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  1. for sale

    Hello, These are the notes Morezone has shown off, they are all from the nanjing mint, are limited mintage and come with COA and folder. I have the following: Panda Notes 5 gram Colour Panda £27 (3k mintage) 5 Gram Non-colour Panda £27 (3k mintage) Lunar Notes 5 gram C Monkey £27 (5k mintage) 5 gram N-C Monkey £27 (5k mintage) 6 gram N-C Monkey £28.5 (2k mintage) 5 gram C Rooster £27 (3k mintage) 5 gram N-C Rooster £27 (3k mintage) PPFF is prefered, G&S the extra is paid by you. All the best Shaun
  2. I spent about 5 years living my life out of a suitcase as I moved from place to place. I was always happier when buying a friend a beer and listening to stories than buying the latest *insert item here* and trying to tell the world about me.
  3. I will throw my hat into the ring on this. I set myself the challenge of doubling my stack by the end of the year, I can speak from experience that these coins have a very limited market, they are faddy (thats not today they won't make money) and its more the hardcore collector who buys them. So I will back Clens92 up on this (I don't know the guy). To say that UK stackers are getting heavily into these is simply not true. Point two I will also address, I have been doing a pre-sale of the new QB series, I did 80 ounces of the Griffin before I had established my reputation as a trustworthy seller, I will be doing around 250 ounces of the red Dragon, point 2 is naive at best. Also its important to own British coins in the UK due to tax status. I often sell Brits, predominantly pre2012. Your argument is invalid. Point 3, On a personal level I find these coins boring, its been done before and its being milked. With any product its the initial product that sets the standard that will command the premium later on, most of the other coins will fall by the way side and revert back to its intrinsic value. I have some micro mintage coins in my possession, they are 2004 to 2007 Kiwi coins in Original mint packaging. These coins are almost mythical however due to their rarity it makes them a hardcore collectors coin which puts the value at what people will pay, it also means on the sell side I lack liquidity if I want to achieve the maximum price. Do a test, put those coins up for the price you want and see how many people pay it, you will notice due to the lack of collectors (which has been addressed) you will have to lower the price to increase the liquidity of your coins. I am not someone who won't take a risk either, since the start of the year, I have bought 5 gram silver notes (120 in total), Ive bought chinese 80 gram silver medallions and Ive also bought 100 North Korean minted coin in brass and aluminium. Some of these have worked out and some haven't. I have a large variety of things I like to sell because I realise its horses for courses and different people have different circumstances and want to collect different things, but from experience this series is not high on the list. I admire your enthusiasm but to speak with such authority and rub people up the wrong way is not productive, I don't know everyone on this forum but I really admire and respect some of these guys, I even have some of them on whatsapp. I can genuinely say that there is some very knowledgable and coin savvy people on here, who will offer their time and knowledge for free if you ask nicely. feel free to drop me a line anytime
  4. Succinct as ever
  5. I think we have pretty much identical strategies for this
  6. I run my stack like a business now, I have everything on a spreadsheet and I aim to make money on everything. I am constantly rotating my stack and reinvesting to grow the stack and have designated costs and targets for all of my items. I do have 3 separate areas though. My flipping stack, my core stack and my collection.
  7. completed

  8. Hello, I have the following coins for sale, all are in mint condition (I can provide pics if requested) Tiger *2 are 1/10 Ounce @ 160/ Each delivered (was 170) and 2 1 gram 2017 pandas @ 48/Each delivered (was 49) Many thanks Shaun Ps I won't be reducing the tigers anymore, if no interest I shall take down for sale
  9. It is meant to be a 1/20 but you are right it looks a lot bigger. Its a 2010 none the less. Id you are referring to the 4 pandas they are 2017 1 grams
  10. I will be flipping some if these ☺
  11. completed

    that went quick
  12. wanted

    Great coin you have there pal, sadly I don't collect graded silver. I do agree about the 958 comment, they are far superior in quality compared to the new coins
  13. wanted

    Is anyone selling? please PM with what you have and price if so Cheers Shaun
  14. If they want 99 Euros a piece they can keep it If we are talking numismatic coins then I can stomach that price for a gram of coin, but for such a large outlay for a new release with no track record there is little upside.