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  1. G'day

    Welcome to the Silver Forum, good to see someone else from Aus (I'm in Perth).
  2. 2018 Peter Rabbit 50p

    I have put in my order for three sets.
  3. Yes I like it, ordered some from the Perth Mint earlier today.
  4. Thank for the videos, just subscribed and looking forward to the next ones.
  5. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    No worries kinchi. In reply to some of the other recent posts I really like both coins and I have bought two of the gold coins (mintage 25,000) and think (hope) they will do well. The Perth Mint's flagship 1oz gold coin is the Lunar series which had a mintage of 30,000 and apparently (as advised by one of the Perth Mint staff) sold out within a couple of weeks. I have bought a tube of 20 of the silver and one silver as a single in the Perth Mint flip. Mintage on these is 500,000 so I am less optimistic on these as there are so many of them. But they are still a new kind of coin for the Perth Mint so let's all see.
  6. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    In reply to the questions earlier:- Kimchi I purchased the coins direct from the Perth Mint. I placed the order last week (Friday) over the phone and once payment cleared received an email and collected them from the Perth Mint bullion team (note I live in Perth). I understand they can also be ordered online however the countries they supply to are very limited (not UK and USA). The silver coins can be bought either in a Perth Mint plastic flip (only the individual price) or in tubes. The coin in the photos came in the plastic flip and I am very happy with the condition. No issues. saAgger Sorry I don't have calapers but did measure it with a measuring tape. I have downloaded a photo below, it looks to be to be 3mm. I have also included a photo of the silver next to the gold.
  7. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    Just a few photos of the gold and silver rectangular Perth Mint coins.
  8. Gold Panda book 3rd Edition

    Thank Agpanda.
  9. Gold Panda book 3rd Edition

    Hello. I am looking to order online the "China 1982-2017 Panda Gold and Silver Coins 3rd Edition", cost is US$50. Has anyone seen / have this book and if so is it worth buying? Any thoughts would be welcome.
  10. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    They are available now from the PerthMint, I rang them on Friday and bought one of the 1oz gold coins.
  11. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    I like them and will buy a couple of the 1oz gold and probably 20 of the silver. Easy for me as I live in Perth and am a short drive from them.
  12. New to the Forum

    Hello, I have just joined the forum. Am based in Perth in Western Austrailia. I subscribed to Numistacker on YouTube late last year and so found out about the forum from him. Have begun to collect Sovereigns (also half and double sovereigns). Naturally also closely watch production from the Perth Mint given I live about a 10 minute drive from them. In addition I am keen to better understand the market for the Chinese Panda coins. Am looking forward to interacting with the other forum members. Have a great day. Kevin