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  1. The coins are so small its difficult to get them in focus plus my lighting is a bit iffy, I tried to add extra light but as you could see glare was also a problem. Ill try harder next time though Yeah as for the referral its a nice little bonus, the premiums on the gold are fairly low and postage is in with the price. BBP use special delivery which is expensive so I don't mind the added premium, on a small order the ounce of silver more than covers it I think. I believe the free ounce is a one off, I don't know maybe they have a glitch but I've made 2 orders now and got a free ounce both times. When I log into my account now the system is still offering me a free ounce for spending over £250.
  2. Small gold order, 3 x 1/10th ounce gold Britannia's and a free ounce of silver.
  3. Full silver stack to date

    Nice stack, ill be happy if i get to 10% of whats on that table!! Nice car too
  4. Thanks for the comments.. I will probably be doing another unboxing/unbagging video tomorrow of a very small gold delivery, black murder gloves will be returning!
  5. Lol feels proper weird listening to myself
  6. European Mint Promotional Offer - Free oz of Silver!

    Almost anything.... Then again, is youtube the only site you can post your unboxing vid
  7. European Mint Promotional Offer - Free oz of Silver!

    I just placed an order for 20oz... 11 different coins, can't wait!! Should be a fun, first stacking/unboxing video. I'll do anything for free silver
  8. Kinda new to the game

    Mostly cpu's, at the time I never really bothered with the silver as it was mixed in with other junk and was mostly silver chloride. It never seemed worth the time and effort to collect up and convert the chloride to elemental silver. I do have a nice little jar of cemented silver from carat gold refining as this is no effort to recover. I always wanted to set up a silver cell and watch the crystals grow but again for the amount of silver I had access to it just wasn't worth it, also I'm terrified of silver nitrate so the less time mixing silver bearing material and nitric acid the better lol
  9. Kinda new to the game

    Hi all New to the forum, been refining pm's for a while now, mostly gold and am looking to start stacking and building up a collection.