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  1. Not sure if anyone has been following the Tether story, but it looks like we're going to see a severe crisis event across the entire crypto markets. The market is being propped up and manipulated by fantasy US Dollar Tether tokens which will soon be exposed as unbacked and worthless. When this happens there will be a wholesale stampede for the exits. No doubt exchanges will be shut down and confidence will be shattered. If you've got any significant crypto exposure you definitely need to keep a close eye on this one. https://www.reddit.com/r/Tether/ http://jamescrypto.com/the-difference-between-inflow-and-market-cap-and-how-it-relates-to-tethers/
  2. coming dip

    I'm very excited by the idea of of a fully backed, vaulted and audited gold cryptocurrency and it's potential to be the ultimate currency. There are a few offerings that have popped out but nothing that really stands out. Onegram looks interesting but I'm not sure I'd entirely trust it, and there lies the biggest problem. I'd like to see something like Bullionvault or Goldmoney (audited vaults in secure locations) without the sign up hassle or storage fees but with the speed, transaction costs and liquidity of a cryptocurrency. Something like this could potentially bring in a stealth global gold standard.
  3. coming dip

    No reason to be selling PM's here, especially silver. What's the worst thing silver can do from here? possibly capitulate at $6 and go sideways for more years? We've already retraced a huge amount of the blow off in 2011. The long term upside however is ridiculous, plus you're hedged against inflation and various other risks. It might need a whole load of patience but nobody knows when the next bull move will kick off.
  4. coming dip

    The worst case scenario is that we go into a prolonged decade long deflation where the governments and central banks are completely helpless to do anything about it. There's no investment that can save anyone from this and it's a scary thought. PM's a great hedge against various things but nowhere near ideal in this scenario. I think you do need PM's to hedge against the unknown outcome, but also a decent amount of cash in the safest possible place.
  5. coming dip

    If you google '30 year commodity cycle' and look at the 200 year history. It's like clockwork. The next commodity cycle seems to be in the mid to late 2030's.
  6. coming dip

    I would probably agree. Silver and gold will get hit hard when the crash comes and it might be much more prolonged than 2008 dip. Technically gold looks pretty favourable. Although if you zoom out to a 30+ year chart it might suggest we've not seen the end of the bear market. Silver is teetering on the edge of a 15 year uptrend line going back to 2003. A failure here could open the doors to prices not seen since the 90's and we may need to hold out until the next commodity cycle picks up. The annoying thing about silver is that it never seems to hold value at a higher baseline level. After the quick blow offs, it just gravitates towards zero and flatlines.
  7. coming dip

    I'm also starting to see the potential for a dip and prolonged sideways action. The failure of silver to do anything during the recent bear market in USD is a concern. It's probably the most unloved physical asset on the planet. I also see the gold silver ratio heading up to unseen levels, possibly over 100 or even 120. I'm not concerned about my stash at all and will just keep stacking which is a good thing as it was always more of a retirement investment. Although, if you've got over 1,000 coins it does become a bit of arse to store and look after.
  8. Deflation will be a strong sign for the dollar (at least initially). Money will panic out of all assets and back into cash, much like 2008. The charts suggest we're not there yet. I think the central banks will have a much more difficult time printing their way out next time.. It will require some serious helicopters.
  9. I'm looking at the EURUSD levels at around 1.26 where there is significant multi year downtrend resistance (and a weekly level of supply). If it takes out 1.26 decisively then we could see 1.37.
  10. Ripple We're starting to see a washout in cryptos. Ripple has a particularly clean buy level at approx $0.42 which I'm planning to load up on if we reach this area. This is a centralised bank coin so maybe not the pick of the bunch in the very long term. However, I see this area as a very low risk, high reward entry if get down there. I would expect some longer term basing before taking out the spike highs. These markets are extremely volatile and it's far better to accumulate at value rather than chase price if you're an investor. This coin has a $48 Billion dollar market cap so you can be sure there's some serious pain out there. I've got a whole list of buy zones on a pile of cryptos but this chart stands out.
  11. Is this milking?

    I just stick with the cheapest 25 rolls of Britannias I can find. I usually just buy them in bulk from coininvest.com VAT free. The main thing for Britannias is that they're recognisable, divisible, not subject to CGT and will be very easy to offload when the time comes to sell. They fit all my criteria apart from not being particularly exciting. VAT on these coins (in the UK) is extremely sketchy in my view considering they have a face value.
  12. Is this milking?

    I didn't a pay a premium originally. Think it was about £14 when I bought it. I might stick it on ebay for a laugh and see what it goes for. Would bet it will still go for £25.
  13. Is this milking?

    Turns out this is a limited mintage coin with a bit of a premium as well. The rear side is immaculate. The sides are black... I probably should take better care of my stash.
  14. Is this milking?

    How about this. Bought this 2008 Britannia 10 years ago and chucked it in a box. Didn't realise the front side had no plastic protection. Just dug it out and looks about 200 years old.
  15. Is this milking?

    It doesn't matter if you're just investing in silver. When people rush into metals, even the worst condition coins will fly. It's only an issue if you're a bit OCD about keeping things in pristine condition. My stack of silver is now tarnished and beaten up over the years but never bothered me at all. The silver / gold ratio still massively favours silver in the long term. Keep on stacking.