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  1. completed Umicore 500 gram silver bars

    i will take one ash i will pm you
  2. completed 1/4 gold coin or a sovereign.

    sovereign very popular good resale market
  3. how many members have already junked their 2018 resolution on buying pm i went a little ott last year on buying gold and silver so this year much less buying i thought more careful and here we are not even the middle of jan and i have already got 5 x 1 oz silver pandas 5 x 100 g umicore bars and 4 full sovs so i have decided to go with the flow and enjoy it and sod the resolution
  4. Silver mistakes - yours or others

    my only regret is not starting earlier not because silver was cheaper but because it is really enjoyable collecting almost addictive
  5. Silver mistakes - yours or others

    i started buying silver coins 6 months ago my target 100 oz at present i have 115 oz spread over 20 different coins i enjoy all the different coins and would find it boring with just a few types dont intend selling for at least 5 years and will continue to buy coins that i like the look of but not in the same quantity as my new target is 100oz in quality silver bars so am i a stacker or collector or an inbetweenie
  6. withdrawn 5oz prey bar

    thanks for the answer
  7. withdrawn 5oz prey bar

    i have been reticent as a newbie to ask the question in case other members think silly git but when an item is for sale then later it says bump what is bump
  8. gold for the millennials 2018

    just watched the max keiser report on RTchannel he's their financial guru who's been backing bitcoin since 2011 when most other money men laughed at it ,he predicts that gold prices will rise to $2000 per oz due to the success of crypto currencies in 2018 he stated the fact that we all know that the price of gold is manipulated by the us fed and big banks to keep the price at a level against the dollar with hundreds of thousands of troy ozs traded in paper gold and has nothing to do with physical gold he thinks that despite talks of crypto bubble its here to stay and will get stronger as the millennial generation embrace it in preference to fiat currency at present some gold holdings are being sold to purchase cryptos and as their wealth increases they will want to diversify their wealth into more substantial assets such as gold anything but fiat currency which will see the demand for real gold increase its price what do other members think
  9. stacking goals 2018

    4 sovs and 1/4 oz beast set plus a few small silver bars like pamp or baird i would like to have a punt on this crypto game no more than £200-£300 but i still dont really understand it either i'm thick or getting senile in my old age!
  10. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    10 oz or 100g
  11. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    i think the offer has run out now i wanted a silver bar but it would not give a new price
  12. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    personal preference i am like a magpie i like my coins shiny
  13. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    did not plan on buying 2018 sovereign yet but like the other members to good to miss at the price with the discount code
  14. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    i have read various reports of china being very economical with the truth about how much gold it has and is buying with some estimates as high as 4000 tons must be a reason for it
  15. DHL / UK Mail Issue

    i had the same issues with dhl waiting for a parcel from germany a few months ago it got lost in the depot here numerous calls later it arrived 15 days after leaving germany never got an explanation as to why and crap customer response