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  1. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    Someone on Facebook selling a 200th anniversary SOTD for £615 posted.
  2. When did you start stacking metals?

    Tv programme being goldrush/gold divers perhaps?! Bit of an eye opener, especially the massive resource and expense it takes to get to the gold that we don’t do a lot with other than squirrel away!
  3. Victoria Proof Sovereigns

    Have a look into videos on YouTube for making your iPhone (or any phone with a decent camera) into a microscope. If you have an old laser pen take it apart and use the lens to stick directly in front of the camera- hey presto microscope! With the added ability to take photos. A stable stage is key though, any wobbles like using you hand to hold it and it won’t take good shots, it needs to be still. Something like this
  4. Today I bought.....

    How come you prefer half sovs JB?
  5. eBay & Coin Market Values

    Maybe to avoid the £35 non stg fee, I’ve used transferwise before to do a direct bank to bank transfer. My bank didn’t like using credit card to fund it but debit card is ok. Backyardbullion uses it too I think. There’s probably others ways like setting up a dollar account within your own bank but for a one off here and there purchase not worth it.
  6. Beware of Large Gold Fake Coins on eBAY!

    Someone on here recently posted they got one from auction too didn’t they? As a relative noob to coin investing it’s very scary
  7. Sovereigns with (No B.P.) - Exist?

  8. 1887 Victoria Double Florin - Proof or Not

    Does this thread help? http://www.predecimal.com/forum/topic/6023-1887-double-florin-proofs/ I know nothing a about these but had a really quick read, a clue is in the date from what I gather where a Roman or Arabic numeral 1 is in place of the normal 1......I think!
  9. Silver mistakes - yours or others

    Ah. Good spot
  10. Silver mistakes - yours or others

    How did you find out? It every PM purchaser’s nightmare. Glad you found out before handing over you’re hard earned
  11. Auctions

    Ok so here are the results for the 8 half sovs. 3 sold for £125 1 for £74 1 for £73 1 for £67 2 for £62 so based on bullion content only, with the exception of the £125 (I don’t know if these were rare examples I dint check) the others were actually a good deal! I eat my words maybe you can get a bargain at auction!
  12. Auctions

    Interesting, thanks for the info
  13. Auctions

    What the advantage in putting a bid in days in advance? It still gets carried through to the day right?
  14. Auctions

    That’s great 😀. I’ve watched loads of online auctions on the sidelines but haven’t got in on the action, just haven’t seen any worthwhile.
  15. Auctions

    In the end a sensible buyer would factor in the buyers premium and lower the offer accordingly, so ultimately it should be the seller getting screwed over. House wins either way!