to a cleaning process. Are milk spots really a defect in the coin?
  7. Today I received.....

    The dog is not so nasty in gold.
  8. Has anybody bought from or know....

    I did a pre-order on these at 21.5 plus shipping (23.5 for a single) with free delivery for a roll. Sadly I didn't put it up on here because I don't want to pay the business license due to wanting to not going over the VAT threshold (it would probably take me over). Whilst I have already made the order, there are plenty of deals to be had on social media. As for Martin, he is a great guy. I have bought from him and his service is top notch.
  9. Don't get me wrong I 100% agree with your petition.
  10. Personally I think you are wasting your time, I have signed anyway.
  11. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    I put a long on silver when n Korea dropped the bomb, cashed out 4 days later. Saying that I got lucky and paper trading is not for me, I'll stick with using my account to hedge rather than speculation.
  12. question about sovereigns

    I was reading somewhere about the metal composition through the years. I believe it was chards.
  13. Bullion Sovereign Collections (what to start with?)

    Ill chuck a spanner into the works. I am trying to put together a date run on shield sovereigns. There are plenty you can pick up at a good price and then you do have some rarer ones that can be the cornerstone of your collection.
  14. Royal Mint Lunar dog 1/10th ounce coin

    I think this series is very underrated. I have seen a trend of prices going up on these.
  15. Royal Mint Lunar dog 1/10th ounce coin

    Why is their such a fixation on spot? It is not the be all and end all, you can even sell for more than spot on here and people want something for nothing...