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  1. **January 2018** Group order from European Mint!

    Hey BYB - I would like to be in for my first group order
  2. 20% off eBay today

    Thanks for this. Bought some 2012 Brits at a few pence under £16 delivered which im happy with
  3. Silver Coins "are just" Bullion?

    Hi All, Been a member for a week and really enjoying the forum. A font of knowledge here. I've been reading a few old forum threads which have been very useful in improving my understanding on certain topics. One thing that i've seen raised a few times is that Silver Coins "Are just" Bullion. Typically this will come up when one poster mentions disappointment at milk spotting and another poster says, never mind, coins should just be considered bullion. Now i appreciate that one a coin is badly spotted it may just be bullion but i also think that had it not spotted it may have carried a premium. Here is what i don't understand ....... It seems clear to me, even as a new member, that certain coins have gone up in value and carry a hefty premium over spot. If chosen carefully a stacker can make some decent cash not just from changes in spot but also in the value of their coins increasing due to collectors etc. So why is it that some just consider coins as bullion? Is there a split in opinion amongst the silver stacking community? Maybe im missing something. Cheers all, Tom
  4. Newbie Question re Coin Choices

    I am new to the world of silver stacking and new to the forum ..... so first let me say thanks for having me. I've recently got hooked into the world of silver coins and have built a small but growing "foundation stack" of Britannias and Kookaburras. Now, in the new year, i'm looking to diversify and add some new coins that may have the chance of increasing in value as the years go by. I'm happy for this to be a long term investment. I do like the idea of a coin that changes each year or has some sort of uniqueness to it, with my logic being that this may lead to them being ones that increase in value in the future. Coins im looking at: - Koalas - Kangaroos (although ive read elsewhere they may be considered the poor relation to Koalas and Kooks ..... is this ture/ If so why?) - UK Lunar series e.g. Year of the dog - UK Landmark series e.g. Tower bridge - 2 OZ Queens Beast Series - Silver Marlin (cayman) So, in brief, my question is ..... does anyone have any comments either in favour or against any of the above coins/lines? Are there any other coins that i should be having a look at? Thanks again all, Tom