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  1. Haha
    dutchman reacted to JunkBond in Sovereign Rings   
    Next was a Pontiac Firebird, 6.6 litre V8, I must have been nuts back then.

  2. Haha
    dutchman reacted to CarlosSilver in Sovereign Rings   
    I wore a half sovereign ring back in the 80s. And a rope chain.
    I know nothing about cars but my wife got through nearly a dozen Ford Capris. 
    I've just asked her and she says from what she can remember she had lots of 1.6 mk2s, a 2.0l mk2, a 2.8l injection and her favourite a 3.0l mk2 gxl (V6) rebored twice. I have no idea what any of that means but it may make some people have a tingly tail.
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    dutchman reacted to Roy in Sovereign Rings   
    60 thou oversize makes it 3.1 😀
    Sounds like a proper girl-racer 😆
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    dutchman reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Sovereign Rings   
    That means she was a bloody speed freak. Respect. 
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    dutchman reacted to JunkBond in Sovereign Rings   
    Making me cry now @Roy
    Just found a picture of my old Datsun 260z, I had triple webbers on this baby.
    This is 1984 and yes behind is a video shop, remember them!

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    dutchman got a reaction from JunkBond in Sovereign Rings   
     i wore full sov ring late 60'early 70'allways liked a bit of bling so had the the chain and bracelet to, back then i thought i was the dogs bol##cks ! never had the capri ,my pussy puller was  a cortina mk2 1600 GTwith big wheels ,big bore exhaust, and go-fast stripe down the side !
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    dutchman reacted to greendragon in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    i have only heard whispers about this alleged points system
    but believe it works something like follows;
    100g silver or 1g gold gets you one point
    10 points = your enquiry ignored
    30 points = a snotty reply
    50 points = a very snotty reply suggesting you are an idiot for buying from them
    100 points = a snarky reply suggesting you DONT buy from them in future and go boil your head
    500 points = a snarky email suggesting you had dubious parentage, involving farmyard animals, and a promise that all future orders will be scratched /dented/lost in post
    1000 points = a glossy 8 x 4 pic of EVA in a swimsuit 
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    dutchman got a reaction from ilovesilverireallydo in 1 Oz Vintage Engelhard Pressed Bars   
    i will have 5 please
  9. Haha
    dutchman reacted to fehk2001 in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    How hot ? 
    No wonder why any sort of porn do sell 
    you have a fantastic taste mate 

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    dutchman reacted to dixiesilvergirl in Sunday Night Metal Chat   

