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  1. Sent off some coins to NGC (part 1)

    I like the Gairsoppa coins as well, pretty cool. Newer ANACS grading (yellow holders like these) isn't bad, but tends to be a bit more liberal than older anacs and NGC/PCGS by many accounts I've heard. Don't be surprised if they come back from NGC a grade or so lower (not that they always will). NGC does sometimes give these the DPL designation though, which could be a nice bonus if they cross-grade well. NGC and PCGS also usually command a higher resale premium than ANACS if you ever wanted to sell these, so that may be a consideration too. All in all though, it's about the coin more than the holder, if you love the coin and think you would like it more in another slap, then that alone makes it worth it, whatever increases the happiness your collection or stack brings you. And there's my two cents on it...
  2. Selling the pictured silver 1914CNB BC Russian 20 Kopek coin, graded MS66 by NGC and professionally conserved by NCS to a brilliant luster and a ton of detail. Asking $65.00, Free shipping within the USA
  3. Selling this 2017 Proof Nautical Ounce, one of a population of only 7 graded PF70UC with the First Releases Designation by NGC. 1,000 piece total mintage. Original COA is also included and will mail with the coin. Asking $385, open to offers, just send me a message. Will ship free in the USA, willing to ship overseas as well, just ask. Thanks for looking and have a nice night
  4. Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Ordered mine!
  5. @BackyardBullion I foolishly hadn't logged onto the forum for several days and missed the original post that said by 4/15. Are any of these still available and can you message me an estimate on what shipping a couple to New York would cost? Thanks!
  6. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    https://monumentmetals.com/deals/xf-liberty-sale.html US Gold $5-20 liberties at 3.5% over melt sale
  7. Silver Deals.....

    Silver at Spot sale- There's a sale from Monument metals this weekend- 90% Silver coin bags at spot price, plus apparently free US shipping from what I can see https://monumentmetals.com/deals/90-weekend-sale.html
  8. Couldn't sleep so...

    Thanks @BackyardBullion for the comment, actually your Youtube videos were what originally got me interested in trying to melt down some stuff. Haven't quite figured out how to get that ripple effect you do yet, though... Anyway, to be honest I don't know that I've done enough yet to say I prefer one or the other, being that the entirety of my experiments have been these four rounds and a couple of small loaf bars I made from scrap sterling jewelry. I have seen that 999 silver comes out "cleaner" than sterling or .900 silver, at least in my attempts. That is to say, the pure silver maintains a lot of its shine when it cools, whereas the sterling and .900 tends to cool to a dull grey or patina look, but can easily be sanded or polished for a shine. The sterling also seems to get a little more detail out of the mold design on the finished product. I think on these rounds, I actually like the sterling more though. That dull finish I think brings a little more character to the pirate theme, like a false antique sort of look I also feel like the sterling melted a little faster than the .999, is that possible? In your experience do you have opinions of using sterling or .999?
  9. Couldn't sleep so...

    Couldn't sleep so broke out the torch and made my first shots at hand-pouring some pirate rounds from scrap sterling silver and a couple of dinged up bars I had been given. Not the neatest works, but pretty good I think for a first try with a Youtube education on the subject. The shinier ones are .999 and the ones with a bit of a patina are the sterling. I guess there are worse ways to waste the night
  10. Silver China Panda 2000 coin - Fake or not?

    That you can, which may be a breach of policies on eBay in and of itself. They do like to at least try to encourage some professionalism, and some sellers are all to quick to attack the buyer rather than the issue.
  11. For your consideration, for sale is one Chinese 2015 Dragon and Phoenix official mint medal made by China's Nanjing Mint. It is sealed in original mint plastic and capsule with the mint box and COA. The unique tri-metallic design composed of Copper, Brass, and Silver pressed together during the minting process. Beautiful dragon and phoenix design around the silver pearl, with the iconic Koi fish jumping the gates of heaven and becoming a dragon on the reverse. A beautiful collectible item, this is one of a limited mintage of only 299 worldwide. Asking $200 shipped
  12. Today I Received

    Got a couple of things in the mail today, among them a nice and shiny German Mark from 1907. MUCH more exciting though, I received my first of 2 of the new Niue Islands Goddesses series coins that I purchased and it is absolutely stunning! super high relief. I don't always go for gilded coins, but it really adds a lovely flair to this one and I'm excited to have it in my collection. Beautiful wooden display case and a mintage of only 500 pieces for this first in series, I really think/hope this one will do well!
  13. Silver China Panda 2000 coin - Fake or not?

    I do a fair amount of buying and selling on ebay, and I don't believe that sellers are allowed to give negative feedback to buyers anymore. They can report the buyer for breaking policies, not paying, indecent behavior, etc, in which case ebay would investigate, but they can't affect your feedback directly I don't think and you seem to have enough to back up your case IMO if it came to that.
  14. Hello All, I am selling one each of the Proof Silver (328 Piece Mintage) and Antiqued Silver (200 Piece Mintage) 2017 2oz Silver Garden Medals pictured here. They are sealed in original mint packaging with COA's. I am looking to ideally sell them together and am asking $325 total for the two shipped within the USA. I am open to offers, just send me a message. Would be willing to ship internationally to most places, just ask. Buyer pays shipping for international order.