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  1. Hello

    Welcome, Enjoy the forum.
  2. Hi from Manchester

    Welcome to TSF
  3. Newbie from the Cotswolds

    Welcome to TSF
  4. making money with silver coins

    The Silver Forum - Possible the friendliest forum on the planet
  5. Silver Forum Podcast

    I searched for one at the weekend hoping it would pop up, no such luck. So grateful for this forum though, a real hive of activity and information in a world where Facebook groups seem to be king.
  6. Hi from Manchester

  7. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    Was waiting for that Currently abroad so unable to put a picture up, as for the new member - We all have to start somewhere, right?
  8. Could not find anything similar via the search function ( Please let me know if I missed an existing thread) As per title, Show us your stack!
  9. 1kg Bar vs Coin Question

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are having a nice weekend. Something I have not been able to get my head around recently is the low premiums on 1kg semi-numismatic coins vs bars. As an example, on GS.BE you can purchase new 1kg Lunars / Koalas cheaper than the generic 1kg bars second hand on eBay etc. I have attached a couple of examples in the screenshots below. Maybe I am missing something but for the pure weight stackers, these 1kg coins surely make far more sense. They are brand new, have some appeal, come in protective cases and cheaper than the 1kg bars. So my question is, why are the "Weight Stackers" not stocking up on these an going for Metalor or similar bars instead? Let me know your thoughts,
  10. wanted 1kg + Silver Bars

    Thanks guys
  11. wanted 1kg + Silver Bars

    Hi All, Hope you are well. I am looking to increase my weight and would like to purchase 1kg + sized silver bars. Ideally Metalor or similar high quality but would consider anything from a trusted seller. Look forward to hearing from you soon
  12. Thanks for all of your efforts on this forum and youtube BYB, much appreciated. I will support your efforts here when I am looking to place smaller orders.
  13. Thanks, guys, How long did the box take to arrive once you placed the order?
  14. Does anyone have any experience ordering a 500 oz monster box from GS? Any experience on lead times for Eagles / Britania? Prices are very competitive!