    Happy Sunday!
    The weeks seem to go by faster as the years go by. Today I was thinking about long term metal plans and what our real goal is. Short version, our goal is to stack as much as we can for as long as we can, but then what and why? Well, for us it started as a way to gain added financial security in case SHTF and ideally that our retirement will be a little more comfortable.  That turns out is also part of the short version. We are about to enter a new stage of our lives, and things like that make you think.
    Our first Grandchild will be here in June and after seeing a few posts recently on various sites, I think the real reason is a  goal  to educate our kids, and grandkids and someday leave them a legacy and be the topic of an epic post by them saying “here is  what Mamo and Papa left us when they passed”
    We both come from hard working middle class families and the thought of being able to leave something valuable and tangible for our kids and grandkids for their futures or as a family heirloom that many generations will be able to hear the story seems like a real win! Every day we do many things for our kids but stacking and money education is one of the best things I can think of.
    What are (or will or did) you teaching your kids? What is your real stacking plan? Are you aware you could be creating a legacy to be passed down to future generations? Life is like the books we had in the 70’s, where you could choose your own story as it unfolds, What will your story be?
    Thanks for reading and Happy Stacking!
  11. Haha
    dutchman reacted to Lowlow in Next stage of High St downturn   
    As a child of the 70's, I almost look forward to a real downturn.
    Reason I say that is because young people today (damn those young people, get off of my lawn you little b@stards!) ... young people today don't know what actual economic downturn is, and haven't experienced a real bear market before, much less a serious recession.  It's been pretty much bull market since the 1980's and most young people today have only ever known abundance.  We did have a small downturn in the 1990's, and a few drops in the stock market in the 2000 Nasdaq crash and 2008, of course, but those were just blips on the bull market radar.
    I'm amused, HIGHLY AMUSED, when I hear young people complaining about how hard they have it.  Yep, it's tough to be young today, you might even have to take a job you don't want! lol.  I had this discussion with a young person in my own family recently, he was in college, working his first job (rolls eyes) as someone who made sure people followed rules at the public swimming pool, and he was remarking about how he had to work "40 hours ..." one week.  I laughed, his father laughed, and I was like "you better get used to that ...", and it was like it had never occurred to the kid that his own father and that all the adults around him actually worked 40 hours a week, every week, and a lot of times working jobs they didn't really like that much.  Anyway, that's just barely touching the surface.  When he got out of school with a theater degree, he started refusing jobs he didn't want, and then spent most of his time complaining that he wasn't working.  And somehow this wasn't his fault, that was the amazing part.  He chose his area of study in college, makes all of his own decisions, and somehow it isn't his fault that he isn't making it, it's the economies fault, it's the world's fault, the "system", whatever, but not his.  And 2008 was like the ultimate excuse for young people.
    Back in the 1970's, I literally remember men standing on the corner at the courthouse in a line waiting for people to pick them up in trucks for day work.  They would get picked up, no cell phone, to go to random places with people they didn't know, just for the opportunity of putting in a hard day of work and coming home with some money in their pockets for their families.  I remember the downtown area where I lived being filled with shells of buildings, I remember literally going up into the clock tower and playing in the gears and mechanisms of the clock because the building it was in was empty except for the random bums you had to step around who were homeless and sleeping all around town.  I remember people just throwing trash on the ground because cities couldn't afford to have people picking up trash, and I remember it was dangerous in a lot of towns, you could actually get beat up for messing with the wrong people, or worse.  Crime has been going down for decades, yet somehow young people today feel they are less safe than we were back in the 1970's and 80's.
    And I had it easy.  The generation before me had it MUCH worse, my own grandfather worked himself ragged doing extremely hard work just to make it.  He was paid silver every week when he was young, and they lived through the Depression and then a World War.  My own family pressure canned food, and I was taught to do that when I was young, and I remember families getting clothes at swaps and yard sales, packing a few peanut butters and jelly sandwiches for a brown bag lunch for school, etc.
    These days college kids enjoy life in what is essentially a country club, and any kid can pretty much borrow money to go to college if they want to.  They have more freedom than people have ever had, enjoy an economy that is bustling with activity, will never have to marry for convenience or marry at all if they don't want to, have government benefits and safety nets earlier generations could only dream, etc, but seem to feel they are more oppressed and have fewer opportunities than anyone in history.  It's amazing to me.  Somehow they are all oppressed even as they shop for coffees in the very buildings that used to be abandoned when I was young.  When I was young you could get a coffee, but it didn't come in 20 flavors, you got it black or with cream and sugar, and if you wanted more than that you got the ingredients at the market and made it yourself.
    We will have a REAL recession, or worse, as all this debt comes home at some point.  I welcome it.  I think the world needs to relearn some very old lessons about the dangers of over-investment, debt, the true nature of money, etc, and I think the entire culture needs the kind of cleansing that can only happen through a bit of adversity.  People put too much faith in institutions, the stock market, etc, and have become incredibly wasteful, entitled, lazy, appear to know next to nothing about personal finance and personal responsibility, suffer few negative consequences for their bad decisions, and all that will change once we have a good and biting economic downturn.  There was a taste of it in 2008, but that is nothing for what it would be like if all that debt implodes.  I'm not looking forward to seeing people suffer, but I can easily see a silver lining in it .. and at this point with the levels of debt all countries have taken on, it's basically inevitable anyway.  I remember older folks when I was young joking that they would "Give you something to cry about ..." when they thought you were whining, and I think this entire generation needs a reality check.
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    dutchman reacted to Bullionbilly in Today I Received   
    Hows the Dragons condition ? Any marks on queenies cheek ?
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    dutchman reacted to Goldmick in Today I Received   
    Wow that was unlucky cos you get 10%+2 mph = 35mph. Yes I didn't know that rule til few weeks ago 
  14. Haha
    dutchman reacted to onlyroadtoheaven in Brexit.   
    With silver being so cheap, sentiment for silver being so poor, and the uncertainty of the current loophole, I have been started buying silver aggressively (Grrrrr)  the past couple of months.
    However I think Eva and the angry team at Goldsilver.be may end up swaying all the politicians into leaving things as they are. Get her in on all of the trade negotiations and we will be ok.
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    dutchman reacted to JamesK in The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread   
    Just some of my Aus Lunar Proof Collection. Plus other bits and pieces.
    i also have several Series 1 and 2 Sets. Boxed and Loose. 1oz
    plus I collect the 10,5,2,1 and half oz sets
    several panda sets, uk lunar and kookaburra.
    i have several rolls of 1 oz and half oz Aus Lunar.
    started collecting in 2014. Went a bit mad. Lol
    i intend to leave it to Grand kids.
    but I buy and sell on Ebay, really for the fun of it.
    i also collect and sell jewellery.
    i love getting a good deal and making a decent profit.
    havent started on gold pieces yet, but having seen others stacks I'm tempted.

