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  1. Have messaged you about the Panda. A
  2. 5OZ Proof

    Still no love for the Kina? Reduced down as low as I can go £75 plus post...Someone put my out of my misery.
  3. 5OZ Proof

    5oz 999 silver Kina. With COA. Mintage of 3000. Lovely coin. Looking to move on as doesn't fit with my stack and I got it as part of a mixed lot. Open to swaps as well as buying outright. Going to price this cheaply for a quick sale... All others available on eBay are £160+ £85 plus postage of your choice. Payment through FF or Bank transfer.
  4. Further price bump... £105 including postage. Surely someone wants this lovely addition to their collection.
  5. For some reason cannot delete the Monarch pictures. As edit price reduction and open to Swap.
  6. Monarchs now sold. Price reduction on the 5oz Kina.
  7. Bump... happy to take offers on the Kina proof
  8. Today I Received

    Pretty excited about these... 3 X 5oz "Pucks" from Swiss of America. Properly chunky vintage pieces. You can see how big they are compared to a 1oz monarch!
  9. 5oz 1998 Papua New Guinea 10 Kina Proof. Limited mintage of 3000 with box and COA. £115 Inc Special Delivery Payment either PayPal FF or bank transfer Open to a swap, Either Half Sov or equivalent Silver in £
  10. completed Cheap silver coins at £14.59 new offer

    Recieved my 4 today. [emoji106] Super quick thanks mate.
  11. How do you track your stack?

    @backyardBullion, do I need to add it to basket and checkout? Can't seem to find a downloadable link.
  12. Having started a stack and realising I need to keep track of it I started to pull together a fairly basic spreadsheet. Just to keep track of things like spot price at time of purchase, amount paid, Oz owned etc. What does everyone else do? Anyone happy to share their methods or spreadsheets?
  13. Ebay £10 redemption voucher

    What do you have to do to get the eBay voucher?
  14. completed Cheap silver coins at £14.59 new offer

    Ill have 2. Will PM
  15. John A -- Give-Away -- OVER --

    In for the win