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    Big23 reacted to prophet800 in Today I Received   
    1902 3p not sure if it is a Matt proof as it has a nice satin sheen that I can't quite get in the picture.
    Been to SA and found this 1742 1/2p in a flea market. Cost me £8 so can't complain.
    A QB Bull. Thought there was a double stamp at first but it is just so bloody shiny LOL
    A wedge tailed eagle to go with my others.
    Won some SA old silver at the last DNW auction, 1x 6p and 5x 2/5 shillings. Not sure if any are worth grading so thoughts are welcome.
    Lastly a 1/20 gold dog bought in Dubai airport during a transfer. It was bought using my daughters 1st birthday money and every year from now on we will get another with her money so when she becomes 18 she will have a nice pile of the shiny stuff.

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    Big23 reacted to 4Nines7Hills in Today I Received   
    Today something a little different for me my first proof Britannia
    1/4 Oz gold proof Britannia 2011
    I ordered a bullion 2011 1/4 Oz Brita from chards only for them to say it wasn't in stock :-( they did have a mint condition proof including box and papers for £36 more . I would be stupid not to particularly as 2011 is one of my fave designs 

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    Big23 reacted to Silvergun in Today I bought.....   
    I am well excited , just need a bullion 2008 half sov  and i will have all the Elizabeth half sovereign variations
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    Big23 reacted to 4Nines7Hills in Today I Received   
    Needed to update as the pictures were awful.
    TodayI Ireceived 2 pieces of Gold 
    1/4 Oz Gold 2018 Queens Beasts bull
    1/4 oz Gold 2008 Britannia
    I have something special waiting fore at the post office so stay tuned for more tomorrow

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    Big23 reacted to Gordon in Today I Received   
    After waiting two weeks for it to fly half way round the world I finally got it My 1835 Gold Full Sovereign 
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    Big23 reacted to Gordon in Today I Received   
    After waiting two weeks for it to fly half way round the world I finally got it My 1835 Gold Full Sovereign 
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    Big23 reacted to mongo28 in Today I Received   
    1906 $5 Gold Liberty MS63
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    Big23 reacted to JohnAnsink in Today I Received   
    I bought this from MCM for $39.95 and the next day the price was $99. It must have been a mistake. They might have meant the MS 69 was that price.
    The slab is 6 1/2" by 4 1/2 " ... not a very nice display.

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    Big23 reacted to Lindeman in Today I Received   
    2007Britannia 20th Anniversary Platinum proof set - four coins, from 1 ounce to 1/10th ounce. Pretty nice condition; just really wanted the 1 ounce to go with other Pt 1 ouncers I have , but the others in the set I can put up with as well! 😉
    Question is: to grade or not!?! 

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    Big23 got a reaction from Kookaburracollector in 20 French francs advice please   
    Numista says https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces3654.html
    Looks like your info is correct.
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    Big23 reacted to Kookaburracollector in 20 French francs advice please   
    20 French Francs Mintages 1871-1898 Angels- Missing Years!
    Having  checked various websites (coindatabase/reocites/Chards) it seems that the 20 Francs Angel coin was not made for several years.
    Can anyone confirm (before I start looking for them) that there were no Angels minted in the following years:- 1872,1873 and 1880 to 1885 inclusive..Many thanks.
    Picked up a few more different years this week, maybe in better condition than the first batch.

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    Big23 reacted to MikeSol in Today I Received   
    Received back from NGC via Heritage

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    Big23 reacted to sg86 in Today I Received   
    lovely shield mix

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    Big23 reacted to Elements in Today I Received   
    Bought as bullion so pleased to see a proof turn up, no case or COA. Capsule is the RM screw type and has a few marks but the coin looks good upon first inspection

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    Big23 reacted to CadmiumGreen in Today I Received   
    Having served in the second Gulf War with our coalition partners, this latest arrival has great meaning...the “Behind Enemy Lines” Gulf War Gold Full Sovereign Coin Medal Set.
    The set includes a 1980 Gold Sovereign, one of 16,289 Sovereigns that were issued to British Military personnel taking part in Operation GRANBY as part of the Coalition Forces during the Gulf War 17 January to 26 February 1991.
    Sovereigns were provided by the Ministry of Defence and carried by any servicemen who, it was thought, might find themselves isolated and in need of bargaining power if confronted by unfriendly forces.
    Several Sovereigns were used during the War, mainly by Royal Air Force crews shot down over enemy territory and SAS, but all the uncaptured coins were returned to the Ministry of Defence at the conclusion of the conflict, having served their purpose.
    The Ministry of Defence confirms that this sovereign is one of the coins returned during the Gulf War by military personnel on completion of their missions into enemy territory.

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    Big23 reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    They call me the 70 maestro....

    In relation to the Australia bar/coin, I think the cold is much smaller than the silver so should fit into a standard slab
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    Big23 reacted to Norskgeld in Today I Received   
    1915 George V Half Sov Melbourne Mint from HGM.

    1921 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS63 from Weighton Coins.
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    Big23 reacted to augur in Today I Received   
    After a trade (MS70 for MS70) with a very nice forum member 

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    Big23 reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Number 3 Box

    NGC/Heritage UK mega grading RESULTS | box 3 scrummy older coins

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    Big23 reacted to flim in Today I bought.....   

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    Big23 reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received   
    You can't beat a bit of Bully!

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    Big23 reacted to Goldmick in Today I Received   
    Just got my bull lovely coin 

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    Big23 reacted to HyHy in Today I Received   
    This pair has travelled almost 15,00 miles across 3 continents just to complete my collection
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    Big23 reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    The wait is over
    Number 2 is up

    NGC/Heritage UK mega grading RESULTS | 2 more magic

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    Big23 reacted to Goldmick in The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread   
    My latest gold stack