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  1. JM Bullion 1 time deal

    The 10 1oz round @spot one time offer that JMBullion has. Assuming some of you bought. I was just wondering is it a mix or is 10 of the same. Just curious of what to expect. Thanks in advance.
  2. stacking goals 2018

    This year I would like to obtain the Canadian Wildlife Series.
  3. Viking proverb coin series

    I would love to have this as well! I also want the Norse God Series that you can get at JM Bullion
  4. Im such a sucker for vintage

    Went in to my LCS today, 3 of the 5 pieces I picked are vintage and neat. Just figure I show them off. Top: 200th Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution. Top Left: 2012 Canadian Maple Top Right: A Buffalo Round Bottom Left: The 1Oz Silver Bullet Bottom Right: Marilyn Monroe; American Folk Hero's Series
  5. Hello From South Dakota!

    Hey thanks for the welcome guys!
  6. Hello From South Dakota!

    Just signed up today, just started silver stacking as of mid December 2017. As of Right now I have a small stack that consists of a 2011 Silver Eagle, 7 pre 80's 1oz silver art bars, and one silver round from the sunshine mint. I'm looking forward to getting more informed of precious metals and eventually refining my own hand poured bars. Just wanted to say hey! Joe
  7. USA & Canadian Coins Thread

    A Neato '47 King Georgie Dime found CRHing!