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  1. UK Pre-decimal tips?

    Thanks @PansPurse, I've been looking definitely pre-1920, Victorian stuff and earlier are most interesting to me, but I didn't know about the 1920-1947 and beyond ranges so that's interesting! Appreciate it!
  2. As of right now my collection/stack has been primarily bullion coins, Chinese medals, and some scattered foreign coins, mostly old Russian. I would like to begin expanding to more numismatic coins, and in particular, several pre-decimal UK silver pieces have caught my eye. Thing is, I don't know a whole lot about them yet beyond that I think many of them look amazing and have a good deal of history to them., and while I am doing research before buying, there is a ton of stuff out there. Research is well and good, but input from the experience of others is often equally valuable. I was hoping some more seasoned collectors here may be able to give me some tips of things to look for, favorites of their own, etc. Thanks and I look forward to seeing what you have to say!
  3. 1924 S US Peace Dollar

    You are correct, this is a more classical spelling using "V". Before the use of the letter "U" in English, "V" could be written as the consonant "V" or the vowel "U," if my memory serves me correctly.
  4. 1924 S US Peace Dollar

    Thinking of including this with the next batch I send for grading. There is actually more detail to the surfaces than I was able to capture in these pics and the coin has a decent cartwheel luster to it. Just wondering what you all think. Have a good one, all!
  5. The pictures really don't do justice to the amount of detail on these 2oz medals, but they are very beautiful and I was excited to receive them today. Mintage of 200 on the Antiqued and supposedly 328 on the proof. I say supposedly because the mint and the COA say maximum mintage of 328 but mine is numbered in the 390's. Maybe they changed the mintage later, maybe they didn't number them starting at 1, but anyway, I'm still thrilled to have these. Any thoughts from you fine folks as to the mintage/COA discrepancy?
  6. Hello from Ipswich, UK

    Beautiful sovereigns! Welcome!
  7. 2018 Cook Islands 3 coin ultra high relief

    Beautiful set! A bit pricey, but with a limited mintage and such a nice design I wouldn't mind having one if I can throw the money together!
  8. Impulse Buy

    Yes, and I'm thankful that I make more than it so I can afford this hobby. I realize now that was awkwardly phrased. The coin itself was under $10. I don't know much about UK coins, just getting into them recently. So, as long as I'm replying again on this thread, can anyone tell me if the apparent die crack across right side of the portrait does anything value-wise for collectors of these, or does it just amount to a unique quirk? Thanks.
  9. Impulse Buy

    Happened to see Shilling on auction whilst killing some time in the office for under $10. Wasn't particularly looking for anything, but for the price, I couldn't resist. Figured it would just be cool to have.
  10. Most expensive coin

    1990 USSR 1oz Palladium Ballerina Proof was my most expensive, sold it a couple days ago though.
  11. Hello all!

    Hello all, Been hearing about The Silver Forum for some time now from @Numistacker and @BackyardBullion YouTube channels and decided to join up. I'm a collector living in NY. My collection currently is mostly comprised of silver, but I'm looking to start incorporating more gold coins soon. The Austrian Philharmonic series instantly caught my attention and sparked my initial interest in coin collecting- having played in concert and symphonic bands since elementary school as well as working in a music company for many years, they just really spoke to me. From there, I began looking for other musical series and ended up getting into Russian Ballet coins for a bit, among other things. As far as bullion goes, I don't really have any other series specifically that I follow, I just frequently browse what is out there and if I see something that really captures my attention and it's a good deal, I pick it up. I keep an eye out for limited releases or things that generate a lot of buzz and may go up in value over time as well. Numistacker really sparked a great interest in Chinese Medals for me from many of his videos, so I've been looking more and more into those artistic releases. I would like to learn more about sovereigns as I am interested in beginning to collect them but am basically starting from scratch. For non-bullion coins and circulation coins, I still try to go for things that have precious metal content, as opposed to bronze, copper, etc, but I love old silver and gold particularly. I shop for condition and eye appeal, but am also fascinated by the history of a coin. Recently I picked up a 1722 Spanish 2 Real silver coin, and aside from a beautifully detailed design for its age, I found my imagination wandering thinking about how many people had handled this coin and where it may have traveled in the last 295+ years; there is a certain amount of fantasy in potentially holding that kind of piece of history in your hand, I think. In any case, this is just an introduction and I'm afraid I'm already babbling. I look forward to interacting and learning with all of you here. Thanks, and best wishes to all!