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  1. Cleaning coins

    Ive heard BBQ Sauce or coke could do the trick. Not tried it myself but maybe worth trying out on some 1p coins
  2. That is classic, doesnt happen like this nowadays, too many handshakes in the tunnel before k.o. Im a fan of the 'in the zone' look
  3. Playing the game, its the best feeling. I now waste less of my time actually watching football on Tv. I am a huge fan of football but over the years I just realised im wasting my time and £ here. Football is the Best! Play for as long as you can & dont let supporting your team occupy too much of your life because at the end its just a game.
  4. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    hahah, that does look like dank,
  5. A Wee delivery from BYB

    Wow them bars look incredible, so tempting
  6. valuation of sovereigns

    loool, went on google got a few mixed reviews. If carrying under 10k it should be simple and straight forward anything over 10K of Euros is really going to down to the individuals luck and the boarder control guys. Im falling under the 10k bracket so not much to fear atm.
  7. valuation of sovereigns

    kool, thanks @Roy
  8. valuation of sovereigns

    so if we have to declare when travelling as each soverign has a nominal value of £1 if I was to take 5 through to an airport I would declare it as £5 is that correct?
  9. With 3hrs 30mins left 21,750euro is my guess
  10. Group Order Negotiations - 10 oz Queen's Beast Dragon & More

    Eagles & Mapple Leafs perhaps as they r sometimes on the lower end of the price spectrum
  11. The price of silver

    When the spot price of silver rises I would seriously consider using the silver in a barter economy. Using silver in exchange of goods and services may be a possible outcome
  12. Im definately going to make sure BYB and Mrs BYB get a service charge for the curry! For all those on the group order, it is worth considering £1 for the service BYB is providing us.