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  1. Silver Deals.....

    They are good enough quality, if your not looking for mint state coins
  2. So, it's a mixture of factors that make the Chinese pandas popular then. Would you Guys recommend, I buy some then because they will carry a higher premium in the future when i come to sell them.
  3. Today I was trying to figure out why a lot of bullion collectors like Chinese pandas so much. Could it be mintage, quality, design or the fact that they are only 30g instead of a Troy ounce. I anyone could help me that would be great.
  4. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    But I have heard of people sending large amounts of Bitcoin and it never arrived at the recipient. And the fact that exchanges get hacked frequently
  5. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    Yes I suppose
  6. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    Bitcoin has to many fees and the fees are ridiculous. Whereas cash and precious metals carry very little fees. Gold and silver are the true crypto currency's because nobody knows that you have them. and when it come to selling or buying something with them, the deal is between the two parties and the government does not know about the deal.