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  1. How do you safely store your stack?

    Get an old Victorian safe (100-150 ebay) that takes 3 people to lift it before you put any silver in it. Then keep most of your stash under the floor boards or under your bed That way if the worst happens and you are forced to open the safe they only get a few bits and pieces
  2. Beware of Large Gold Fake Coins on eBAY!

    Hi Numistacker these things happen to the best of us and the worst case is its tied you money up for a couple of weeks waiting for a refund or a claim and ive never made a mistake ive never learned from. But i still think ebay is a good place to get a good deal (if you know what is real) And just to say Thank You for all the videos you and Backyard bullion helped me find the silver forum.
  3. Hi and me to But to finish my proof sovereign collection i have had to get a few sovereigns that have been broken up from 3 and 4 coin sets that i got on ebay
  4. Hi and yes nothing on ebay i thought with more people getting coins graded maybe someone would have a few of the years im after going spare that i can buy. I see a lot of the 2017 proof sovereigns for sale in slabs But no boxes and coa for sale
  5. Stolen goods - please read

    Hi im really sorry for your loss all i can say is go to all the cash your gold shops and jewellers in at least a 15 mile radius with a list of all the items taken and contact all big bullion dealers. The thief will ether not really know what they have taken and will sell the lot of it for a few hundred pounds or they will try and get full price for it and that is a lot of silver to sell so try the big bullion dealers as who ells can buy all of that and also keep an eye on ebay. And your best using a safe as miss direction and keeping your stash under the floor boards or get an old post office or pub safe from the 50s a couple of hundred on ebay
  6. Fake 1887 £5 ?

    I would measure all the dimensions as accurately as possible. I come across a 1893 Double sovereign that was fake it had the right weight and was 22ct (probably melted from 2 sovereigns) but the dimensions wear not quite right.
  7. Hi Im needing some Royal mint gold proof full sovereign coin boxes and coa if anyone have any spares laying around. Years i need are 1986, 1989, 1992, 1993, 2002, 2014, 2015, 2017, im also interested in other years Thanks