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  1. Is this the world's laziest sheep?

    its all very well if they are easy but where is the challenge in that? the thrill of the chase, the wooing, the foreplay...?
  2. Syria

    was she a spy too? easy,yes. but you would have to use a Makarov for it to point to russia
  3. oh dear this guy says down lower

    so then production stops. and it gets rare. and the price goes skywards till production catches up.
  4. whats this all about?

    one for your black museum . item will have ended now,last time i checked it was around £240 by the way, bought my first two sovereigns from you weekend just gone. good service, nice price and lovely coins. thank you
  5. Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    ah, so
  6. Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    they have two?
  7. Engelhard bar CUT IN HALF

    if its the lunar dog you are welcome to it! what a mutt!
  8. Engelhard bar CUT IN HALF

    there was a thread on here somewhere explaining the use of x=ray,and i think it says how deep. but i imagine anything capable of going straight through would need a white coat and some safety glasses at least
  9. Hello from NJ

    hi, and welcome to the madhouse
  10. Engelhard bar CUT IN HALF

    Penetration depth is calculated from the mass absorption coefficient and the "density". The density value ρ is expressed as a combination of the specific gravity of the material and the packing density. First the path length L is calculated: IL = I0 × exp -(μ/ρ)ρL Next the penetration depth (τ) : τ = 0.5 L×sin(θ) This is the thickness of the sample contributing 99% of the diffracted intensity for a given incident angle θ. If u use HSP, there's a MAC calculator where u can calculate the penetration depth. All u need is the wavelength, chemical formulas, weight fraction of each, estimated packing density and angle of incident (w). i think that answers your question
  11. Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    the small print in Chinese at the foot of the page is always a worrying sight
  12. Engelhard bar CUT IN HALF

    now I,M confused
  13. Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    bit of a risk to buy it to find out. look at the point near top centre ,where the loop is. looks like the edge of a kitkat wrapper, almost as if it is wrapped in foil? silver wrapped base metal?
  14. Engelhard bar CUT IN HALF

    she got the other half ! boom,boom
  15. Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    oooh , you are mean! stung for a few quid on a silver bar. hey ho stung for a few hundred on the dodgy sovs. ouch! he seems very knowledgeable about the rocking horse crown and the Cyprus half sov? and very vague on the dodgy stuff