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  1. Like your thinking on that....or maybe a beer and let the Mrs drive [emoji16]
  2. Sure takes some beating doesn't it..s***t you got me at it again! Cracking picture though
  3. Too true. I have seen too many family and friends cut short before they had chance to enjoy any retirement. By the way Tango, no pic there bud!
  4. Sure do...aren't they expensive.....that will restrict my spending on pm's somewhat! I like the "leisurely pace" idea. I was riding with my two sons and they have no concept of a "leisurely pace"...time to put all that behind me I think. Now, which motorhome can I afford
  5. Ha Ha, sounds like a good plan....wonder if I will get away with that, need to be a big m/home to carry a harley
  6. Must admit that I have had one or two other near misses, through no fault of my own.....and each time I get a few more grey hairs
  7. Well, after trashing my bike on holiday in spain about 6 weeks ago, I now have a cheque from insurance company (pretty pain free to be fair, the ins company that is). The options are; 1. Another bike. 2. Just invest in more pms/other investments and forget bikes. 3. (My wifes preffered) Put it towards a Motorhome, I will retire this December and would like to see more of UK a well as venturing into europe again. I do miss the bike though!
  8. All received and very much appreciated....well done and many thanks to BYB
  9. I'm with GoldenDuck on this....certainly interested!
  10. Would like 161 & 162 please !
  11. for sale

    I will take 2005 full if still available please!
  12. I noticed this yesterday as well...not noticed it before!
  13. Anyone have a 1/4 oz queens beast griffin they would like to sell? Rather buy from here than elsewhere although I think coininvest have some.