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    dutchman reacted to richatthecroft in gold sovereign ebay   
    EBay charges high fees.  Private sellers are charged 10% for the total sale, including charging fees on the postage costs plus 3% +20p to receive the cash via PayPal.  I think business sellers are charged slightly less and also, I guess frequent sellers add a little bit extra to cover items that go missing in the post and to cover the dishonesty of buyers saying 'I didn't get it mate'.  eBay heavily leans toward the buyer in any dispute or 'case' taken up by the buyer.  
    A Sovereign realising say, £250 including postage charged, will only net the seller £216.30 (£25 eBay Fee; £8.70 PayPal fee) less Special Delivery cost of £6.45= only £209.85 net of fees and postage!  Not a good scenario.
    At the time of writing, the same sovereign sold to Hatton Garden Metals would net you £220.66 less your choice of postage to send the coin to them.
    Having said all of the above, eBay often have deals for sellers such as either a flat £3 or £1 to sell cost or I have seen a 1p to sell recently.  I guess most savvy sellers will wait around to take advantage of these dramatically reduced fees, particularly for high ticket items and list several/ many items at these times.  
    My local auction house, which is not very renown, publishes these fees for selling.  It makes eBay look very cheap to sell.   And a breeze to buy from eBay compared to the buyer being hammered as well as the seller.  Also, take a good look at the payment terms by this auction house, the seller has to wait up to 25 days for payment. What nonsense in 2018.  And the fees below don't take account of the extra 3%+ VAT Premium charged to buyers for the privilege of spending their cash on that new invention called the Internet!!! What a scam.   My experience these days is that a very high proportion of sales are knocked down to the internet. Thank the Lord they are now not allowed to charge another 2-3% for Credit Card payment.  
    Don't think I've ever seen or will see, an auctioneer riding a bike!
    Monthly, Militaria & Sporting, Railway & Toy, Clock & Watch and Pop sale charges are 15%+VAT commission plus £3.50 + VAT lot fee, the Antique & Fine Arts Sale charges are 15+VAT commission plus £6+VAT lot fee.  All sales are subject to a 1%+VAT Loss/Damage fee.
    Payment will be paid via BACS unless otherwise arranged, 18 days after the sale for General Sales and 25 days after for Specialist Sales.
    Buyers premium is applicable on all lots at the rate or 18%+VAT for General Sales and 18%+VAT for all Specialist Sales
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    dutchman reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in New Gold Standard?   
    what you been smoking today and where can I get some??? 
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    dutchman reacted to ArcticSilver in New Gold Standard?   
    Buddy, you're a rather intense individual 😂 I opened this thread hoping to read about Russia and China positioning themselves, with the purchase of large amounts of gold, in order to take advantage of the inevitable collapse of the USD and resurrection of the Bullion Standard we all hope and dream for.
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    dutchman reacted to BackyardBullion in 2018 silver Emu coin from Perth at LPM with only 30,000 mintage   
    Thanks my friend, pleasure to help.
    I am happy for anyone to ask at any time. If I can help someone I will, if not then (as I have on many occasion) I will politely ask them to wait.
    If I had promptly come onto this thread and said, "I have bought out GS.be's stock, if you want one that will be £35 please" then I would agree that something is a miss and trust would have been lost.
    It is what it is though - I don't think I have done anything wrong and would make the same decision again.
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    dutchman reacted to sovereignsteve in 2018 silver Emu coin from Perth at LPM with only 30,000 mintage   
    @BackyardBullion organises and places these group orders for everyone's benefit. What he orders as well for his own or anyone else's benefit is his own business and prerogative.
    I don't see the problem, in fact, I say hats off to those members who had the initiative to contact him "out of hours" as it were. They did run the risk of him telling them to go away!
    He may have made a rod for his own back though; next time he will probably be snowed under with extra-curricular requests.
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    dutchman reacted to kiskelo in 2018 silver Emu coin from Perth at LPM with only 30,000 mintage   
    I can't see what people are getting so irate over this, @BackyardBullion was just reacting to  a couple of requests to add this coin to there order. If he would have waited until the weekend then, due to there popularity, GSB would have been out of stock. He probably saw that they had very low stock and decided to order what  they had left. He was just trying to do a couple of members a favour and I don't have an issue with this. If he was after making a profit he could have kept them to himself and flogged them on at a healthy profit.
    I appreciate everything @BackyardBullion does in organising these bulk orders for everyone and I think everyone else should as well.
  22. Thanks
    dutchman reacted to Rat in Any news about CoinInvest.com?   
    As a gesture of good will, we have included free shipping service to selected countries for the week ending 18th February 2018.
    Use the code PSHIPFREE18 to activate free shipping during checkout / 300 GBP / EUR / USD minimum order amount, retail customers only.
  23. Thanks
    dutchman reacted to matrawr in Silvergoldbull   
    Well you've come to the best place there are plenty of knowledgeable people here I'm no expert on pamp bars but they are at the higher end of the market I'd say if you paid £106 for 5 ounces that seems pretty good to me!
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    dutchman got a reaction from ChardLizzie in Free Postage on Selected Bullion!   
    wanted to buy a new sov but minimun  order of 5  to get free post
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    dutchman got a reaction from Gordon in 400oz full stack pic   
    maybe you could loan them out to the americans then they would have some real good delivery gold in fort knox !