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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    1oz Privy Kookaburras, 20 francs roosters, American buffalos, Pamp silver bars
  1. 20 French francs advice please

    They most certainly are..
  2. 20 French francs advice please

    @Lea79 I have just started collecting the Angels (1871-1898) prior to these I collected the roosters, and have a run from 1900 to 1914 inclusive..just looking for 1899 & 1900. Always on the look out for a small number of Kookaburra 1oz Privy coins, as have nearly got all of those from 1990 to today. Thats the French and Aussie coins, also have nearly all the gold 1oz buffalos from 2006... Think I will stick to the French Angels for a while longer. Not always a keen French lover but they do make some things way better than the Brits!! Just a shame the bottle is now empty!
  3. 20 French francs advice please

    Thank you Lea79. I think I will purchase the ones I can see. Already checked the dates and as expected, none are rare. As these coins are pretty common, I am not interested in getting them graded. Not keen on coins being locked away in boxes... Still at the accumulation stage in my collecting, my children will probably be doing all the selling!!!
  4. 20 French francs advice please

    Hi I stack and collect, but wrt to the Angels I will look to get as many different years as I can. Clearly at some point in the future I may wish to sell, at which point the grade of the coins may become more important. As to buying these close to spot ....let me know where please! ...and yes..it does look like the coq is about to get wet...
  5. 20 French francs advice please

    I have been offered some Angels from a well known bullion dealer (see Photos below), but as a newbie am not sure of their quality (grade wise). I have also been offered some more from another dealer at a price 10% higher, for no better than EF grade (AU58). Question is..do I buy the ones in the photographs but not sure of grade, or the ones I cannot see at a higher price with the grade declared? ..it is unlikely I can afford to buy both! i appreciate any help you can provide.
  6. Precious metal investments which is best?

    No matter what you choose, it will be better in the long run and more fun owning precious metals (PM’s), but only a smal percentage of your wealth I advise. I was born in 1967 when $1000 bought 28 oz of gold. Today $1000 buys just over an oz of gold...that is how much fiat money destroys wealth over time (assuming zero interest on savings etc etc) Buying new silver in the UK is a bad idea thanks to VAT, but many members far more knowledgable than I will be able to point you in directions where this can be avoided. Buying new is not always the best way to go especially with silver bullion.. One thing I do know, if you have gold in your pocket, every bullion dealer / pawn shop (not porn!) will want to take it from you. Silver I find is less easy to sell at a profit in the short run.. Each to their own, but whichever route you choose, don’t go the full monty from the start, buy a little at a time. regards and welcome to the forum
  7. Today I Received

    Just received a late Christmas present from Germany.. Not a rare Kookaburra Privy coin (50k mintage), but it is rare to find one in its original cardboard Santa Claus holder and stand..ho ho ho!
  8. Bullion or not Bullion

    The ONLY problem with sovereigns is....you will NEVER be able to own all of the ones ever made....unless you win Euoromillions. My slight OCD when it comes to collecting prevents me from going there...I salute those that do..
  9. Need help/advice with gold from USA

    Buffalo hunter here...I have managed to accumulate a small herd of these coins in the last year or so, and absolutely love them. I am more than happy with the quality of the coins I have bought (at spot plus dealer mark up) apart from the 2006 which has no lustre left. Just missing the 2010 which I can get from Apmex, but would prefer to source from a UK dealer so will be patient and wait. Sorry about the poor quality photo, I can get some more detailed ones done if anyone is interested. As to where I got these coins from:- 2006 HGM 2007 Atkinsons 2008 Atkinsons 2009 Atkinsons 2011 UK bullion 2012 Silvergoldbull (Canada) 2013 Atkinsons 2014 Atkinsons 2015 Sharps Pixley 2016 Atkinsons 2017 Atkinsons The real pain in collecting these is the fact that dealers rarely put the year of the coin in their advertising. I have had to phone up each time to ascertain the year (and condition) but this is part of the fun of collecting I guess..the chase! Some of the coins have arrived in the original mint wrapping, and the vast majority look to have been well cared for...I guess I have been lucky so far. Happy hunting for the buffalos, they are worth the challenge even if you just get one for your collection.
  10. 20 French francs advice please

    Just love the roosters 1899-1914 and when funds allow I will start to collect the earlier 20 francs Napoleonic coins. Not seen many but there are a few poor quality fakes out there... should look like this
  11. silver krugerrand

    With a mintage of 1m coins, these will be selling at spot + whatever you can get when the demand and supply curves settle down. When the publicity (pump and dump) started on these coins I was so looking forward to buying a few rolls until I saw the price! Then I bought none.. How can the price of these be justified with such a high mintage? Is there any other modern coin out there with such a high mintage that commands such a premium over spot.... I think the SA Mint have been completely discourteous to coin collectors around the world in what they have done... but still a beautiful coin none the less. My entry point is slowly coming into view on the horizon...
  12. sharps pixley

    Hi Having undertaken due diligence I have used this company on two occasions and they are great to deal with. Both times it was for gold coins which arrived safely, swiftly and in good condition. They also offer a safety deposit box scheme which London based people may find useful.. Pretty sure they are owned by Degussa so a company built on firm foundations hopefully.. Hooe that helps
  13. New Member Just Saying Hello..

    Just discovered this fab-u-las forum, read it for a few days, and have now decided to come out from the shadows and introduce myself. Collecting PM’s can be a solitary pursuit, so will be glad of some like minded company!! My first purchase was around 4 years ago, so I am relatively inexperienced compared to most, but we all have to start somewhere. My first interest was in the Perth Mint Kookaburras (1990 - current) but soon managed to get all of those. The next challenge has been to collect all of the 1oz Privy Kookaburras which I am closing in on fast...1 single coin and 3 sets left to find. I have established good relations with a few dealers in Australia over the years, so if anyone needs help down under, I will certainly be able to advise on who to approach .. I now collect the French 20 Franc Roosters (1899-1914) but will soon be looking for another coin to collect.. Just started to venture out to coin shows and made my first trip to the Midland Coin Fair recently... Just looking forward to getting to know a few new people and improving my knowledge of all things numismatic. kind regards
  14. My Chards Experience

    I recently approached Chards to buy some Roosters, and can honestly say the service I received was exceptional. To ensure I did not get dog chewed coins, I asked for some photographs to be sent of the reverse and obverse and a day or two later I received them. As a result of receiving the high quality images, I bought 11 roosters in total. I am by no means qualified to grade the coins (your comments are welcome on this) but would say the vast majority are in very good condition - bearing in mind the price above spot was not huge and I knew I was buying bullion coins. There are not many dealers that will do this, so hats off to Chards (especially Lizzie) from me. As a stacker and collector I do understand the difference between bullion and graded. The buzz for the collector has been alluded to in this thread earlier, collectors want to buy coins at spot + not much, and obtain a coin of MS63 or above..nice if it happens but not really a sustainable business model..
  15. How great are Hatton garden metals?

    I agree with KDave..don’t expect to receive a BU example when buying coins, you may well be disappointed. That said, they did only charge a few % over spot for my gold coin. There are several alternative companies who will send photos of coins I wish to buy, and from a collectors point of view it’s worth paying a bit more to bet a good clean example..There always seems to be a bit of a battle between bullion dealers and coin collectors. I am surprised some of the bigger bullion companies don’t employ a grader for a few days a month, they could then value add on some of the better coins they receive..