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  1. completed 1/2 Proof gold coin - remarkable price!

    I'm usually a Sov man with the odd 1/4 oz...but this looks stunning!
  2. completed 1/2 Proof gold coin - remarkable price!

    I will take this chris please!
  3. Updated Michael Marsh book

    Tried to order but now "not available" !
  4. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I see that offer is now over for Sovs at HGM....but 2% over spot for full Krugs!
  5. Queens Beasts boxes

    Am I mis-reading this or do they only deliver within Germany?
  6. Updated Michael Marsh book

    I have just checked the book shops on that page and none have it available1
  7. Updated Michael Marsh book

    Tried £27/£28/£29...all rejected!
  8. for sale Silver coins

    Ok...I will leave it thanks anyway.
  9. for sale Silver coins

    1 oz kook proof & 2 oz kook please!
  10. completed 2015 proof kookaburra anniversary

    £40 delivered Chris?
  11. for sale 1/4oz gold 2010 panda and 1/4oz gold maple

    ok...ta, i'm tooooooo slow!
  12. Open it anyway......just because i'm nosey
  13. +1 Stopped investing (only small amounts)for same reasons.