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  1. First Time Silver Melting Advice

    Cheers! I've ordered some of the P7000. Thanks for the advice!
  2. First Time Silver Melting Advice

    So I finally got around to melting and pouring my first ounce of .999 silver today. Pouring 2 bars in the process. The results are far from brilliant. But for a first attempt, I am fairly pleased with the results and feel like I have learned a few things in the process. I have not yet cleaned the bars or removed any of the excess residue, as I was hoping on some advice from you guys on what's the best way to do so
  3. First Time Silver Melting Advice

  4. First Time Silver Melting Advice

    Thanks for the reply The stirring rod and borax came as part of the set, and it was a similar price with or without them included, so no big loss really. I had worries about the Butane blow torch, especially after watching one of your videos in which you mention it was difficult to keep a oz of silver in liquid form. I've had a quick look at the oxy acetylene kits along with Mapp torches that have also been recommended on this thread. The Mapp torches seem to be less expensive. Would you recommend these at all to start out with? As i'll only be melting small amounts of silver. As for the PPE, I have everything you mentioned
  5. First Time Silver Melting Advice

    Thanks for the advice. So just to clarify, mapp gas will easily melt a 1 oz coin in a small crucible?
  6. First Time Silver Melting Advice

    As much as I enjoy to stack silver, I have decided that i would like to branch off and try something a little different, in the form of melting down and creating my own hand poured silver. My plan is to start off by melting down small amounts of silver, in the form of 1 oz .999 silver bullion coins, ones that I picked up at a cheap price and that have several scratches etc on them. AKA the "runts" of my silver litter . Because I am only starting out by melting 1 oz of silver, I have decided to melt the silver using a blow torch with the idea of purchasing a kiln at a later date if things go well. My ultimate aim is to start off by pouring small 1 oz silver ingots, and in the future I'm hoping to start producing more interesting designs, that being just a distant dream at the moment. I have carried out some basic research in the form of YouTube videos and online tutorials in how to melt silver at home. So far I have ordered the following equipment: 1 x Crucible (60mm diameter) 1 x Tongs1 x Graphite Stirring Rod1 x Graphite Crucible Ingot Mold 1x Butane Flamethrower Blow Torch (Maximum firepower: 1,300”C ) Borax - Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate So I'm basically just after any advice from anyone on here who has knowledge or experience in this area. Do I need any other equipment? Any Tips? Any good YouTube videos to watch? etc... the more advice the better. Thanks in advance
  7. Goldsilver.be advice

    I'm currently looking to place the largest order of silver 1 oz & 10 oz coins I have made to date, possibly in the near future. I usually use either Silver-To-Go or CoinInvest. However, after pricing up the order I have found that Goldsilver.be are noticeably cheaper than the two sites I normally use. So much so, that I could get and extra 3 oz or so of silver by placing the order with Goldsilver.be With not using Goldsilver.be before, I was hoping that I could get some first hand feedback off of fellow SilverForum members on whether I should place an order with them, so that I'm not ordering blind. Are they reliable, past experiences etc... Thanks in advance
  8. Hello From West Cumbira

    Thanks marra!
  9. Hello From West Cumbira

    Workington born and bred
  10. Hello From West Cumbira

    I have indeed. Especially with not having a Silver collector community in West Cumbria (that I know of) to interact, discuss and learn from, I make an extra effort to watch videos specifically made by UK collectors, stackers, dealers, experts etc.. And your videos where one of the first I came across. I'm a big fan of your YouTube channel and already a subscriber. Your advice and insight really has helped me gain knowledge and hopefully helped me saved a few pennies along the way by investing correctly...time will tell Thanks and please keep up the good work!
  11. Hello From West Cumbira

    Thanks, and the same to you
  12. Queen's Beast Series

    Thanks for the reply but I'm just after the Lion
  13. Queen's Beast Series

    Thanks I'll check them out. I've never placed an order with them before. Are they reliable?
  14. Queen's Beast Series

    My thoughts exactly
  15. Queen's Beast Series

    thanks, I'll make my way over there now