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  1. for sale selling stack

    Gold bar received today after ordering Sunday night. Thanks
  2. for sale selling stack

    Pm sent
  3. for sale 1kg Umicore silver bar

    Got a 10oz bar this week for £135 with postage. £13.50 p/oz. there's good deals to be found. I'm pretty new also but I have found there not to be much premium added to bars.
  4. Today I bought.....

    My second 10oz bar. £135. Not to bad aslong as it's not an eBay fake lol.
  5. completed 100 gram Umicore silver bars

    Thanks can you pm me details total with postage etc and I will send payment in morning michael
  6. completed 100 gram Umicore silver bars

    Hello, do you have 2 still available or are they all gone? Thanks
  7. Is silver stacking even worth it for me?

    Sorry I'm in turkey and somehow ended up on the Norwegian site and have now come across uk site
  8. Is silver stacking even worth it for me?

    Hi, I checked out the 10oz spot bar but the shipping and tax is around £50. Is there anyone else you know of doing this deal without tax. Thanks
  9. 1 oz silver perth mint lunar goat help needed?

    Can you not try and find a couple of capsules. I'm sure someone will have them
  10. Hi guys. I'm new around here, just started collecting this past month. Ive had quite a busy start accumulating 55oz of silver and 2 sovereigns but this will slow down. I've got the bug early and went over board Okay to the original question. I bought one of them royal mint £50 coin for £44. I thought this was a great deal as I was instantly in profit. However since realising they are marked up massively from spot, I also can't take it to the bank and cash it for £50. So that is my most regretful purchase. Any one else make similar errors at the beginning thanks.
  11. Today I bought.....

    From eBay. Not many places have them in stock. Silver To go had them around £92 try the silver trader he has them in I've just ordered 4 griffins today. If you go direct to his site and not his eBay shop they are slightly cheaper
  12. Today I bought.....

    New member, Just started this month. 4 queens beast lions silver 2oz coins ordered today