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  1. for sale Super Cheap Pandas 2016 and 2017

    do they come with the official mint tray? (15)
  2. completed Apmex Brick 1 Kilo

    looks similar to the scottsdale version
  3. I dont think it is odd, i think it is a smart move. I do have a tv but rarely watch. Mind you watching youtube vids is the same as having a tv (potential for a lot of time to be wasted)
  4. Thank you Mrs BYB & Mr BYB, enjoy the chinese guys !
  5. What does it cost to dump the gold price $20?

    love the above analysis
  6. What does it cost to dump the gold price $20?

    to see gold dip below 1300 usd is sad, but the cartels can do as they wish. They cant hurt us, they can never hurt us we are too strong for them. right?
  7. When Siver goes through the roof!

    I think an important point to mention is that if silver/gold goes through the roof (hopefully more like when) what will be the implication on the prices of goods and services. In an inflationary environment prices of goods and services could also skyrocket. Back to the topic, if silver goes through the roof I would deffinately consider selling a set %, but I would definately also consider using the silver in a barter economy if possible.
  8. Interesting vid & great points BYB
  9. New baby bar arrived

    isnt it 999 not 999.9?
  10. completed 1oz Golden state mint silver bars

    with good prices, so it shoulf fly out like hot cakes
  11. Silver bar or rounds? 🤔

    which ever one provides best value for money at the time
  12. completed Gold coins

    also good prices
  13. Great order for the European Mint, a huge order for the 2nd consecutive month by the Silverforum members. THANK YOU BYB !
  14. Where can i pick up cheap buffalo rounds from 🤔

    https://www.bairdmint.com/products/silver-1oz-buffalo Max you can order is 5 from the above link