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  1. @Ansel - Thanks for sharing, these look great!
  2. When did you start stacking metals?

    I am 21, and just started investing in gold and silver recently
  3. A compiled List of bullion dealers

    https://www.upma.org/ USA (A bit different than most dealers, as it is a legal tender membership organization - worth looking into I think )
  4. Sunday night metal chat

    Wow, that is impressive!
  5. What an awesome story! Seriously genius! I think it is good not to have all of your metals in the same place. For example, while I have some metals at home, I vault a significant portion of my silver with an organization near me called the UPMA. They have awesome security and insurance so I feel good about leaving some of my silver with them
  6. Is silver stacking a loss leader?

    Yeah, I totally get where you are coming from! This is why I don't really use silver as an investment, but more as a store of wealth. One of the best companies to do this with that I have come across is called the United Precious Metals Association. If I purchase from them and vault with them, then I can sell back to them with a 0% buy/sell spread, which allows my account with them to be really liquid - I can easily switch between gold, silver, and paper dollars with very little loss. This company is based in Utah in the USA, but has clients across the globe. Maybe there is another similar company closer to you. Best of luck to you! : )
  7. Nice rare poured bars

    I love poured bars ... thanks for sharing
  8. BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    Thanks for the warning... sorry you were so unlucky.
  9. 400oz full stack pic

    Wow, that's a seriously amazing stack!
  10. New to the forum!

    Wow, nice collection! Welcome to the forum
  11. Interesting History Podcast

    Thanks for the recommendations - I do love podcasts and history and coins, so I'll have to check these out!
  12. My First Junk Silver Purchase

    I love junk silver too. So cool to hold that history in your hand!
  13. Greetings from Germany

    Welcome to the forum, Manuel : )
  14. hi from a newbie

    It's good to have you. Welcome to the forum!
  15. Gold Stacking and Ethics

    This is very interesting thread, thanks for all sharing your thoughts. This is not something I have really thought of much before, but I think it is an important topic. I find myself having a reaction similar to these: I do like @PansPurse's idea of focusing on ways to have a positive impact. I am trying to have a positive impact by advocating for the use of precious metals as legal tender, so then people won't loose purchasing power over time by inflation or other economic problems that fiat currencies are prone to. When people loose money in this way, they suffer, especially those who are already poor. I hadn't really thought about where the physical metals come from, although, there is already so much gold and silver out there that could be used as a means of exchange even without more mining. I do think that the good of preventing human suffering through the economic stability of a currency that sustains its purchasing power over time is greater than the harm to the environment from mining. What are your thoughts on this?