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  1. How much silver is too much silver ?

    Big dogs, a dog can typically hold at least ten ounces in its gizzard It's a good question. Relatively small safes can be obtained for a reasonable price, although my stack is worth less than my laptop, and I know which I'd be more gutted to lose
  2. My current thinking is a growing triangle. I've got the 101 from last year, 101 and 102 this year, next year maybe 101-3 etc
  3. Although I think @BackyardBullion keeps the first couple of serial numbers for Mrs BYB and @ChrisSIlver which is fair enough really
  4. maybe someone could try for the binary set, 000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, 111?
  5. Makes it look so easy... But I'm certain it's not
  6. Incidentally I have another secret estimate that I'll reveal after the competition is over, to test a hypothesis
  7. *Rolls sleeves up* Right, I'm going to maths the hell put of this. From observations, jar on my screen has a penny as 12.5mm and jar width of 90, height wise it's 8.5 for the penny and fill height of 53.2. Although perspective is probably screwing this a little. Punshing the numbers assuming a cylindrical space gives a volume of just over two litres. Dividing volume of a penny by volume of shape gives me a total capacity for pennies of about 4,000. But that's for a solid block of copper. Obviously there's gaps. Let's approximate down to two dimensions, the perfect packing ration for equal circles in an infinite plane is about 90%. But this plane is far from infinite and I'm not going to assume perfect packing factor. So let's assume double the gap volume of perfectly stacked pennies in an infinite plane. Running the numbers my estimate is: 3,282
  8. Can we have information on the jar dimensions or is that part of the game?
  9. **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    I'll be joining. Price was lower a week ago, but it's not gone monstrous. It doesn't actually change the integer number of ounces I can buy *shrug* Besides I'm doing this mostly as a saving discipline thing and looking medium term, and watching the day by day prices will just drive me nuts
  10. **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    Frankly it's videos like that hat, for me, make you come across as much more level headed than many
  11. A close look at a family heirloom that's found its way into my possession:
  12. for sale Special Offer - Hand Poured Silver Kit Kat Fingers

    Can I go for a 0.8 Oz finger? Going to place part of group order over weekend, would like to combine payment and postage?
  13. **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    Decided to leave it until last weekend before joining: Dang it!
  14. Wait a second, have you been looking at my OkCupid profile?
  15. Likewise for me, when a friend obtained some Morgan dollars for me I was far more interested int he nicely deep toned one than the shinier examples
  16. Today I Received

    Here's mine, although I shudder to think of drinking it by the pint. I encourage relaxed sipping from small glasses
  17. Little teaser

    Silver crowns?
  18. Today I Received

    Oh fantastic I've been hoping to share some pics of the seven gallons I've got bubbling away under the stairs
  19. Massive price rally on gold and silver today

    It looks dramatic on day, week or month chart, but zooming out to a year or more and it's much less impressive.
  20. Half sovs

    Buying...less frequently? Sorry, still not following
  21. Half sovs

    I know those words, but that sentence is lost on me
  22. Silver lows, what's the evidence ?

    I feel a weird bit of cognitive dissonance, silver is too cheap, gold too expensive. I need a PM that's somewhere in between maybe £100/Oz?
  23. Platinum Fractionals

    Yeah, I guess it's always going to be a bit of a losing game with fractionals but still, over 20% premium really stings. Personally that's enough for the uncertainty around platinum to outweigh the low(ish) price. Yes a bit of me loves the idea of buying a nice dense 10z lump of the stuff but I just don't have those kinds of funds