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  1. RM gold up 9%?????

    RMB site notice - Temporarily down for maintenance. We should be back online shortly.
  2. 1/10th gold coins

    @RoughDog you beat me too it Personally I don't care about the premium, I'm not looking to sell in the short/medium term and in the long term I'll be dead, just ordered another two.
  3. stack total

    I'll not manage that unfortunately, I was panic buying last month because I owned virtually zero precious metals (only the pre-decimal silver coins). Hopefully a couple hundred more 1oz Silver Britannias, as well as some more 100g RMB Silver Bars and 1/10oz Gold Britannias over the Summer. Longer term a bit more gold, perhaps a larger silver bar and some semi-numismatic silver coins.
  4. stack total

    Only just began stacking last month, so have been panic buying, haven't been too bothered about the price really, just used a combination of earnings and savings. 100x 1oz Silver Britannias, 1x 100g Royal Mint Silver Bar and 2x 1/10oz Gold Britannias. This along with some inherited pre 1947/1920 coins from my Father. I intend to keep adding to my stack over the Summer, I work in Catering and the busy season has just started.
  5. Today I Received

  6. John A -- Give-Away -- OVER --

    Lovely coins, count me in please.
  7. Where Do you buy your Bullion?

    I've had 3 orders from Silver-To-Go, all items were shipped quickly and arrived safely, very happy with their service and will definitely be buying from them again. Silver-To-Go charge for postage and 2% Credit Card fees (for which you also get priority service, items in stock if ordered before 4pm are posted the same day), they do not charge VAT on Silver Coins. Just recieved my first order from The Royal Mint Bullion, very happy with the swift service and will be buying from them again too. The Royal Mint Bullion has free postage, no Credit Card fees, but does charge 20% VAT on Silver.
  8. Today I Received

  9. Hello from North Yorkshire

    Nice and sunny at the moment, though no doubt something will put a stop to that. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome, been busy reading lots of posts, looking forward to becoming a more active member of the community.
  10. Hello from North Yorkshire

    New member here, would like to introduce myself, I'm Clive from North Yorkshire. I inherited some pree 1947/1920 silver coins from my late father many years ago. Appears he was a silver stacker long before youtube and the internet, probably saving the silver coins from his change as a young man. I've only recently added a little to this stack and also purchased my first 100oz of silver Britannias. I had some Bullion Sovereigns (full and half) in the past but unfortunately sold them, hopefully I'll be able to keep hold of my silver. This year I intend to buy more silver 1oz Britannias and a 1kg Royal Mint silver bar. Looking forward to reading the posts on the forum, picking up some tips and hopefully doing a bit of trading.