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  1. Today I Received

    Very nice coin
  2. 2014, 2015 Sovereigns with one side Proof, one side BU

    I think the coins were struck that way by accident and that they are mule error coins
  3. John A -- Give-Away

    Nice coins
  4. SAFLIP size

    For sovereigns and sovereign sized coins 2 x 2 if fine and the best price i could find a few weeks back are these from Australia Ebay item No 382258866100
  5. Can a sovereign go rusty?

    Are you sure its not one of these Ebay Item No 292506112936 ?
  6. Can a sovereign go rusty?

    Hi are you sure its a sovereign ? I know they used to put the kings head on some of these old sovereign holders for decoration. The coin does not look right to me. I would want to make sure its real
  7. Error Proof Sovereign Or Just A Bad Strike ?

    Its the correct weight and size I got it with the half sovereign in a Royal mint 2 coin set. Full and half with matching coa the half sovereign coin was fine
  8. Error Proof Sovereign Or Just A Bad Strike ?

    The other side looks fine and the edge looks ok But not the best ive had it a few years
  9. Error Proof Sovereign Or Just A Bad Strike ?

    When i have it next to all my other proof sovereigns it stands out just look at the detail on his boots
  10. Is this coin a proof?

    NCS coin conservation wont get ride of the scratches on the coin
  11. Hi all I have this 2008 proof full sovereign and its got to be the worst proof coin i have seen for quality from the Royal mint with a lot of the small details just missing Now would this be graded as a error coin or is it just a real bad strike ? Hear it is next to a 2013 for comparison
  12. 1989 Gold Sovereign

    In mint condition and with box and coa they will sell for £900 plus on ebay
  13. Today I Received

    After waiting two weeks for it to fly half way round the world I finally got it My 1835 Gold Full Sovereign
  14. Royal Mail Signed For - warning!!!!

    Anything made of gold and silver or money has to be posted special delivery no matter how much it is worth to be covered for loss But the real trouble with getting just sighed for delivery is that when the postmen are very busy like Christmas they just post it and leave you open to a claim
  15. In Focus Friday Series!

    I watched it liked it and gave you a thumbs up Maybe its not the coin But its because you got it so cheep and there just jealous