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  1. completed

    I wouldn't bother asking, they are great for new coins. Older coins they are a joke for price.
  2. Look forward to see what my 1887 half sovereigns get
  3. I can only share my experience. It's up to others to decide for themselves what they wish to do with what I have said. I would never slate a company for no reason nor would I put it on a forum because I have an axe to grind. I could post the emails but there is no point for two reasons. Firstly you get half the picture due a lot of the dialogue was via phone, secondly I'm still got going to get my coins that I was I would be getting as previously written. i was also told via phone that they had 9 people queued for coins with 10 stockand delivery coming in for the bu. To me that suggests that they had too much demand and couldn't source more. It's just conviant there was stock and then the price went up and now there is not. Funny how they shot me down when I asked if I could order for the price i would have before they cut the finance by 14 months maybe I should alter what I wrote and said it is of my opinion they have put the price up and sold to someone else. I don't know but regardless of how you look at it. It's a piss poor wait to treat customers. If you can't 100% deliver on something then don't say it. i sincerely hope they deliver your order but I've got every right to feel aggrieved..
  4. Best of luck, I hope someone at least gets there allocation.
  5. It was an email they sent me, it did say they had the right to cancel. I am not annoyed about that. I am annoyed about the piss poor service they have offered and the fact I have been told on 3 occasions that the coins were mine. You are exactly right they have cut it to squeeze people out so they can sell for more. Its a disgrace. The thing that really gets to me is that I had the money to buy outright, but chose this option as it was more convenient for my cashflow, had I known I would have been messed around so much I would have simply paid up front for the 3 coins.
  6. I would also like to add, there customer service is next to nothing. No one has any power to deal with an issues as they relay it all to 'head office' which most likely is in the same building. They haven't even offered any good will gestures after completely screwing me around. Its just a shocking company.
  7. Before I get into what has happened I would like to say that I am a really laid back person and very pragmatic. I understand companies get it wrong sometimes and thats part and parcel of business but how I have been treated is absolutely disgusting. I opted to buy 3 BU sovereigns and 3 Piedforts on 19 months credit at 0%. This was cleared and my initial payment had been put on my credit card. I then got a phone call saying that unfortunately I could only have 5 months credit, so I agreed to drop the 3 BU sovs and keep the 3 pied forts over 5 months credit - I was ok with that, life is not always fair but I was assured the 3 coins were mine (twice in fact over 2 phone conversations). I then got an email yesterday saying it was over 3 Months credit, so I sent an email back asking for was going on and politely asked if they could phone me to discuss. I then get told that the coins that I have been told on 3 occasions are mine are not in stock. They have put the price up and sold my coins to someone else. I don't get angry about a lot of things but what a bunch of (insert appropriate word here) Fuming!
  8. Getting bored of this conversation. Who gives a crap about if its rarer or not, its short sighted and missing the point. Are these fantastic coins? Yes. Will they look great in someones collection? Yes. Will they make you money when you decide to sell? probably. Everything else is just academic.
  9. completed

    are those prices delivered?
  10. I wonder if I get commission
  11. I phoned them up because I thought it was a mistake... I went for 3 of the 1817 and 3 piedfort on 0% over 19 months. Seems like a no brainer. I can send them back if I wish..if the price tanks then Ill hand them back. If it doesnt Ill sell and cannibalise the loan with hopefully a hefty profit to boot.
  12. They offer 0% finance as well
  13. I put in an order of 3 of each not including the quintuple. Lets hope my order gets filled as its 0% finance
  14. own up, who bought 7
  15. I doubt it, as they are all the same year. Still worth it if you ask me.