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    Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns, Pandas and generally coins I take a liking to.

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  1. Yes I have ordered and paid for one. 650 is a low mintage and the privy mark looks good.
  2. Perth Mint Visit

    Dicker, enjoy your visit. If there is anything I can do to help or if you need any recommendations then please let me know. Kevin
  3. Perth Mint Visit

    Hello, I live in Perth and went on the tour some years ago. Yes would recommend it to anyone visiting Perth especially someone with an interest in precious metals and coins. The Perth Mint also has a shop where it sells its coins, this is worth a look.
  4. 2005 Proof Sovereign - purchase or not?

    Well done! Well done!
  5. Today I Received

    Hello, sovereign day today. Picked up the 1985 proof sovereign and the three coin 1983 set with the 1/2 sovereign, sovereign and £2 coins. So have filled in a few gaps in my QE II sovereign date series.
  6. Today I Received

    Hello, another two Chinese Panda coins today again from a US eBay seller. This time the 1/4 oz 1982 & 1/4 oz 2001 both in their original OMP.
  7. 2005 Proof Sovereign - purchase or not?

    Hello SZ, did you end up buying the sovereign? Kevin
  8. Today I Received

    Hello, two Pandas arrived in the post today purchased from an eBay seller in the US.
  9. Two Dragons - Gold?

    Really like the design on this coin and it will look amazing in gold.
  10. Today I Received

    Hello all, package arrived in the post today from Noble Numistatics. This was my only successful bid in their April auction that was held in Sydney over three days. Bought the 1952 South African 11 coin proof set. They had two sets available in the auction and I think I paid a fair price for it given condition. As you can see from the photos there are some condition issues with respect to copper spotting (the King seems to be staring at it on the £1 coin!) but I think they will come out of conservation ok if I have them graded in the future. I saw a Numistacker YouTube video on this set a few months ago and I recall he said the mintage was 12,500. A bit disappointed about how they packaged the coins. They were loose and had moved about in the case during transit and were not in flips.
  11. Today I Received

    Wet day in Perth today and so dropped into the mint and bought the new 1oz silver bird of paradise coin. See photos below. Took a look at the gold version which is much nicer but will give that one a miss for now (the gold have a 5,000 mintage and so will be available for a while yet).
  12. 2005 Proof Sovereign - purchase or not?

    You could always buy it and sell it onto me for an extra 10 quid!
  13. 2005 Proof Sovereign - purchase or not?

    That was a really great buy. Well done and I am very jealous. Have you or will you have it graded & slabbed or do you prefer keeping your coins raw?
  14. 2005 Proof Sovereign - purchase or not?

    I am on the lookout for the 2005 and would be happy to pay £500.
  15. Are you grading proofs that comes in collector boxes?

    They should be but its not always the case. I just received the results for two 2018 sovereigns I sent to PCGS for grading. Both were purchased direct from the Royal Mint (one of these was bought as part of the three coin set). One achieved 70DCAM and one 69DCAM. The £2 was graded at 69DCAM and the 1/2 sovereign at 68DCAM. So a very mixed bag, would have really liked for the £2 to achieve 70.