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  1. The Perth Mint Video

    Just viewed this video about the Perth Mint. No doubt many have already seen it. Interesting (apart from the tea and scones) and only 8 or so minutes. Seems they make blanks for many government mints around the world! I've certainly learnt something new today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUIMvT0VED4 Enjoy.
  2. Hello, Just came across your for sale ad and wondering if you still have 2 x Queen's Beast Lion of England 2oz ==> €39 for sale with postage to the UK. If so, happy to pay direct debit into your bank account. Regards, caloundracats
  3. Proof coins for investment - worth it?

    Thanks again all. I have purchased a couple of proofs, not your run of the mill type, but ones that appealed and have meaning to me. I'll take some pictures when I get them and upload if I can (bit technically challenged!). A born collector these will be for my enjoyment and long term investment. The rest of my 'stack' will be bullion BU's and the odd small bar as funds allow. I appreciate everyones comments and links and find this forum not only welcoming but a huge source of knowledge. I have spent hours viewing videos and comparing sites and general research. Just wish I had thought about collecting silver years ago rather than the items I did collect and were on display to enjoy but of little value. Having thought about buying bits of silver for a long time, I took the plunge when I woke up one morning with the bright idea of purchasing a few 2017 coins for my first grandchild born last year. I thought a 2017 UK and Perth Lunar, a Britannia and an Anniversary Britannia would make a lovely 21st present for her in 20 odd years time. Now my collecting genes are awoken once again!
  4. Proof coins for investment - worth it?

    Thanks you all for your comments, and I did view the video. Although a 'newbie' my strategy is to only purchase bullion coins and bars (in the future) as funds allow and hold for the long term. I choose mostly Commonwealth coins which all seem very popular and have clear well defined images in the main with the exception of a few from the Royal Mint which I don't possess. However, I have come across several new bullion coins with very limited mintage - talking 5,000 and also less than 1,000 with general appeal IMO. I have been led to believe that no BU coins will follow on so it's the proofs or nothing. Of course they come with extremely high premiums and are aimed at the collector. Magnificent coins but I'm going to have to be quick or miss out. They are produced by well respected mints ensuring the quality is top notch so will never be on the pile to melt down in future. I'm just undecided as to whether or not to purchase or use the funds for Britannias and the like.
  5. Proof coins for investment - worth it?

    Hi Folks, Wondering what the general opinion is on Proof Coins with COA for investment purposes with limited mintage. From experience, do you feel they increase in value over time,? Interested as thinking I may get hold of some so comments and advise most welcome. Thanks All. Cathy
  6. Todays unexpected pick up...

    What a great coin.
  7. Physical Gold Ltd UK trader

    Hi, I think they are based in Guernsey so they do not pay standard 20% VAT.
  8. Hello All

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. The postman has just been with my first purchases:) I have spent days and days researching and watching videos on uTube. I can see this is so addictive let alone from an investment/collectors point of view. Just love the designs, love silver in all it's forms. Now if only I had heaps of money I could have a field day.
  9. Hello All

    Thank you. Am trying to find out how to join the group purchase as was about to make an independent buy from the same source. Bit technically challenged so please bare with me. Trust you got the funds through by now for my silver forum 1 oz bars.
  10. Hello All

    Pleased to join the forum, newbie here but am hooked on silver and have learnt so much from various people - so thank you all.
  11. Hi, As a new member and newbie to stacking, I am very interested in these wonderful pieces. Please reserve numbers 1,2 & 8 if possible. Alternatively, the three lowest numbers available. Will contact you shortly to confirm payment made.