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  1. Greetings from new member

    welcome to the forum
  2. John A -- Give-Away

    yes please, count me in
  3. Why nobody bought in the 1990's ...

    very informative so what happens in the next 5 years buy or sell ?
  4. Why nobody bought in the 1990's ...

    very informative, so whats the future for gold and silver in the next 5 years ,buy or sell now
  5. Sunday Night Metal Chat

    yeah,its gonna take a lot more than firing a few cruise missiles to help the pm market
  6. Sunday Night Metal Chat

    i dont think their will much market reaction the attack was limited ,no russian assets targeted .the west and russia have not got into a shooting war so i think the market will be business as usual
  7. New Stacker

    welcome to the forum
  8. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    my mistake your right i was thinking about the bu edition not the proof the bu edition are still very expensive for such a large mintage
  9. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    Although this coin is a much lower mintage than the 2017 issue it will hit those who bought at a very high premiun glad i sold mine and did okay
  10. Syria

    China has not said much about it or shown any support for elther side ,they just smile , as they quitely continue to amass huge amounts of GOLD
  11. Syria

    During my Army service ,i trained as a CRBN Defense instructor at Porton Down ,where i learnt all about the various Chemical Weapons being held by the then Soviet Union and how we, in the British Army would use our protective clothing and equipment to minimise the effects of a Chemical Weapons attack.The recent films of the alleged chemical attack in Syria is not very convincing, dousing people with a bit of water from a hose pipe will do nothing to help them medically in fact it would just spread the chemical agent over a wider area and increase the danger ,a Chemical Weapon agent cannot be made safe by a bit of water,so have we been duped ,if so,for what purpose?does our Governments know if this film is real ,or does it suit their purpose to go along with it.The moral outrage seems hypocritical when we see the thousands of Woman and Children torn to shreads by Cluster bomb munitions being used in their thousands and yet nothing is done about it. the tragedy ,the killing. and maiming of thousands of Syrian people is appaling and i belive they are just pawns in a power struggle between the West and Russia and when the Syrian conflict ends,they will start all over again somewhere else.
  12. i will swap 4 full sovs
  13. completed Stuff

    i'll take 4 apmex bars please ash
  14. completed 1oz 999 silver card with coa

    i will take 2 please ash
  15. completed 10oz Pamp silver bars

    checked the pics on ash's listing thanks